About CasinosHunter

CasinosHunter is an online casinos reviewer platform that is focused on casino sites available to Canadian players. Canada is one of the most gambling-friendly countries in the world, and local residents have access to hundreds of online casinos globally. However, due to nuances in the governmental policy, plus some typical risks of scams and fraud at unfair casinos, Canadian players should watch out to avoid unreliable gambling platforms. CasinosHunter takes effort to provide as much reliable and detailed information about Canada-friendly casino sites as possible, to help Canadian gamblers opt for the best online casinos out there. 

While CasinosHunter maybe not unique in its services, it is unique in its approach, taking its job seriously. Here, positive reviews can’t be paid for by casino operators. Low-quality platforms are immediately exposed, and CasinosHunter takes time to explain why this or that casino is not preferred for real money betting. Every review provides facts about the casino, and also an analysis of the user experience every gambler will likely to get. Canadian gamblers can expect the best service and the most reliable reviews, as the platform itself was created with Canadian gamblers’ needs in mind.

Focus on Hard Data and Statistics

CasinosHunter reviews are not based on general impressions created by a casino site, or on the subjective personal opinion of one player. Every casino site is explored, analyzed, and assessed based on careful research. We use statistics and math to calculate the benefits offered to the player and see whether the casino’s offers are fair and advantageous. Moreover, we take the effort to educate the reader and explain every negative case, showing how, and why, some offers are unfair, or will not work for the player’s benefit. 

Promoting Fair and Safe Play

Fairness and Safety are two out of many criteria CasinosHunter uses to assess casino sites, but fairness and safety are two of the most crucial ones. CasinosHunter believed in fair play, as much as in fair hunt when efforts and risk are rewarded with fun and wins. If an online casino promises risk, but the rewards for this risk are doubtful, we expose that in our review. Safety, on the other hand, is based on several aspects, which can totally make or break the user’s experience. This is why CasinosHunter pays so much attention to the legitimacy, licensing, certification, reputation, and collaborations of every particular casino site. 

Reputation Ratings NOT for Sale

CasinosHunter never accepts payments for positive reviews on online casinos. We believe we can make the online gambling world better, by providing fair and unbiased information about services and products offered on the web. To offer the most reliable information, we believe our reviews need to be independent of any influence, but analytical skill and knowledge. This way, players reading CasinosHunter reviews will be able to make informed choices, and find the most suitable options for themselves, instead of being skillfully misled.  

Informing Instead of Promoting 

While CasinosHunter reviewers can express the personal opinion and recommend this or that casino site if they find it safe, reliable, and entertaining, the general CasinosHunter policy is to inform, not to promote. We do not encourage our readers to gamble online, or play particular games, or visit particular casinos. Our task is to research and provide as much information as possible, to help people make informed choices and be educated about their probable experience. 

About Affiliate Marketing

CasinosHunter's online casino reviews, games, and providers, and offers its visitors information about these. However, the platform also does affiliate marketing. This means that we get a small compensation from the online casino if someone follows a link on our website, and registers an account with that online casino. There are no additional expenses for the player because of the affiliate link, only the online casino pays. This commission is needed to support the CasinosHunter project. 

We are very critical and selective about the companies we connect to with affiliate links. Before we agree with a partnership, we investigate the potential partner’s reputation and see if they operate legally (and they investigate us, too, to see whether we are objective!). If the company does not fit our criteria, we do not link to it.

Meet Our Hunters

Eva Johnson
Content & Marketing
Alex Richardson
Digital Marketing
Elizabeth Vasquez
Bonuses Analyst
Harold Cobbins
Casino Reviewer, Tester
Patricia Hayes
Content Specialist
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UI/UX Designer
Franklin Gibson
Head of Web Development

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CasinosHunter calculate the casino’s reputation?

CasinosHunter calculates the casino reputation using numerous factors. The formula is rather complex, because every aspect of the casino is explored, analyzed, and also compared to the same aspect at other (best) casinos that offer perfect services. The main criteria we pay attention to is reputation, financial reliability, and data security.

How can a casino get a better reputation and higher rating at CasinosHunter?

Reputation, rating, a higher position in the list, or positive reviews can’t be bought by an online casino. CasinosHunter only rates sites according to the quality of services they offer. However, we change our reviews from time to time, to make sure the information is up-to-date. So, the only way to get a better rating is to provide a better service - and we will improve the review as well.

Does CasinosHunter change or delete negative reviews on casinos?

Nope! CasinosHunter does not change or delete negative online casino reviews only because the online casino does not like them. The existing reviews can be changed if it is updated according to the recent info, or if something has changed at the online casino. If the casino becomes better - the review also becomes more positive.

Why are some casino brands absent on CasinosHunter?

There are many online casino reviews in the database, they are sorted according to categories, so finding one particular brand may take some time. If it is still not found, perhaps it is not in the database yet. If you want an online casino to be added and reviewed, please contact us. If you are the casino operator and want it to be added, we will guide you through the process of being added to CasinosHunter.