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Welcome Bonus is the bonus most online casinos offer to newly registered customers who makes their first deposit. Welcome Bonus is a good opportunity to increase the chances of winning more than if wagering only the deposit. Find out the pros and cons of Welcome casino bonus with Casinos Hunter!

Best Welcome Bonus Casinos 2021

In 2021, finding a suitable bonus can be difficult. The market of online gambling is abundant, and in this abundance, some unfair or even fraudulent offers may sneak in. However, if you are here, Casinos Hunter has your back covered with the guide on choosing the most profitable Welcome Bonuses.

35 Top Online Casinos With Welcome Bonus

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Deposit Casino Welcome Bonus vs. Sign Up No Deposit Bonus

Welcome Bonus is usually the promotion offered to new casino customers who registers their account with the site for the first time. For the casino, the task of this promotion is to lure the potential customer in, by promising them additional cash for bets, Free Spins, and other perks. For gamblers, a Welcome Bonus shows how welcoming the site is, how much they are ready to give to their players, and how much additional cash one can get to increase their chances of winning.

It is important not only to tell a good offer from a bad one, but also to differentiate between offers, to avoid misleading.

One of the most widespread mistakes (that many not very honest platforms use) is fail to differentiate between Welcome Deposit bonus, and Sign Up No Deposit bonus. To avoid this extremely popular mistake, check out the table.


Deposit Welcome Bonus

  • is granted to new customers who registers an account for the first time
  • is granted upon making the first deposit; this is why this is a Deposit type of offer - that is, attached to a deposit
  • usually a match type of bonus, up to a certain maximum sum of deposit
  • has different varieties, can be offered in package, for Live Dealer, for BTC, etc.
  • has wagering requirements attached
  • gives a wide array of allowed games in which the prize cash can be wagered for wins
  • as a rule, the money won by wagering the Welcome Bonus is cashable, that is, non-sticky
  • the maximum withdrawal sum is usually decent, sometimes it can be unlimited

No Deposit Sign Up Bonus

  • is granted to new customers who registers an account for the first time
  • is offered as a reward for merely signing up with the platform; deposit is not needed to get the prize and wager it
  • usually a small sum of free cash, or a bunch of Free Spins to wager on certain games
  • variations are rare, and the bonus itself can rarely be found
  • has wagering requirements attached
  • the array of games allowed to play with No Dep bonus is usually small
  • sometimes, the money won by wagering the No Dep bonus can’t be cashed out, that is, the bonus is sticky
  • the maximum withdrawal amount is usually humble, the limit is rather low
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Welcome Bonuses

A Welcome Bonus is usually perceived as a lucrative gift that a gambling platform gives away to any new gambler who decided to register an account with the site. Most beginner punters think so, and end up leaving complaints about online casinos that did not give them their money. However, in the majority of cases, it is inability of the beginner gambler to read Terms and Conditions - rather than the casino’s ill intentions - that cause misuse of the offer and eventually, no payments for the player. 

To avoid all this unpleasant stuff, you have to be aware that Welcome offers are not gift from above. These are marketing tools that casino sites use to attract visitors and make them register on the platform. And, as any tool, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Below, you will find generalized pros and cons of the Welcome offer as such. However, you will also need to learn to assess individual pros and cons of every separate offer you stumble across at every new site. 


  • gives additional cash to wager on games, and increases chances of winning more
  • often depends on the deposit size, so the player can regulate the size of the bonus
  • provides additional perks like Free Spins, Comp Points, etc.


  • bounds the player with wagering requirements, so they cannot withdraw their money until they meet those requirements
  • adds rules of depositing, bet size, withdrawal size, so the player is limited in their choices
  • limits access to certain games like Jackpots or Live Dealer Games

Online Casino Welcome Bonus Guide

How Online Casino Deposit Welcome Bonus Works?

This is how it all works. When the new customer signs up for the online casino, they are offered a Welcome Bonus for their first deposit, or several deposits. To get the promotion, they need to provide all the real data about themselves. Then, they need to add a payment method they will use to deposit money. They should choose the method out of those available on the site; it is impossible to deposit using any random payment method of their preference. This is why it is important to check out available banking methods before one registers an account at all.

By the way, it makes sense to read the rules of the promotion, and also read Terms and Conditions of the site carefully, before salivating over the promotions advertised. Some international websites have limitations caused by local legislation, and can limit their Welcome offer (and other offers) only to players from certain jurisdictions. Such cases are not at all rare, so take time to explore what rules are applied on the platform.

After the customer chooses the banking method, they have to double-check what minimum deposit is eligible for the bonus, and what maximum amount qualifies for the match bonus. Then, they decide what deposit they can afford. When deciding upon this, the customer should also keep in mind the wagering requirements, because they will have to wager the bonus several times (usually no less than 30 times) before the withdrawal function will be unlocked for them. So, when the customer assesses what size of deposit they can afford, they should also take into account potential need to deposit a bit more, to meet the wagering requirements and be able to withdraw the winnings, if any. 

When a customer merely makes a deposit of own money and bets with this money, their deposits should be wagered at least once before withdrawing the winnings. When a bonus is attached to the deposit, the withdrawal requirements are way higher. This is done to keep the player betting more, and also, to make the player leave more money on the site (let’s be honest here). There is a bunch of rules that are connected to meeting the wagering requirements, and you should read through them very carefully; if you fail to comply with all the rules, the bonus can be forfeited, and all your winnings can be voided. 

These rules are usually as follows: 

  • not all games contribute to meeting the wagering requirements; some do not contribute at all
  • sometimes, only a certain list of games is allowed for wagering; if other games are played, the winnings can be forfeited
  • certain bet limits are set; if the bet is bigger than allowed, the bonus and winnings can be forfeited
  • the player cannot order withdrawal until the wagering requirements are met; sometimes they can, but the rest of the bonus and winnings will go void
  • if the player has wagered all their bonus money and deposited money, but still failed to meet the wagering requirements, they have to make another deposit to continue playing until the requirements are met; only after that, the withdrawal option will be unlocked
  • the player can ask the Customer Support to remove the bonus before the wagering requirements are met, but all the money already won by betting the bonus will be removed from the balance as well.

After these nasty wagering requirements are met at last, the customer is able to order withdrawal of their winnings. 

Types of Welcome Bonuses 

Classic Welcome Bonus 

This type is classic, because you will most likely find it on the majority of websites in the online gambling niche. This type is a match prize to the deposit. For example, it can be a 100% match up to $100, with the minimum deposit eligible $10, plus 25 Free Spins on a featured slots game. Wagering requirements are usually from x30 to x50. While such bonus may seem unimpressive - you will see way more lucrative match online casino bonuses out there - it is rather realistic and may signal that the website does not promise pie in the sky, and is actually ready to pay you. 

Welcome Package 

This type is a variation of classic, but it is used in a cascade manner to several consecutive deposits made by the newly registered customer. For example, you get 100% match up to $100 for your first deposit, 75% match up to $100 for second deposit, 50% match up to $100 for the third deposit, and so on, plus 100 Free Spins, given out 20 FS per day in five consecutive days. 

The match percentage, the minimum deposits and maximum sums, and amount of free spins bonuses vary from site to site. Some platforms offer smaller bonuses with each next deposit, other, in contrast, increase the match percentage with every consecutive deposit to keep the customer interested. To get the most out of such packages, read the rules carefully. 

Live Dealer Welcome Bonus 

As a rule, classic variations do not allow making bets on Live Dealer games. This is usually caused by internal technical specifications and processes on the website; some casinos do allow access to Live Dealer games with general Welcome bonus. Yet, if you are fan of the Live Dealer Games, you may want to find a specific Welcome Bonus for Live Dealer lobbies. These often resemble classic Welcome offers, but the bet size and the wagering requirements are usually higher. Also, in contrast to general Welcome bonus that can potentially be used in any game, the Live Dealer Games Welcome Bonus can only be wagered on Live Dealer games. Obviously. 

Cryptocurrency Welcome Bonus 

Another rare variation is Welcome Bonus for customers who are willing to deposit in crypto coins, be it Bitcoin or other currencies. The concept of the offer is usually the same - a match percentage to the initial deposit. Here, the scope of games allowed is even smaller, because there are really few casino game software products that are suitable for betting with cryptocurrencies. In other aspects, the offer is pretty much the same. 

Word or warning to customers depositing with digital currencies - before you even deposit, check if the site allows withdrawal of digital currency, not only depositing. Such situation is not rare, as some smart ass casinos accept crypto money, but pay the winnings out in fiat currencies, this way, accumulating crypto coins for themselves. Avoid this scheme and make sure you can send and withdraw in crypto.

How to Get and How to Use Welcome Casino Bonus?

Welcome Offer becomes available after making the first deposit, but it is never granted automatically, although the player becomes eligible automatically. This is done to enable players who wishes to avoid taking the offer, to do so without bothering the Customer Support. 

So, if you are willing to avoid the offer, just do not claim it. If you want it - then click the button “get the bonus”, add promo code, or contact the Customer Support - depending on what the online casino instructions tell you to do. 

After you see that the bonus was added to your bonus balance in casino account, you can start making bets. As a rule, first the deposited money is used for the bets, and only after the actual balance is empty, the player starts to use bonus money to bet. If the bonus is not sticky, all winnings will be added to the bonus balance. As soon as the wagering requirements are met, the bonus balance money will be moved to the actual balance, and the customer will be able to order a withdrawal of the funds. 

Is It Possible to Get a Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus? 

The majority of modern online casino sites are mobile compatible, and many of them already have official mobile applications for different OS. As a result, the Welcome Bonuses are naturally available for customers on any platform, be it PC or mobile, regardless of the OS or device. Some sites take this even further and offer special Welcome promotions to punters who prefers access via mobile devices, to stimulate them play via the mobile more often. This is done to, firstly, make the punter bet more often since their mobile devices are always at hand, and secondly, to monitor the betting trends via various questionnaires and feedbacks send on mobile. 

To cut the long story short - if a Welcome bonus is offered on the site, it is for sure available on the same site if you access via mobile devices. 

Drawbacks of Using Welcome Bonus 

The main drawback of the Welcome bonus, whatever huge and lucrative and promising it is, is the need to meet the wagering requirements. The main catch here is that the player can spend their deposit, their whole bonus, and everything they win by wagering those two sums, and still fail to meet the wagering requirements attached to the offer they have claimed. 

Many players face the need to deposit additionally to the site, in order to make more real money bets, meet the requirements, and eventually unlock the withdrawal function. This is why the higher the wagering requirements, the worse it is for the player, and the more time and money the player is to waste by managing those. So, there are lots of cases when experienced punters avoid taking any bonuses at all, and prefer to manage their bets as they wish, without being bound by additional rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find free casino welcome bonus codes?

If in order to get a promotion, the customer has to provide a promotion code, they will most likely find those codes on the page of promotions, or in their customer account when they register, and the system shows them what promotions are available to them. Sometimes, the code change, so keep an eye on them to get the right one.

What are casino games with free welcome bonus?

While the bonus can be wagered only on certain games - or types of games - there are no games bound to the bonus, It works the other way round. If you claim a bonus, you can wager it only on specific games, but if you want to play some of these games without having bonus attached to your deposit, you can do so. In most cases, the games allowed for wagering the promotions are slots.

Is online casino free welcome bonus safe to take?

In case the site itself is safe, then yes, their promotions are also safe. If you are worried about the safety of your sensitive data and also money, double-check the next things - license, legal information about the operator, additional certifications and seals of trust, software providers represented on the site, payment processing companies represented on the site’s payment gateway.

Is best online casino welcome bonus legal?

If your jurisdiction does not prohibit real money gambling and allows winning real cash at web casinos, then yes, taking a promotion is legal. Unfortunately, it is only yours responsibility as a punter to check if your country allows gambling and winning. The casino does not bear any responsibility, even if they accept you as a real money customer despite prohibiting legislation in your jurisdiction. Yes, some casinos do that.

Can you really win money with best welcome bonus casino?

Yes, Welcome bonus enables the customer to win more money than if wagering their deposit only, obviously because there is more cash on balance, and more bets can be made. However, if you want to play like a pro and win considerably, take time to explore the casino, the bonus itself, and all additional terms and conditions that are applied to it.

Is free welcome bonus casino rigged?

Nope. If the site is safe, secure, reliable, and cares for its reputation on the market, they do not offer rigged software, or rigged promotions. The bonus can be unfair, or not really advantageous, but rarely you will meet a rigged scammy offer straight away.

Can I use free casino welcome bonus for progressive jackpots?

Unfortunately, as a rule, you can’t. Most platforms prohibit wagering the bonus money on jackpot games, let alone progressive jackpots. This is done to avoid issues with huge wins received by wagering the bonus money - the customer will obviously want their money, but if the wagering requirements are not met yet, a scandal is about to come. So, web casinos avoid potential problems by restricting access to jackpots if bets are to be made with bonus cash, or bonus free spins.

How to choose the best casino welcome bonus?

Pay attention to the rules that apply to the promotion. If the deposit is too high, the withdrawal is too low, the wagering requirements are huge, and the bonus itself is too unrealistic, you may want to proceed without it, rather than waste your time bothering with this bunch of additional limitations.


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