No Deposit Bonus

Take advantage of your online gambling by claiming a No Deposit bonus at an online casino. Gamble like a pro and win more by using free cash and free spins bonuses wisely. This detailed guide will tell you everything about the ND bonus!

Best No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Take your real money gambling to the next level by grabbing ND kudos from the best online casinos for Canada. Get free cash, free spins, and additional gifts from the most reliable web casinos for Canadian players.

5 Top Casino No Deposit Bonuses in May 2021

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How to Choose the Best No Deposit Bonus Casino Canada

Reliable and Safe Parlour

Reliable and Safe Parlour

Regardless of how big is the reward they promise, you will not be able to benefit from it if the venue is scammy or does not pay you the winnings after all. It also makes no sense to take some free cash from a suspicious site, only to have them selling your personal details and sensitive information to third parties or hackers. So pay attention to owners, license, certification, reputation of the site, whether they partner with reliable software developers, and reputable payment processing companies. Check if they have SSL encryption enabled for all pages.
Check Banking Options

Check Banking Options

check what banking options are available personally to you at this or that parlour. No-dep prize means you do not need to invest, but you would love to withdraw the winnings, right? Therefore, the venue should partner with payment processing companies that are available in your country, or allow users from your country.
Check if Bonuses are Available for Your Country

Check if Bonuses are Available for Your Country

check if players from your country are actually eligible for getting any kudos at this site. Luckily, Canadians are usually eligible for all kinds of kudos at online parlours. However, some countries that have their gambling market regulated hold kudos illegal. Therefore, players from these countries cannot claim any kudos whatsoever from any online venue, local and international alike. Online parlour operators from these countries also have no right to offer kudos. As a result, one can be accepted to a web casino as real money customer, but they will not be able to take any gifts.
Check the Bonus Conditions

Check the Bonus Conditions

check the conditions under which the No-dep reward is granted. The conditions can be plenty, there are tricky nuances, and one thing can make or break your success. Pay attention to size of the kudo, whether it is cash or spins, what are the wagering requirements, whether the reward is sticky or not, what games are allowed for wagering the kudo, is there a winning and withdrawal limit, what payment options are allowed to withdraw the winnings from wagering a No-dep gift. If you are not sure about any of the mentioned aspects, read our detailed guide to make informed choices.

No Deposit Bonus Codes Canada

One of the popular marketing approaches to attracting gamblers is No-dep reward codes, also called promo codes. These codes are necessary to enable the player to claim the promotion. Without code, promotion may be unavailable.

Promo codes are indicated either on the casino site itself, or they can be indicated on forums or official social networks pages of the parlour, to entice the players. Sometimes, already registered players can be granted a surprise promo code for a gift, sent directly to their email or account page.

To grab a gift granted via code, you must either send it to the Customer Support Team via Live chat, or type the code into the corresponding window in your player account. Every promo will have instructions on how to get the gift, so follow them closely.

No Deposit Bonus Types

To gamble like a pro and be able to win more from an online venue by using their free reward to your personal advantage, you should be able to tell a good reward from a bad one, assess and analyze them, and avoid promotions that are not really promotional for you as a gambler. 

This is easy to master if you know exactly what types of promos are there, how they work, and what are the typical pitfalls. 

No Deposit Welcome Bonus 

The most popular type of promo is a sign up No-dep kudos. Please keep in mind that Sign Up and Welcome kudos are usually different, and if a parlour mixes these terms, they only want to entice and mislead you as a potential customer. So, let’s find out exactly what each term means, and how each promo works. 

When you are offered a Sign Up kudo, it means you get a gift from the platform only for registering a real money account. In other words, you do not need to invest anything, at all, to get the offer.

Sign Up bonus is, for example, $10 in cash to wager in games, or 10 Free Spins on slots.

When you are offered a Welcome reward or Welcome package, most often, you are expected to make an investment and get a match cash kudo, plus some Free Spins. And those Free Spins you get in addition to cash gift are claimed to be the No-dep kudo, which in fact is not true. 

Another very popular trick is you get a No-dep kudo, but after you wager it and win anything, you will only be allowed to withdraw the money after you invest some money to the site. Get the trick, right? You still send them cash. 

A tricky No-dep Welcome Offer, for example, can be “deposit $10 and get 100% match up to $100, PLUS 25 Free Spins on slots”. Or, “get $15 to wager on games. Deposit $15 to be able to withdraw the winnings” 

So, how to choose? Firstly, you definitely want a Sign Up gift, the one which does not request you to send the money. Secondly, you do not want to be requested to invest in order to be able to withdraw. 

Now let’s dive deeper into the nuances of No-dep offers. 

Free Spin Online Canadian Casino No Deposit Bonus

Free Spins is the most popular No-dep offer you can get. You get a number of FS, usually from 10 to 30, can use them in certain featured slots games, and win some withdrawable money. These spins, together, will not have that much value - for example, one spin may be worth around $0.25 or so. Therefore, the venue does not really spend that much on you. 

On the other hand, when you wager Free Spins, you are limited to maximum bet limit - for example, not more than $0.5 per bet. Sometimes, you will be limited to fixed bets per spin. Eventually, the parlour does not allow you to win that much via the FS. Also, you are not allowed to use Free Spins on jackpot games.

This is how it works, eventually - you get some Free Spins, worth of around $10 or so, and can win roughly the same amount. 

Free Cash Bonus

Less frequently, you will be offered a fixed sum of cash as a no dep kudo. The sum won’t be very impressive - something between $5 and $10 if you are very lucky. You will be allowed to make real money bets with this money, and win some cash in return. 

The main point of the free cash gift is to give you an ability to try out not only slots. With free cash, you can play Video Poker, or Roulette, or some Table Games, or Scratch Cards - or slots games, as well. 

Free Cash does not allow you to play jackpots and Live Dealer Games. You will see the list of featured games allowed for betting with this money. Maximum bet limit will be applied. By the way, if you exceed the maximum bet allowed for wagering the free money, the winnings (if any) will be removed by the venue. So, something to keep in mind. 

This is how it works - you are given $5 for free, make bets (usually not bigger than $0.5), and can win some cash that is withdrawable. 

Please remember that you cannot withdraw the actual money you are granted as a gift from parlour. We will talk about that below. 

Cashable VS Non-Cashable 

All kudos are divided into sticky vs non-sticky - or, in other words, kudos can be cashable or non-cashable. This is applied to both deposit and No-dep kudos, but for no No-dep offers, this aspect is more important. 

When a player invests to get a promo, a venue is more willing to pay him the winnings in return. However, many smartass parlours announce they have an online casino Canada no deposit bonus, the players grab it, only to find out that the promotion was sticky, and they ain’t getting any money. Non-sticky is Canadian online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win.

Now, let’s make it clear - you are never allowed to withdraw the actual sum you get as a kudo. You can only wager the sum of the gift and try to win in the games. If you win and can withdraw the winnings as real money - the reward is cashable (non-sticky). If you wager the kudo, win some money, but this money can never be withdrawn, because it only lands on the reward balance - this reward is non-cashable (sticky).

For example, you get $10 as a gift. You cannot withdraw these $10. You wager the free gift, win $5, and these bucks land on your real balance - this means you can withdraw it, and the prize is cashable. 

If you get $10, you can’t withdraw these, wager the money and win $5, but these $5 land on your bonus balance and can never be withdrawn - the prize is non-cashable, and therefore has absolutely no use for you. 

Always try to find out if the ND reward you are so excited about is cashable or not. If not - just don’t waste your time on that platform. 

No Deposit Bonus for Regular Players

Many gambling sites offer existing player no deposit bonus gifts for players who have already invested several times, and have been playing on the platform on a regular basis. Such free offers are loyalty rewards, and can be in a form of free cash, free spins, cashback, loyalty points, etc. 

For example, if you have already invested over $200 total to a casino, they may toss you a set of Free Spins every now and then, without you betting with your own money.

How No Deposit Bonus Works

If you want to be able to really benefit from using a No Dep prize, you have to understand why it exists and how it works. 

The main purpose of offering you such promo is to make you excited, register a real money account, and start playing with the hope of winning real cash without investing a dime of own money. The venue tries to make you explore the games, get accustomed to gambling, and get a taste of real cash flowing to your balance (even if this is $5). 

However, why would a parlour give free money away? Well, they don’t. Moreover, they earn more than lose, even if you manage to win and withdraw something. 

Firstly, when you get a ND reward - let’s take free cash example to make it more comprehensive - you cannot withdraw the free cash. Let’s say you are given $10, and you cannot cash it out immediately. Instead, you have to play and make bets with this money, to win. 

Let’s say you make $0.5 bets, spend your $10 gift, and win $7 that are cashable. However, you cannot withdraw these $7, either, because wagering requirements come into play. 

Nasty Wagering Requirements 

Every reward is subject to wagering requirements. These requirements state that winnings got by wagering the reward money are only available for withdrawal after the reward sum was wagered (in full) several times. If you try to withdraw without meeting the wagering requirements, both the reward cash and the cash you won will be removed by the venue. 

Most often, the wagering requirements vary from x30 to x50 the amount of the gift. 

This is how it looks in practice (for example): 

  • you get $10 as free gift
  • you cannot withdraw these $10
  • you make bets and spend $10, but you win $7
  • but your wagering requirements are x30 the amount of the reward
  • so, before you can withdraw your $7, you have to wager $10x30 = $300
  • what you won is obviously not enough to do that
  • so you have to invest more, and send your own money this time

But why would I send them cash, you may ask? If the wagering requirements are so high, and I have to send own money, I will just drop that. But the overwhelming majority of online venues will not allow you to stop wagering for the reward and just play other games. If you decide to just invest and play on different games, all your deposit will be used to wager for the reward you have already taken. You can drop the gift, but then, your winnings will also be taken from you. Only after your reward is forfeit, you will be able to invest and play without meeting any wagering requirements. 

The parlour counts on human nature. Most people actually want their $7 they won, so, they will invest to meet the wagering requirements. If they don’t handle the reward they’ve already taken, they won’t be able to deposit freely, take other kudos, and withdraw other winnings. But if they are already interested in gambling for real money, they will want more. 

The bottom line - best ND kudos are wagerless, or wager-free, which means they are not subject to wagering requirements. It is possible to find wagerless Free Spins at some casinos; however, wagerless free cash gifts are equal to a unicorn - some people tell they exist, but no one have seen one. 

But in this case, what is the advantage of a casino bonus no deposit for a player, if the parlour only wants to entice them? Well, there are plenty of advantages.

Pros and Cons of Canada No Deposit Bonus 

The advantages of free promos include: 

  • ability to test the venue, see how it works from the inside, contact Customer Support, see info just for players
  • ability to test out the games
  • ability to win real cash
  • ability to start collecting loyalty points
  • ability to get the taste and feel of real money gambling at a particular parlour

The disadvantages include: 

  • inability to make bets on jackpots, Live Dealer, and some other games
  • meeting wagering requirements
  • facing withdrawal limits (optional)

Winning and Withdrawal Limits 

Besides wagering requirements, which are a nasty and tricky thing every player should consider, there are winning and withdrawal limits imposed on No Dep gifts. 

Winning limit means the winnings on gift are limited to a certain sum - for example, you get $10, and the winning limit is $50. You wager the gift, and win money on games, but as soon as you hit $50, your playing stops. However, this is a rare case, because the player usually has to meet the wagering requirements first. 

So instead, the online casinos with no deposit gift impose withdrawal limit. For example, you get $10 as gift, and withdrawal limit is $50. You wager the money, win $75, meet wagering requirements, and want to withdraw, but at the stage of withdrawal, your winnings are cut to $50. 

If you believe this is too much, well, check the Terms and Conditions of your favourite venue (actually, you have to read and re-read this document carefully at any site you want to gamble at). Such nuances like withdrawal limits are always indicated in T&C. The most decent and honest parlours say this right on the reward page - but in a tiny font. 

So, don’t allow them to catch you into the withdrawal limit trap. It is you who are the hunter. 

No Deposit Bonus Mobile Canada

If you are more into gambling from a mobile device, well, no worries. The majority of modern casinos are mobile-friendly, and even if they do not have their own official app, they are accessible via the browser. So are their kudos, and also no deposit bonus codes mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players?

The codes are indicated on the promo page, will be sent to your player account, or emailed to you as part of the promotion campaign.

Where to play online casino free bonus no deposit casino?

Such parlours are available for many countries. Use best Canadian venue lists, or apply filters for your country and for a no dep gift, when searching for a parlour.

How do I get casino welcome bonus no deposit?

Check the site’s promotions page. If there is a no dep welcome promo, you will see the instruction on how to claim it.

What is the best no deposit bonus casino?

Such site should be safe and reliable, offer cashable gift with low wagering requirements, and high withdrawal limits.

Is Canada eligible for no deposit bonus?

Most often, yes. Canadian government does not hold kudos illegal, so Canadian players can claim the promotions, while Canadian venues can offer ones.

What is the best casino free bonus no deposit?

The best gift is free cash that is wagerless and has high withdrawal limits applied.

How do I see new no deposit casino bonus offers?

If you are already a regular player, you won’t be able to claim a welcome offer one more time. However, you must be eligible for free gifts for loyal players. Check the promotion page to find them, or ask the Customer Support if these are available.

Where do I see exclusive casino no deposit bonus codes?

Consider visiting parlour’s official social network pages. To keep the players happy, the platforms often post exclusive promo codes in social networks. Watch for new no deposit bonus codes, because they expire.


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