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Payments to online casinos are the most vulnerable spot in online gambling, because the players want their money to be safe. Neosurf is one of the payment methods that protects the player’s sensitive data, and their money. Learn more about Neosurf in this review by Casinos Hunter!

Best Neosurf Casinos Canada

Canadian punters are experienced and technologically advanced, so they are aware that payment safety is key to successful gambling. This is why they always look for the most secure and reliable payment systems at online casinos. Neosurf is one of such systems, and every player can take advantage of it.

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Advantages & Disadvantages for Playing Neosurf Online Casino

Neosurf is pretty easy to understand - it is a system that enables online payments via pre-paid vouchers. The voucher can be purchased online, or offline in the point of sale. The buyer can then pay for goods and services with the sum prepaid on the voucher. The maximum sum on one voucher is 250 EUR. If any funds are left on the voucher after a purchase, they can be saved for later. After all funds are gone from the voucher, it expires. 

Neosurf can be used not only for buying stuff, but also for funding own e-wallets, in order to avoid connecting them to bank accounts. This adds another layer of protection for the e-wallet and money on it. With pre-paid voucher, no personal information is involved when making a payment. There are other advantages of this payment method.



  • high level of transaction protection
  • no registration is needed to use the service
  • transactions are instant
  • every purchase earns you points you can exchange for certain services like tickets
  • additional tools and payment management
  • available in many countries were other popular services do not work


  • the default currency is EUR, while you buy the voucher in local currency
  • currency exchange fees can be applied by the merchant, or by the system itself
  • there is a limit for maximum sum on the coupon, so if the price is higher, you may not be able to pay for the goods or services with Neosurf, unless you split the payment. However, many merchants do not allow that
  • the system is online casino friendly
  • no withdrawal or top up is possible to Neosurf system

Is It Safe to Play Online Casino with Neosurf?

If we are talking prepaid vouchers, there are three factors that enhance the safety of your transaction. Firstly, you don;t provide your personal data when purchasing the voucher; you can buy it offline from a retailer in a shopping mall. Secondly, the funds on your voucher are not tied to your bank account, your e-wallet, or your plastic card; they exist in an informational vacuum, and no one can steal them from you, unless they steal your voucher. And thirdly, to send the money, you only indicate 10 digits on the voucher, and no other info is needed. Therefore, we can assume that Neosurf is rather safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase the voucher to play online casino Canada Neosurf?

To gamble at Neosurf casino Canada, you can buy a voucher online, or offline in points of sale, directly from retailers.

Can I use a Neosurf gift card to play at a casino online Neosurf?

Yes, Neosurf gift cards work as any prepaid voucher.

Can I use my voucher more than once to play online casino Neosurf Canada?

If you have not spent all funds on your voucher during your first payment, you can use the voucher until there is money on it. If you have spent all the money, the voucher expires and can’t be topped up.

How do I find the best Neosurf casino?

Look for the casino to be licensed, safe, reputable, and reliable. It should have certifications, plenty of games by different (more than one!) software providers, and several banking options available.

Can a casino accept Neosurf and be illegal?

In theory, any casino can be illegal, if its license expires, or it changes its rules without letting the customers know. So, make sure you check its license and legal information about the operator.

How do I know that the casino that accepts Neosurf Canada is safe?

Any casino online Neosurf should first be checked for reliability. It should feature a relevant license (better by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission), legal info on the owner, third party certifications and seals of trust. You can also check real customer feedback on forums and social network groups.

Can I win real cash at online casino Canada real money Neosurf?

Most legal online casinos in Canada, do allow you to win real cash.

Can I play Live Dealer games at Canadian online casino Neosurf?

If your Neosurf casino online has Live Dealer Games in its lobby, you will most likely have access to them regardless of your preferred payment method.

Can I play online casino real money Neosurf for free?

There are two ways to play at the casino with Neosurf free of charge, without risking your own money. You can play free casino games in Demo mode, but you will not be able to win any cash this way. Or, you can look for a No Deposit bonus, and in this case, you have a chance of winning some real cash.

How do I deposit more than $250 to Neosurf online casino Canada?

Almost any Canadian casino Neosurf will allow you to split the payments, so if you would like to deposit more, just use several vouchers.