Best InstaDebit Casino in Canada 2022

Despite legal access to foreign online casinos, online gambling laws in Canada are pretty complicated. and this is especially true for banking options. Canadian gamblers are often confused about banking methods available to them. Luckily, they have InstaDebit, a purely Canadian, online casino friendly method.

List of the Top InstaDebit Online Casino Sites

Since the situation with payments can be complicated for Canadian gamblers, the top Canadian casinos take an effort to provide the most reliable and convenient banking methods. InstaDebit, one of the most popular local payment companies, seems to be one of the best payment channels a Canadian gambler may choose.

InstaDebit Casino

What You Should Consider When Choosing an InstaDebit Casino

InstaDebit Casino in Canada

InstaDebit is a convenient method for payment at online casinos because it has several important benefits absent in other banking methods. One of the key advantages is that the account creation and connection of it to the casino account are really quick; if the player has an account at a Canadian bank that works with InstaDebit, they do not have to wait for approval before making a deposit. It is possible to start sending money within the transaction limit, meanwhile, the account will be verified, and the limit will increase. 

InstaDebit is accepted almost by all Canadian banks, which means huge convenience for the players; the InstaDebit casinos do not have to collaborate with many banks, just with InstaDebit. Players, on the other hand, will be aware that their payments are safe and secure with this banking method. Moreover, the payment method works both with USD and CAD which adds to the convenience. 

Another important consideration particularly in terms of security is the triple protection of the user’s data if they deposit and withdraw to and from the best InstaDebit casinos. Their data will be protected by the casino site, by InstaDebit technologies, and then by the bank of their choice. It must be added also that InstaDebit shares very little information on the personal data of the player with the InstaDebit casino, and this way, even a potentially fraudulent site or a third party breaching the site’s security system will not get all the info about InstaDebit customers. 

The beautiful feature of InstaDebit is that it is not an e-wallet, it must not be kept as an account with full info that should be updated, and it doesn’t need to be topped up like an e-wallet. InstaDebit gets most of its info about the user from the bank account, and the money for depositing is taken from the bank account as well. This way, the user doesn’t have to manage their InstaDebit account additionally. 

Moreover, InstaDebit casinos in Canada that are recommended by CasinosHunter on this page often offer different bonuses based on what the players deposit. Luckily, InstaDebit as a casino banking option does not prevent the player from claiming those bonuses like other payment methods - say, Skrill or Neteller - often do. 

When choosing an online casino that offers InstaDebit for payments, it is also important to pay attention to the characteristics of the InstaDebit casino Canada itself. But InstaDebit really helps the users to avoid many widespread problems connected to casino payments.

InstaDebit Transaction Fees

Type of transactionFee
Account registrationFree 
Sending a payment to casino site from bankCAD $1.95
Sending a payment to a casino from InstaDebit Free 
Sending funds from InstaDebit to bank account CAD $2

The standard fee for sending the funds from the bank account and to the bank account is around 2 CAD. The fee is fixed and the sum of the transaction doesn’t influence it. 

However, it must be said that some banks may add an additional fee on top of the one applied by InstaDebit, this is a rare case but the players may want to double-check this beforehand. 

Another important nuance to keep an eye on is the fees applied by the Instadebit casinos Canada. Some InstaDebit online casinos apply small but stable fees to all withdrawals, and this should be avoided.

How to Start With InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is a fast, secure, and convenient payment channel possible to be used for depositing to, and withdrawing from online casinos. However, there are certain nuances you should keep in mind for using it. So make sure you check out our recommendations below. 

To start with InstaDebit one should have an account with a Canadian bank, the account should be active and some money should be on it. The majority of Canadian banks work with InstaDebit, but if you have doubts you should first double-check about your preferred bank. 

After you make sure your bank allows payments from your account with them via InstaDebit, you need to make an account with InstaDebit. The detailed instruction for this is provided below. As soon as the account is ready you can go and choose an online casino with InstaDebit if you still haven’t done that.

If the casino allows InstaDebit you may need to indicate in your profile that your preferred payment method will be InstaDebit, but many top casinos that accept InstaDebit today do not require this. As soon as those steps are taken, you can start making deposits, bets, and request withdrawals from the online casino of your choice via InstaDebit t the bank account!

How to Create InstaDebit Account

Before you are able to use InstaDebit at your favorite casino, you need to open an account with them. Go to their official website and go through the registration process. You can also open an account right on the banking page of the InstaDebit casino site when you want to make a deposit, but this can be a somewhat confusing process.

How to Create InstaDebit Account

To register, you will have to indicate your email address and generate a unique password specifically for your InstaDebit account. 

The next step is to provide your first and last name, your date of birth, and also the last four digits of your SIN number - this data will be used for verification. However, please never provide your full SIN to anyone.

After your identity is verified and your intention to register an account with InstaDebit is confirmed, you will need to provide your bank transit number, your financial institution number, and your bank account number. InstaDebit is completely secure to indicate this information. 

In the next 3-5 business days after opening your InstaDebit account, a small amount of money will be sent to your bank account as part of the verification process. You will have to log in to your InstaDebit account and click Verify Bank Account. After you indicate what amount of money you received, the verification procedure is over and your transaction limit is revised.

How to Deposit to Online Casinos With InstaDebit

How to Deposit to Online Casinos With InstaDebit

Deposits via InstaDebit is simple. The process may be a bit different for different casino sites, but overall the steps are all the same. 

To deposit, go to your casino account, click the Payments/Banking/Deposit/Cashier page and choose “Deposit”. Choose InstaDebit as your preferred banking option. 

  1. Indicate the amount you would like to send to the casino. 
  2. Log in to your InstaDebit account for sending the deposit. Provide your email and password for this. You will be redirected to the payment page by InstaDebit. This means you are not to pay on the casino’s website. This is a more secure way of paying because the InstaDebit casino in Canada or any third party is unable to track the additional details you provide for the payment. 
  3. You will have to approve the payment, and then you will be sent back to the casino page. 
  4. The money you deposited will arrive on your casino balance and you will be able to claim bonuses and make real money bets.

Funds Withdrawals With InstaDebit

Withdrawal of the winnings via Instadebit is a bit more tricky because the first thing to do before you can withdraw is to make sure you have met all the requirements and followed all the rules of real money gambling in this casino. These rules include, among others, meeting the wagering requirements for the initial deposit or for the bonus if you have claimed any, not exceeding the maximum allowed bet, having your account verified by the casino team, etc. 

If all those rules were followed and all requirements were met, the player can order the withdrawal within the withdrawal limits set by the casino. 

To request a withdrawal, the player should go to the Cashier, click Withdraw and choose InstaDebit. They should indicate the sum they want to cash out, then sign in to their account and confirm the transaction. 

After that, the player will have to wait for the withdrawal request to be checked by the casino team; this may take up to 5 business days, depending on the casino waiting time rules which should be checked beforehand. After the request is confirmed, the transaction is processed by InstaDebit.

Is It Safe to Play Online Casino with InstaDebit?

Many Canadian banks cooperate with InstaDebit, so we can assume that this company is trustworthy, and you can trust it with your funds and your sensitive data. InstaDebit constantly increases its network of banks, and its payment capacities and services to provide the best user experience and safety to its users. 

Considering that InstaDebit is online casino friendly, it takes additional efforts to secure the payments to protect the funds from potentially scammy casinos, let alone from the third parties that may want to breach the security systems. 

InstaDebit’s security features include: 

  • anonymity - the merchants are not given personal data of the payer 
  • identity verification of individual accounts and merchant accounts is only possible with official users’ data 
  • independent third parties secure transactions, in order to prevent hacking or breaches caused by Insta Debit itself (so it can’t misbehave) 
  • all incoming and outcoming data are encrypted with SSL protocols 

All these security measures are paired with security measures of the banks that partner with Insta Debit, and together, they make your payments really safe and protected. Insta Debit seems to be one of the most convenient and safe systems for online gambling with real money and with time, it proves its safety in action. 

More and more casino sites add InstaDebit to their payment methods because this system is easy to use, legit for casino platforms, and is actually safe enough for all parties. Even if the casino site security system is breached some of the most crucial financial data of the payers will still be protected by additional layers. Therefore, the users can be completely sure of their money is safe.

Pros & Cons of InstaDebit Online Casinos

InstaDebit was created in 2003, and at first, it was meant to be an e-wallet. However, the company’s management analyzed the needs of the market, and eventually, this company became a mediator between banks and payers. 

InstaDebit exists in two realms - for Canada, and for the rest of the world. The Canada department head office is located in Toronto, while the second office is in Malta. Besides Canada, InstaDebit is available in around 30 countries. However, gamblers can use it for online casino payments only in Canada and sometimes, in US. 

InstaDebit is a facilitator that moves payments between payers, mechants, and banks. It adds a layer of anonymity, and a layer of additional security, for the payer, and this is the reason why it is so popular for online payments among Canadians. There are other advantages, as well.


  • CAD is accepted
  • other currencies are also allowed
  • you can have multiple InstaDebit accounts linked to multiple bank accounts
  • the transactions are very fast
  • many banks collaborate with this company
  • both deposits and withdrawals from online parlours are available
  • small fees
  • flexible transaction limits


  • you need a separate account for every currency
  • online gambling payments are unavailable via InstaDebit in other countries
  • some banks do not support this system
  • you need all ID documents, and verification from the company, to get an account with InstaDebit
  • some banks process the transactions longer than others
  • far from all Canadian-oriented online parlours have this payment channel

InstaDebit Casino Canada: Wrap Up

Mike Hunter

In this InstaDebit online casino overview, CasinosHunter provides all the information and nuances necessary for every online casino gambler who wants to use InstaDebit for deposits and withdrawals.

To start with, we explain what to pay attention to when choosing a casino that accepts InstaDebit payments, and underline the main benefits provided by this payment system.  

Those gamblers who want to know how to start with InstaDebit can take advantage of the detailed explanation, and check the step-by-step instruction on account creation. We also discuss the fees applied and provide a table with the fees in action.

Then CasinosHunter offers a step-by-step guide on how to make a deposit to, and how to make a withdrawal from online casinos via InstaDebit. We explain why this payment method is safe and secure, and what are its real advantage and disadvantages for real money gambling in Canada. 

Hopefully, this guide will be useful for all gamblers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Customer Support Service at InstaDebit?

Yes, InstaDebit provides 24/7 Customer Support via on-site form, Live Chat, or phone. You can try and find the answer to your question in the FAQ on their site, or on the FAQ page on the casino site first.

How long do withdrawals with InstaDebit take?

That depends mostly on the casino itself because every withdrawal request is to be double-checked before it is processed. It takes some casinos from 24 hours to 5 business days to process the request, and only then the transaction is processed by InstaDebit.

How will my transactions from Instadebit casino be reflected in my bank statements?

Your payments will be reflected simply as check payments on the web; the merchant/casino will not be indicated.

Can I take bonuses on deposits made by InstaDebit?

This depends particularly on each casino, but as a rule, online casinos do allow claiming deposit-based bonuses if the deposit was made via InstaDebit.

Can I deposit and bet on Live games with InstaDebit?

Yes, the majority of Live Dealer casinos and games accept investments via InstaDebit and do not limit the access to Live Games for players who use this payment method.

Is InstaDebit available worlwide?

Many online casinos operating do offer InstaDebit as a payment method, but it still remains available only to gamblers from Canada and the US. So even if you see this payment method in the list but you are located behind Canada and US you won’t be able to use it.