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Online casino payments can be tricky, and it is okay for gamblers to search for the most reliable banking options to deposit and withdraw the money. eCheck is one of the less popular payment methods for real money gambling, and yet, it is one of the safest options out there. Learn more about the perks of eCheck in this overview.

eCheck Casinos Canada

Canadian gamblers looking for web eCheck casinos that support eCheck payments will definitely benefit from this detailed and comprehensive guide on eCheck, how it works, and what online casinos accepting eCheck are the best for eCheck payments. Take advantage of this guide to deposit and withdraw safely with eCheck, and explore the eCheck casino list!

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What’s In This eCheck Casino Guide

To choose online eCheck casino sites widely for real money play, especially if you need the casino to allow a particular payment method like eCheck, it makes sense to explore reviews. This guide can be useful for any player seeking eCheck casino sites. If you do not have much time right now, make sure you bookmark this guide and read it later. The guide contains: 

  • how eCheck works for online casinos that accept eCheck
  • deposit nuances
  • withdrawal nuances
  • fees and taxes 
  • deposit and withdrawal limits for eCheck
  • online eCheck casino reviews explained
  • short mini reviews for online eCheck casinos accepting eCheck
  • step by step depositing instruction 
  • step by step withdrawal instruction
  • pros and cons of eCheck
  • alternative payment methods similar to eCheck
  • FAQ

CasinosHunter strongly recommends reading this guide in full, to learn more about eCheck before you use it for real money gambling.

How Do eCheck Casinos Work

eCheck is an interesting banking option to explore for online casino gambling with real money, for many reasons. 

Firstly, eChack is not an e-wallet, not a payment system and not a payment gateway. It is available on many online platforms selling products or services; one of the best things about eCheck is that it is usually available almost anywhere, where banks accept regular cheques. Secondly, due to being connected to banks, it is a secure and protected payment method. 

To explain eCheck in simple terms, we would say this is a digital version of a regular paper check. eChecks are not new, and in fact this was one of the first online payment options that was invented as soon as legal banks went online. At the dawn of the Internet, bigger companies often used eChecks for online payments, before this method became available to regular users paying their regular purchases. 

Talking about modern online eCheck casinos, they offer eCheck payments in the same manner they offer other payments via cards, e-wallets, or prepaid vouchers. eCheck may seem more complicated, and even a bit intimidating, to people that are already used to paying via e-wallets or mobile payment systems, because eCheck is connected to banks and it may look too “official”. However, eCheck is cheap and safe, and many eCheck casino sites still have it. 

The most important point is that eCheck may be a good payment option for players in jurisdictions where many other options are unavailable.


Depositing With eCheck

Deposits with eCheck are simple and cheap, and generally there is no difference if compared to other payment methods. The player just has to connect not a payment system to their casino account, but their bank account, to be able to request an eCheck for payment.

The process will take longer, however, because the money is not sent instantly. Instead, the player sends an eCheck to the casino site, and the eCheck casino site then has to request money from the player’s bank. Only after the bank sends the money, the casino with eCheck will be able to add this money to the player’s casino echeck Canada balance. Below, you will find a detailed step by step guide on how to make a deposit to an eCheck online casino.


Withdrawing With eCheck

The process of withdrawing your winnings from eCheck casino Canada balance is the same in terms of technical steps, because you will have to request a withdrawal from the betting platform and meet all the withdrawal requirements applied by the platform.

After the eCheck casino deposit Canada checks and confirms your withdrawal request, they will be able to send you their eCheck. You will have to contact the bank on your side, and get validation from the bank, to cash your winnings out.

Obviously this is a very safe and secure method of sending money, but the real drawback is that this will take time. Confirmation of a withdrawal request by an eCheck casino Canada site usually takes from 24 hours to 5 business days, and then, the bank should validate the eCheck and send you the money, which will also take days. Eventually, the withdrawal via eCheck can take around 2 full weeks to complete.


eCheck Fees and Taxes

Most of the time, decent instant eCheck casinos do not charge any fees at all for deposits and withdrawals; those eCheck online casinos that do may only do that in exceptional cases. So, you should not expect any additional fees (or any fees at all) for your casino eCheck deposit or withdrawal via eCheck from the casino platform.

On the other hand, there is also a bank that has to validate the eChecks and process the transactions, and banks do charge fees. To know exactly how much you will have to pay, better find that out beforehand from your bank. 

As for the taxes, generally that depends on the jurisdiction. In some countries, the players need to pay taxes on whatever they win, in other countries, online casino gamblers only pay taxes if they win a jackpot or something like that. In any case, online casinos with eCheck are not responsible for your taxes, and it is your responsibility to manage this aspect.

However, if you use eCheck and the bank sees your regular payments to and from an online merchant that looks like a web casino, it is the bank that may have questions to you. So, this is just a thing to keep in mind.


eCheck Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Before you place a withdrawal request, be it via the eCheck system or any other payment option, please always keep in mind the rules that should be followed, and requirements that should be met, to make the withdrawal successful.

These include payment method chosen, wagering requirements for bonuses, wagering requirements for the initial deposits without bonuses attached, account being verified or not, minimum and maximum limits, gambling patterns, etc. Regardless of the payment method chosen by you, the online casino that accepts eCheck will not confirm your withdrawal request if some of the requirements are not met. 

eCheck payments usually have very flexible minimum and maximum transaction limits, because these are made by the banks, and the banks offer flexible transaction conditions. However, please remember that minimum and maximum transaction limits allowed by the casino eCheck will most likely differ. If you do not fit into the casino’s limits, or the bank’s limits, your withdrawal will be cancelled or suspended. 

Now about the payment time limits. As it has already been said, the terms of transaction processing can be tiring. Many eCheck casinos work 24/7, others may work only on normal business days.

Some eCheck deposit casinos take effort to process withdrawal requests in 24-48 hours, other casinos that deposit using eCheck take days. Plus, banks that eventually validate the eChecks only work on normal business days and hours. And eventually, the process of validation also takes different time in different banks. As a result, withdrawal via eCheck can take around 2 weeks.

eCheck Casino Canada Reviews

Choosing the best online casino, regardless of the payment option preferred, can be really challenging. However, the more specific is the main criterion for the choice, the more complicated the process. eCheck is a safe and reliable payment option, but it is not very popular among casino gamblers, and therefore finding an eCheck casino online can be hard for players from certain regions. 

CasinosHunter understands that, and this is the reason why we put so much effort into creating online casino reviews. We want to help players save their time and effort, and opt for the best eCheck deposit casino to make real money bets. CasinosHunter creates lists of recommended casinos, short mini reviews for casinos in certain categories, and full fledged casino reviews. 

Exploration, research, analysis, and evaluation of a web casino takes time and effort, and also requires background knowledge which many beginner level gamblers may not have. CasinosHunter has your back here, and offers analysis and assessment created for your benefit. Below, you will find short mini reviews of online eCheck casinos Canada that have eCheck among their payment options. For more information on each site, feel free to read full reviews, as well.

JackpotCity Casino

Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
2 users reviews
2 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Package

100% up to C$1600
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

JackpotCity is one of the oldest web casino platforms that have been around for more than two decades already. This site has been checked and tested by thousands of players. JackpotCity has eCheck among its payment methods, accepts several fiat currencies, but the default currency is EUR. The deposit and withdrawal limits are pretty standard. Moreover, the site is secured with two international licenses, and an eCOGRA certification. 

If you are interested in the entertainment options JackpotCity has offer, these are: 

  • games by Microgaming 
  • Live Dealer games 
  • progressive jackpots 

If you are into Microgaming, probably JackpotCity is for you.

Spin Casino

Total Rating: 9/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
1 users reviews
1 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

C$ 1000 1st-3d Deposits
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

Another pretty old - and well-checked casino site therefore - Spin betting site has two international licenses, and eCOGRA certification, to prove its reliability. eCheck is one of its available banking options. The deposit and withdrawal limits are standard across the market, but withdrawals are only possible to the same channel used previously for depositing. The site accepts several fist currencies, but sometimes, withdrawals are sent in EUR regardless of the preferred currency. 

As for the entertainment part, Spin casino can offer the next perks: 

  • Microgaming games 
  • Live Dealer games 
  • huge No Deposit bonus 

Bonus hunters and fans of Microgaming will definitely find Spin casino site attractive.

Ruby Fortune Casino

Total Rating: 8.7/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
1 users reviews
1 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 8.7/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Package

100% up to 750€
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

Ruby Fortune is also not a new online casino site; it is secured by two international licenses, and boasts the eCOGRA certification badge. You can use eCheck for payments to and from Ruby Fortune, but please keep in mind the banking rules. The site accepts few fiat currencies, and the deposit and withdrawal limits are standard across the niche. 

To make an informed decision about whether Ruby Fortune is entertaining, check what advantages it offers: 

  • games by Microgaming
  • Live Dealer games
  • many different bonuses
  • Loyalty Program

If eCheck is your main criterion for taking a decision about a web casino for real money play, Ruby Fortune can be a good option for you.

Gaming Club Casino

Total Rating: 8.5/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
0 users reviews
0 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 8.5/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

100% up to C$ 350
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

Gaming Club is another web casino that is one of the oldest sites in the web gambling niche. It is backed by two reliable international egaming licenses, and eCOGRA certificate. It has many banking options for depositing and withdrawing, eCheck being among them, but very few fiat currencies are accepted. 

If you’re good with what gambling and banking rules are offered by Gaming Club platform, check out its games and bonuses: 

  • games by Microgaming 
  • Live Dealer games by Evolution Gaming 
  • some attractive bonuses 

While Gaming Club is pretty humble in terms of game choice, it offers safe and secure banking with eCheck.

Lucky Nugget Casino

Total Rating: 7.8/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
0 users reviews
0 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 7.8/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

C$ 200 up to 150%
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

Another very old online casino site with two licenses and an eCOGRA certificate, Lucky Nugget promises some convenient and safe banking via eCheck, among other options. It accepts a long list of fiat currencies, which makes it a good site for players from many different countries. Another cool benefit is that the smallest deposit possible is only $1 (or equivalent), making Lucky Nugget one of the few low deposit casino sites. Other limits are rather standard. 

Talking about Lucky Nugget in terms of promotions and games, this is what you can expect: 

  • games by Microgaming 
  • Live Dealer games 
  • Loyalty Program 

Lucky Nugget definitely needs to improve its lobby and especially its bonus system. However, in the aspect of banking, it is just alright.

How to Deposit With eCheck

Depositing with eCheck is not at all complicated, or intimidating. However, to make your gambling life easier, we have prepared a step by step instruction for you: 

  1. register an account with the preferred casino that has eCheck among its deposit options
  2. connect your bank account to the online casino eCheck (but in most cases, you will not have to do that). Make sure your bank supports eChecks, beforehand
  3. go to the Deposit / Payment /Cashier page, and click Deposit
  4. choose eCheck among the payment options, and indicate the bank you want to validate the eCheck
  5. indicate the sum you want to send to the casino
  6. confirm the transaction via email, phone, or other methods supported by your bank
  7. wait for the bank to validate your eCheck, and send money to your casino
  8. wait for the money to arrive to your online casino account

Before you make a deposit, please consider online casino bonuses.

If you have plans on claiming any bonus on your deposit, please find out exactly how, and when, you have to claim it, in order to get it. 

Some bonuses have to be claimed in the process of registration, other bonuses can be claimed only immediately after making a deposit. Some casinos accepting eCheck want promo codes, some do not. Therefore, you have to explore those rules beforehand.

Taking Casino Bonuses With eCheck

We have never seen online casinos claiming that customers making deposits via eCheck are not eligible for Welcome Bonuses or other casino bonuses, so we assume that most customers who make their deposits via this payment system will be able to claim one or more bonuses from the casino site. 

For this, you need to find out what is the minimum eligible deposit to invest, in order to claim the bonus or promotion. Secondly, you need to find out the exact rules and process of claiming the bonus. Different sites do that in a different manner, so read the Bonus Terms carefully, so that you know exactly what and when to do to claim the promo you want. And eventually, assess the bonus offer and decide if you actually want it. Some bonuses are better than others, while some bonuses are not worth your time. 

The most important point to keep in mind when claiming any deposit-based bonuses on your eCheck deposit is that you must never make any real money bets from the money you have just deposited, before your bonus money or Free Spins arrive to your balance. If you do so, the bonus will be removed from your account, and you will most likely be unable to take it again. If you have claimed the bonus correctly, but it does not arrive, please contact the Customer Support.

How to Withdraw With eCheck

The process of placing a withdrawal request can be a bit more complicated, and obviously it will take more time.

Before you place a withdrawal request, please make sure you did not violate any rules when playing, and have met all the requirements for wagering, limits, etc.

If you do not do that, your request will be denied or suspended. 

If you are sure that all the requirements are met, please follow the next steps to withdraw via eCheck: 

  1. go to the Payments page and choose Withdraw 
  2. choose the payment option (eCheck) and your bank 
  3. indicate the sum you want to cash out 
  4. confirm the request 
  5. wait for the casino accepting eCheck to confirm the request and send the eCheck to the bank 
  6. wait for the bank to validate the eCheck 
  7. get your money! 

eCheck withdrawals take longer, but they are protected by the banks, and are really cheaper in terms of fees.

Why Online Casino Banking Options Are Important

One may ask why it is even important to choose one casino payment option over the other, if one chooses the payment options legally available in their jurisdiction? However, it is important to distinguish between the banking rules and limitations placed by the government of a jurisdiction, rules placed by the payment processing company, and rules placed directly by the casino site. 

The first group of rules is something you cannot change unless you travel to a different country, or try to fool the system (we don’t recommend that). For example, if a country does not allow bank transactions to and from merchants that look like online casinos, this rule is impossible to change. 

The second group of rules is applied by the payment processing company and it can define minimum and maximum limits, transaction time, fees, security rules, etc. If you do not like those, you should look for a different payment option in any case. 

And eventually, the third group of rules is created by a casino site, and unless this is the only casino site available to you from where you are, you can always look for a better site. Some sites apply stupid and disadvantageous rules and pretend this is something that works by default. However, the players are free to choose the banking rules to play under.

Pros and Cons Of eCheck Casinos

To make an informed decision about whether the eCheck suits you as a payment method for online casino gambling, read those lists of pros and cons.

Pros Pros

  • completely legitimate method 
  • protected by the bank 
  • cheaper in terms of fees 
  • flexible transaction limits 
  • available in many countries 
  • the size of the bank account does not impact the ability to use eChecks 
  • fraud losses are reduced

Cons Cons

  • if the eCheck is delayed or bounced, the payment is also very delayed 
  • validation and verification take lots of time 
  • just receiving the eCheck does not guarantee payment, because the bank may refuse to validate the eCheck, plus banks only work normal business hours

Other Payment Methods Similar to eCheck

eCheck is different from e-wallets or mobile payment systems, but there are alternatives to it. Most of the time, when usual online payment options are not available, the following alternatives may work: 

  • bank transfer
  • check by Courier
  • Western Union
  • order paper check

However, if you are able to choose a different option, please consider one of the following banking methods typical for online casinos: 

  • Interac - one of the popular online payment methods used mainly in Canada; also, very widespread for web gambling. Interac is available for deposits and withdrawals, and the money is taken directly from the bank account, protected with an additional security shield.
  • MuchBetter - this is a comparatively new e-wallet that works as all e-wallets do. It can be funded from the bank account, allows to store funds, pay from it, and receive funds to it. It is legal in Canada, and gains growing popularity among gamblers online
  • EcoPayz - this is an e-wallet linked to the bank account, with the option of releasing a plastic card. It can be refunded from the bank account, but money sent with ecoPayz is taken from the e-wallet, not the bank directly. It is popular and flexible in usage
  • Credit and Debit cards - cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, and sometimes Amex, are allowed for depositing and sometimes for withdrawals, have flexible limits, and protect the payments well
  • Wire transfer - a slow, but super reliable option of sending the money directly from the player’s bank account to the casino’s bank account.

eCheck Casinos: Wrap Up

Choosing an online casino by payment method can be a long and complicated process, partially because choosing any reliable casino is a long and complicated process, and partially due to many online eCheck casinos Canada concealing full information about their banking from unregistered users.

So, the fastest and the most convenient method to choose a high quality casino that allows eCheck is to read some online reviews and guidelines, like this one offered by CasinosHunter. 

To make your payments to and from online eCheck casinos safe and secure with eCheck, you should: 

  • learn how casinos that accept eCheck actually work, and how eCheck processes the payments via banks
  • what are the online casino eCheck deposit and withdrawal nuances for eCheck
  • what are the fees, taxes, and limits for eCheck payments

To choose an online casino accept eCheck quickly, and make some informed choices, you can take advantage of the reviews created by CasinosHunter. Read the short mini reviews offered above, and if you would like to learn more about a particular casino, please feel free to take advantage of the full review. 

After you choose the site, you can use step by step instructions on depositing and withdrawing via eCheck. 

If you are not sure about eCheck, learn more about the pros and cons of this banking method for real money gambling. Or, you can explore the list of alternatives for online casino payment methods, by the end of this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eCheck safe?

eCheck is safe, because basically, it is a bank transaction. It is one of the most secure payment methods for online payments, protected by official bank security measures.

How to create an eCheck account?

You do not have to create any additional accounts to use eCheck. All you need is an active account with a bank that supports eChecks for online payments.

Why choose eCheck?

eCheck is a bit less convenient compared to quick online or mobile payment options, but its level of security makes it a preferred banking option for high roller deposits, or for withdrawing a huge jackpot. eCheck may also be one of the best options in countries where other methods are not really available. Moreover, you do not need to register any additional e-wallets or accounts; with eCheck, having an account with a bank that supports the eCheck technology is perfectly enough.

Is eCheck available at mobile casinos?

Generally, mobile casinos tend to pursue newer technologies, to make mobile payments as fast and easy as possible. As a result, some eCheck online casino sites that have been out there for years, and offer mobile options now, do still have eChecks. However, in most cases, only desktop-oriented casino platforms offer eCheck as a payment option.

Is eCheck available worldwide?

As a rule, if you are able to use a bank account for online payments, you should also be able to use an eCheck. However, some banks do not allow eChecks, some banks do not allow eChecks for online gambling, and some countries do not allow online gambling at all. So, that depends.

What currencies are allowed for eCheck?

The currencies accepted by your bank, and by your online casino, indicate what currencies you can use to pay with eCheck, or get your payment.