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Roulette is one of those classic casino gambles, the game of chance that also suggests some skill in building the betting strategy. There are several types of roulette games you may want to try out. Not sure where to start? Check out Casinos Hunter's ultimate guide on how to play roulette online for money.

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Canadians are among the most gambling nations in the world, and Canadian history of gambling has its roots deep in the previous centuries. So little wonder roulette games are popular among Canadians, especially those respecting the old school vibe of casino games. Check out the best online casinos with roulette for Canada!

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Advantages of Playing Real Money Online Roulette vs. Free Roulette

When looking for entertainment in the punting niche, you can find two roulette options - free games and those where you have to register and deposit real cash first. Those two options can be represented at the same website. If you are wondering why would any Internet casino allow visitors to play online roulette for fun, well, this is a marketing approach that allows the potential customer to try out the gamble, see the quality, and perhaps sign up. 

Free online roulette is a perfect option for spending your free time with fun. However, free gamble will not bring real money. What are other differences between free and paid roulette?


Real Money Online Roulette

  • can be played with No Deposit Bonus and real cash can be won after playthrough
  • allows to win real money online if you deposit and play online roulette for real money
  • can increase the chances of winning if you master the strategy of playing the roulette
  • allows to participate in tournaments and promotions if you are a depositing customer
  • enables the punter to play against Live Dealer which is way more fun
  • more varieties of game are offered to depositing customers in contrast to random visitors

Free Roulette

  • does not require registration of account, you don’t reveal your personal data to anyone
  • does not require depositing real cash so that you don’t send money anywhere
  • can be played without strategy, just for fun anywhere, in free time
  • no financial risk because you bet with virtual money provided by casino
  • no sensitive data exposed to third parties since you don’t register an acc
  • can be used to practice punting skills if you are not sure about your punting level
More About Free Roulette

Types of Roulette

The main principle of any Roulette gamble is to guess where the ball lands, and bet on the most probable options. While this is a gamble of chance, in reality, knowing the rules, and applying certain strategies to the corresponding gamble can increase your chances of winning. The list below will help you opt for preferences and potentially win more!

American Roulette

American variation has 36 pockets on its wheel, from 1 to 36. Two more pockets are zero marks, increasing your chance of hitting big if you place your bet on zero. Bets are allowed on individual digits and groups of digits.

European Roulette

European Roulette has 37 pockets, numbered from 1 to 36 plus one zero pocket. The punters can bet on red or black, on rows, groups of numbers, individual numbers, or even between the numbers. The number of players at the same table, if you play with Live Dealer, can be up to 8 people.

French Roulette

Roulette is generally translated from French as little wheel. The main difference between French Roulette and other types is the betting field. Depending on the location of the betting field and numbers on it, bets in different Roulettes can bring different outcome, even if the numbers are the same. Here, you can also bet on colors, rows, columns, groups of numbers, and individual numbers.

Mini Roulette

The most suitable option for beginners, Mini variation has numbers from zero to 12, located in different order. As usual. odd numbers are black, even numbers are red. The betting field layout is smaller and therefore has less options, meaning simpler strategies for betting.

3D Roulette

The main difference of the 3D roulette is not its wheel or field, but the visual effects. 3D roulettes can be French, American, or European, they can also be Live Dealer gambles. The main advantage is that you don’t see a flat field, but a nice digital image of the wheel and the field laid out in front of your eyes.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer games are the new black for several years already, including the roulettes. Here, you can play with a live person who talks to you and entertains you, but most importantly, the Dealers explain and remind the rules on a regular basis, which is good for beginner punters. If you’d like to socialize, you can also communicate with other people at the table, if any.

Useful Tips and Tricks How to Win at Roulette

While Roulette generally demands luck, you can improve your chances by using the following tricks: 

  • place both inside and outside bets. Inside bets are those places inside the field on individual numbers, or between the numbers. Outside bets are those on color, row, column, or groups of numbers. If you are good at guessing, placing bets like this will ensure you win at least something per round. 
  • prefer inside bets for higher wins, but safeguard yourself with outside bets to make sure the bet is backed as much as possible. Even if the win is small, it is better than nothing. 
  • limit the amount of bets per round. The more you split the bet, the lower is the payout. So try to hit it for sure, but don’t spread yourself thin all over the place. 
  • don’t pay attention on how other people wager, look at the wheel and search for trends in it. Perhaps the Dealer has a manner of sending the ball in a way that suggests one section wins more often than other. This won’t work on automated roulettes, though. 
  • set a limit for your bet size and loss size. Avoid punting till you lose everything if this is your unlucky day. Leave after you hit the limit, and prevent negative emotions about punting for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online roulette gambling legal in Canada?

Yes, Canada allows local punters to make real money bets at Internet casinos if the sites are operated from abroad. So punting is totally legal, just make sure that the platform of your choice is legal and licensed itself.

How to choose roulette online Canada?

If you are not sure where to start, check out some free online roulette gambles first, see the quality and how the software functions, and whether you are okay with the learning curve and the rules. After you practice a little bit, you will be able to pick the game you like most of all.

Can I win real money by roulette gambling online?

Absolutely! You can make bets with no deposit bonus money, deposit your real cash, or win some free chips to play roulette, win cash and eventually withdraw it to your e-wallet or bank card. The only condition is that the site is well-paying and reliable.

How do I play roulette online Canada?

Take advantage of our list of web gambling platforms that accept Canadians as real money customers. Choose the platform you like best - perhaps they will offer a specifically enticing bonus to the new players, or maybe they have the banking option you prefer - register and account, and find the Roulette games. Start with Practice mode, improve your skills, and then make real money bets to make entertainment profitable!

Is Canadian roulette online available with Live Dealer?

Yes, you can play with Live Dealer from Canada, because numerous casino software providers run streams from their Live Dealer facilities to sites that accept Canadian customers. Just make sure you’ve got a reliable connection, and remember that Live Dealer roulettes can’t be played in Practice mode.

Can I play Roulette with Bitcoins?

Generally yes, but for this, you will have to find a bitcoin casino that specifically works with BTC and other digital currencies. In the overwhelming majority of cases, Live Dealer facilities don’t accept cryptocurrencies; this is possible only when they cooperate with a major crypto casino online.

Are Roulette games rigged?

No, they are not, because all games are provided by certain software developing companies, that have to undergo check and certification before they are allowed to offer their products for real money play in the web gambling niche. Rigged games just don’t stand the check.

Do you have to download software to play?

It depends. Most casinos already offer Instant access to games, so no downloads are needed. Some platforms are still rather oldschool and offer downloadable software that has to be installed onto your device. If you prefer to gamble on mobile devices, you will have to download the application.

What is the most hit number in Roulette?

There is no such number, but it is human perception that makes us believe there is. Experienced Dealers state that when people are to choose the most random number, they choose 17. So don’t look for best numbers, look at mathematical odds of winning.

What is the safest bet?

The safest bet is on black or red, because it covers the biggest variety of numbers possible on the field. However, payouts on red and black are not very high.