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Take your online gambling experience and entertainment to the next level by gambling with Live Dealers! Get a real casino experience and fun online, anytime, anywhere, by playing against a Live Dealer, and even against other players at the table!

Best Live Dealer Casino Canada

Live Dealer games are a must have today, for any decent web casino that wants to impress its customers. Canadian gamblers are super lucky, because legal access to the Live Dealer casinos is opened to them! Choose among the top web casinos with Live Dealers and enjoy the game.

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What’s In This Live Dealer Casino Guide

Live Dealer games are some of the most engaging and entertaining games at any casino, because they offer the most exciting experiences. It is hard to get bored when playing casino games against Live Dealer and also maybe some other players at the same table. Live Dealer casinos are insanely popular and in demand, and at the same time, finding a decent Live casino can be a challenge, because not all sites host Live games, and in fact very few online casino software providers make Live games! 

This is why CasinosHunter has created this comprehensive guide about Live Dealer casinos and Live games. Beginner players may feel excited about Live experience, seasoned gamblers may feel attracted to Live games because one can win more in games of skill, but Live casinos can be hard to find. CasinosHunter offers this full guide for the benefit of every player, but if you would like to quickly get a bigger picture of what is going on in the guide, these are the main points: 

  • what is a Live Dealer casino, how does it work, who are Live dealers, and why Live games differ so much from automated casino games
  • the main advantages and disadvantages of Live casinos
  • what are the mechanisms behind Live casinos, and why the bets are more expensive there
  • how to play - and to win! - in Live games
  • what are the most widespread and the most popular Live Dealer games 
  • what online casino with Live Games CasinosHunter can recommend as top quality casinos
  • what are Live Dealer bonuses 
  • what software providers make Live Games

We really recommend every player to read this full guide, because many gamblers misperceive Live Games, do not understand why the bets are higher, why bonuses are not always offered, and why Live games cannot be played for free. This full guide explains everything, and will be very useful for every gambler to make their gambling more successful.

What Is Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer casino is a concept that suggests that the gambler plays not automated online casino games from the lobby, but connects to live streaming from a Live Dealer facility, where Live Dealers run the games, explain the rules, and communicate with the players. 

Automated casino games are classic casino games where the player is one-on-one with the software. With Live Dealers, these are real table games, or sometimes software, but real people are running the show. Dealers explain how the games work, comment on how many players are at the table and how many places at the table are still available, comment on the flow of the game, even give some advice. 

The best Live Dealers make a real entertaining show out of each game, making jokes, telling stories, and so on. This is why Casino Live Dealer games are definitely more fun to play. Moreover, some Live Casinos (or some table games where more than one player can play the game against the Dealer) allow the players to communicate online, as well, usually through text chat, or, in some high roller casinos, even through the voice chat. 

All online casinos that offer Live Dealer games do not actually hold their own Live Dealer facilities. This is an expensive business that requires lots of space, equipment, software, and of course lots of experienced and skilled personnel. Few software providers, and only some of the richest land based casino nets, can afford running a Live Dealer facility. Online casinos only purchase access to these facilities’ streaming, and offer this access to their depositing customers. 

The fact that Live Dealer facilities are so expensive explains why Live Games are not available for Demo playing; obviously, the Dealers need to be paid regardless of whether the player does or does not want to make real money bets, because the Dealers still do their job.

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Dealer Online Casino

LD online casinos are so popular because they basically combine the best things from offline and online gambling houses. Consider: the punters play with live person, can communicate with the dealer and even with other punters who play at the same table; depending on the game, the players can even communicate with each other in the chat. If the dealer is professional, they can be really very entertaining, and the punter won’t notice how the time flies.

Dealer live casinos function 24/7, and are good to fight boredom, since the punter can access and enjoy real gambling house experience without actually leaving their house. On the other hand, LD web casinos do not have many negative sides of the land based gaming houses, and they are more profitable for the players.

So, to cut the long story short, let’s talk about the key pros and cons of Live casino Dealer facilities.



  • entertainment by Live Dealer anytime, anywhere
  • communication and live fun instead of automated casino machines
  • ability to use one’s skills in game of skills and win more
  • ability to communicate with other players
  • real casino experience without visiting real casino physically
  • smaller expenses compared to land based facilities
  • higher edge and potentially higher winnings


  • no Demo mode for Live games
  • the bonuses are rare
  • wagering requirements for bonuses can be higher than average
  • poor Internet connection can cause poor quality or lost connection
  • in theory, the Dealers can cheat
  • if you don’t like the Dealer, gaming may be less fun
  • only classic casino games are available in LD facility

How Do Live Casinos Work

There are two types of real money online casinos that offer Live Dealer games - exclusively LD sites, and all casino and betting games platforms that also have Live Dealers. The first ones are usually owned, managed, and operated by the company that develops the software. The second ones are just web casinos that buy casino software, including software and access to streaming LD games. The majority of casino Live Dealer you will find in the web is of the second type.

As you probably already know, online casinos do not make their own casino games, unless the sites are actually owned by the software developing company. In all other cases, platforms collaborate with software providers and buy games from providers. In the case of LD games, the website buys software, access to, and the right for streaming from LD facility owned by another company.

LD facilities are expensive to operate and hard to manage; also, they require really complicated technical management, and extremely high quality of content and streaming - otherwise, such entertainment provided in poor quality makes no sense. The Dealers work in shifts, several hours per shift, and to get this job, they actually have to meet a lot of requirements, including a requirement for being physically attractive and a good interlocutor who can entertain people. Sometimes, they have to speak several languages, let alone they need to be ready to play the games professionally, and sometimes, they need to even be ready to cheat (unfortunately we have to admit that, too).

So, Live Dealers and facility management work really hard, long hours, and regardless of whether it is night or day at their location, because most facilities operate 24/7. The technical aspects of operation are crucial, because technical issues mean losing the clients immediately, and also gaining negative feedback among the online gamblers, the consequences of this negative feedback can last for months.

This is why owning and running a LD venue is hard and expensive, and only really rich and experienced software providers or operators can afford this. This is also the reason why many trusted Canadian online casinos still do not offer Live games streaming, or have few game titles available.

And because LD facilities are so expensive to run, and streaming is expensive to get access to, most web platforms do not provide bonuses on Live Games. You will also not be allowed to play Live Games in Demo mode; the access will be unlocked only for real money customers who deposits.

How to Play In Live Dealer Casino Online

Playing Live Dealer games may seem a bit more complicated than playing automated games. There are two reasons for that - the first is that you have to interact with a Live person who can make you shy, or make you laugh, or distract you in some other way. The second reason is that the majority of Live games are games of skill, like cards, dice, etc. if to think about it, even playing Roulette needs certain skills, at least in managing the bet expenses.

But if you are willing to interact with the Dealer and perhaps other players and get your healthy deal of communication and fun, go for it. Register a real money account at a reliable and reputable online casino that has a wide variety of Live Games. Watch out for software providers - at the time of writing, the leaders in the niche are Evolution Gaming and Vivo. Software and streaming by these companies are of the highest quality, and they have enough game titles to offer.

After you register, find out whether there is a Welcome online casino bonus that can be wagered in Live games, and if yes, check the terms and conditions applied to decide whether you want it. If the wagering requirements for Live games bonus are higher than x45, it is not worth taking, and better proceed without it.

To play against a dealer, deposit at least a minimum deposit accepted by the site. Then, consider using headphones to hear the Dealer well, because while you will most likely be texting to communicate, the Dealer will talk to the players. Choose the Live game, open it, say hello to the Dealer and players, and read the rules of the game. The Dealers usually repeat the rules every now and then, when new players join the table.

Now, you’re all set to play and win! Make bets, ask the Dealer about stuff, be nice to the Dealer and players, and win your money!

Live Dealer Casino Games

The majority of games offered in Live Dealer casinos are table games, like card games, dice, roulettes, etc., also, some wheel games are provided, like Wheel of Fortune, and others. You are unlikely to find many games that actually involve some software, rather than a real table game, in Live lobby, because gamblers choose Live casinos exactly to experience the atmosphere of a real land based casino, so games involving software do not do very well in this case. 

To play Live games, the gambler needs some prior knowledge and better have some experience, because the Dealers play fast, and if the gamblers does not know the rules and relevant strategies, he or she will not be able to follow effectively, will make wrong decisions, and have higher risk of losing bets. Also, many Dealers talk a lot during the game, to keep the gamblers attentive and focused on the game, plus the players at the same table may be chatting, too. This way, there are a lot of distractions in Live Games, and inexperienced gamblers may lose focus. Bottom line - knowledge and experience are considerable advantages in Live Dealer casino games. 

Live Dealer Roulette 

Roulette is a game of chance, and this fact does not change depending on whether this is an automatic online casino or Live Dealer lobby. But Roulettes are definitely more fun with the Dealer. There are few types of online Roulettes - European, French, American, Speed Roulette, Mini Roulette, and several even more rare types. However, the rules are more or less the same, the player just needs to be aware of the different wheels and bet placing fields. 

Some gamblers advocate the usage of different strategies and theories when playing Roulettes, but the truth is that those strategies only strive to minimize the losses (rather than maximize the wins). So, if you are a beginner, you can just enjoy intuitive gambling, and you will still have the same chances of winning big as people using complicated mathematical strategies. 

Live Dealer Baccarat 

Baccarat Live Dealer is one of the oldest games played with cards, and it was not a casino game at first, but it quickly migrated into land based casinos and then online casinos and then to the Live Dealer casinos, because it is fast to learn, comparatively easy to play, and is really one of the most favourite table games, especially among newbie gamblers. 

Live Dealer Baccarat online casino game only has three bets, and a couple of strategies for minimizing the losses. There are several types of Baccarat - Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque - and few variations of the scoreboards. To play successfully, the gambler should only be aware of the rules, watch the Dealer carefully, and count the scores really fast. 

Live Dealer Blackjack 

Blackjack played at an automated casino and Blackjack played against a Live casino Dealer and other gamblers at the table are two different experiences, and the latter one is way more fun. 

There are several types of Live Blackjack Dealer you can find - Classic, Single Deck, Multihand, European, and so on - so both newbies and experienced players will be able to choose the game to suit their tastes. The Dealers, on the other hand, do everything possible to keep the players engaged and entertained. 

Live Dealer Blackjack Canada is not a simple game, since it is a game of skill, meaning that the player has a limited ability to influence the outcome of their bet. So, some knowledge and experience are preferred. However, the rules are not super complicated, and even beginners will be able to have fun and win some cash. 

Other Live Dealer Card Games 

There are some other card games you can find at Live Dealer casinos. Two of the most popular types include Live Dealer Poker online and Dragon Tiger. 

Live dealer Poker is one of the most widespread and popular games of skill across all web betting platforms, because it demands lots of experience and mastery, but at the same time, it can bring impressive cash wins. Newbie gamblers are recommended to start with Video Poker first, to learn the rules and learn to count the cards, because at the Live Dealer table, it is important to quickly calculate the combinations and make own bets correctly. But with time, who knows, maybe you will be the next big poker tournament winner! 

Dragon Tiger is a less widespread card game, mostly because it is comparatively young and many gamblers avoid it, since they are not sure whether it is complicated (and as you remember, Live games can’t be tried free of charge in the Demo mode!). So, Dragon Tiger may be a little bit underappreciated. The rules are simple, though; the game is played with a standard deck of cards, has several possible bets, and the cards in certain positions are compared to see which one is larger. As soon as you get used to the rules and learn the bets, Dragon Tiger is easy and fun to play.

5 Best Live Dealer Casinos Canada

BitStarz Casino

Total Rating: 9.4/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
4 users reviews
3 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.4/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Package

C$ 350 up to 100% + 180 FS
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

BitStarz is one of the award-winning online casinos with over 2900 games in the lobby by more than 30 software providers. Moreover, BitStarz has lots of other benefits like No Deposit bonus, regular tournaments, cryptocurrency games, etc. 

In the Live Casino Section, this site offers Roulette, Blackjack, Mega Ball, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Caribbean Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Craps, Super Six, etc. The approximate number of games (approximate because online casinos tend to add new games on a regular basis, so when you access the casino, the amount of games, whatever accurate at the time of writing, will not match) - so, the approximate number of games is 24 games.

WildTornado Casino

Total Rating: 9.1/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
5 users reviews
4 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.1/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

C$1000/0.02 BTC + 100 FS
WILD100 Bonus T&C

WildTornado offers an impressive number of games in general - over 3000 titles in the lobby - by over 40+ software providers. Moreover, this site accepts a healthy number of currencies, both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and offers a list of convenient banking channels. 

In the LIve Dealer lobby, WildTornado provides Casino Hold’em, Blackjacks, Roulettes, Lucky 7, Baccarat games, and more. The biggest choice of games is among online Blackjack Live Dealer types, so this is the best Live Dealer Blackjack site for you if you are a Blackjack fan or expert. Overall, there are around 200 game titles by different providers. WildTornado offers one of the biggest Live Dealer lobbies in the niche at the time of writing, being the best Live Dealer casino, this is a benefit to consider!

Twin Casino

Total Rating: 9.4/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
4 users reviews
4 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.4/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Pack

100% up to C$700 + 400 FS
CA500 Bonus T&C

Twin is a comparatively new casino site that already has 25+ providers featured in the lobby, and offers progressive jackpots and Live Dealer games in addition to classic web casino products. In fact, Twin is a very safe platform - it is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, certified by eCOGRA, and has a bunch of third party trust seals. 

One of the peculiarities of the Twin site is that you will not find other classic casino games than slots, in their automated games lobby. All classic table games, like Roulettes, card games, and more, can only be found in their Live Dealer section. You will find Roulettes, Poker, Baccarat, Craps, etc. The approximate amount of Live Games is 40 titles.

JackpotCity Casino

Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
2 users reviews
2 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Package

100% up to C$1600
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

JackpotCity is one of the oldest online casino sites ever, in the whole niche. It has been tested by time, and thousands of users, and it has stood all the changes. It holds two reliable licenses, and is certified by eCOGRA. If you were looking for a reliable, safe, and secure real money betting platform, well, this seems to be it. 

Since Jackpot City Live Dealer is powered exclusively by Microgaming, you cannot expect many Live Dealer games there. There are only 20 games (at the time of writing), and they include Blackjacks, Baccarats, Roulettes, Casino Hold'em, Pokers, Dream Catcher, and some Craps.

PlayAmo Casino

Total Rating: 8.8/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
3 users reviews
2 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 8.8/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

100% up to C$ 500 + 100 FS

PlayAmo has 25+ software providers represented in their gaming library, has Bitcoin Games and Live Dealer Games, and even some exclusive lotteries. This is a reliable casino licensed by Curacao, but partnering with an impressive list of payment processing companies, and accepting a healthy amount of various currencies, which is never possible for unreliable sites. 

In the Live Dealer section, you will find all types of Roulettes, Blackjacks, Mega Wheels, Monopoly, Deal & NoDeal, Baccarat, Dream Catcher, and more. The approximate number of games is 90 titles.

Live Dealer Online Casino Bonuses

Live Dealer casino Canada bonuses are very beneficial, but unfortunately, few online betting platforms allow bonuses for Live Games. Most often, usual Welcome packages, and other deposit-based bonuses, are not allowed for Live games. No Deposit bonuses, both cash and Free Spins, are also blocked for being used for Live Dealer betting. 

The reason why is that Live Dealer games are mostly games of skill, and a small bet can bring a huge win if the gambler is skilled and experienced. However, this makes bonuses uncontrollable, opens more possibilities for cheating, and puts the casino at risk of losing lots of money in one go. So, regular bonuses can’t be wagered on Live Games. 

However, some sites do offer special Welcome promotions, deposit-based promos, and even No Deposit gifts specifically for Live Casino betting. Such promos have special rules and higher than average wagering requirements, but they give more freedom in betting, and may bring more wins.

Best Live Dealer Software Providers

As it has already been explained, running a Live Dealer facility is more complicated, and way more expensive, than even running a casino website. Besides the actual physical facility, special software is needed, and lots of equipment. So, only the biggest and oldest software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Authentic Gaming, can offer Live Games. Other providers who make high-quality Live Games are those specializing specifically on Live Games and nothing else. 

The bottom line - you will not find many Live Dealer software providers to choose from, as they are few. Below is the list of the most popular and reliable studios you can trust with your money. 

Evolution Gaming 

Evolution Gaming casino software is in fact one of the leaders in the Live Dealer niche. The company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the most relevant authorities on the market, and is certified by eCOGRA, proving the complete security and fairness of the games. Software by Evolution Gaming is available on any device, from PC to smartphones, regardless of the OS. At the time of writing, Evolution Gaming has released over 100 game titles, which is more than any other software provider making Live products. If you choose products by Evolution for your Live betting, this is one of the best options for real money bets. 


Being one of the leaders in online gambling as such, little surprise that NetEnt casino provider decided to give it a try to Live Dealer games, as well. NetEnt is a Swedish company, meaning it is reliable and trustworthy at all times. All Live Games by NetEnt hold licenses by the Malta Gaming Authority and by Alderney. Moreover, to offer their services in some European countries not covered by the mentioned licenses, and in the US, the company holds several additional local licenses. NetEnt runs a huge Live Dealer facility, making new games every month. 


Being located on the Isle of Man, Microgaming casinos holds a Malta gaming Authority license for all its games, including Live Dealer products. They are also certified by eCOGRA and are provably fair. Being the leader of the market, Microgaming invests huge resources and effort to make Live Dealer titles abundant, various, entertaining, and of course safe. games are available on any devices, and some online casinos are even allowed to offer Live Dealer casino bonus for Live Dealer games by Microgaming. If you are after the best user experience possible, this may be your next best choice for real money betting. 


Playtech is one of the oldest companies in the niche, that was around back when the Internet was young. This company used to make high quality software for land based, and then online casinos, but eventually they decided to create their own games, too. And due to plenty of experience and expertise, Playtech became one of the providers who can also afford making Live Dealer games. There are many classic table games offered, but there are also additional exclusive tables made by Playtech, such as VIP tables with Grand Royale games for high rollers. Playtech makes Live games in different styles, so the players can either focus on the game alone, or enjoy the atmosphere of a land based casino. 

Authentic Gaming 

Authentic Gaming is a comparatively young company that makes Live Games, but takes a different approach to this type of entertainment. Instead of running a specific facility, they stream games from various luxury-level casino houses from all over the world. The company holds two licenses - by the Malta Gaming Authority and by the UK Gambling Commission, which proves security and reliability. Authentic Gaming has agreements, and collaborates with numerous casino houses in different countries, streaming games across the globe. 

Vivo Gaming 

Vivo Gaming is another true leader of the Live Dealer gambling niche. Created in 2010, at the time of writing Vivo covers literally all live game types available on the market. This company makes separate games as well as B2B solutions and software updates for online casino sites. Licensed by Costa Rica and Curacao, it collaborates with a bunch of other software providers, and offers high quality video streaming to any country where online gambling is legally allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online Live games rigged?

No, Live games are licensed and certified as thoroughly and generally by the same agencies as classic automated casino games. This is especially true for games by the best providers, like Evolution Gaming and Vivo. If you play with a good provider and reliable casino, you will enjoy fair play.

What do I do if the Dealer cheats?

If you are not amused by Live Dealer cheating, and you have noticed it, you should contact the pit boss and communicate the problem. Most often, you will be offered an apology and a gift from the facility, like a bonus or free spins.

What does Live Dealer do?

The Dealer runs the game, explains the rules, communicates with the players, and entertains them.

Can I cheat on Live Dealer?

Most likely no, because they have the cards, not you. It is virtually impossible to cheat on the system if we are talking about web casinos.

Can I win against Live Dealer casino Canada?

Absolutely! especially if you play the game of skill and you are good at it. Choose your favorite card games to increase your chances of winnings. Canadian players have access to numerous sites, so opt for the ones you like most.

What is the best Live game for online casino Canada Live Dealer?

That depends on your preferences. If you are a seasoned gambler, you may want to play card games like Blackjack or Poker, to have greater chances of winning. If you want more fun than strategy, choose games of chance like roulette, dream catcher, wheel of fortune, etc.