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Really good VIP online casinos are rare. If you are interested in joining a VIP online casino, check out this detailed review and choosing guide by CasinosHunter. Learn all pros and cons, nuances and pitfalls, and learn how to gamble like a pro, using VIP casino sites to your benefit.

Best VIP Online Casinos

Every year, the number of VIP online casinos grows. Players are no longer enticed by “ordinary” online sites. If you are a high roller and know everything about how bonuses and loyalty systems work - you are ready to gamble! Jump onto our list of top VIP casino sites below, choose the best conditions, and win a fortune! In case you would like to learn more - welcome and check the review.

66 Top VIP Online Casinos in 2021

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What’s In This VIP Online Casino Guide

What are VIP casino sites, what makes them VIP, are they safe, and is it hard to win at a VIP casino? All those things, and more, are discussed in this detailed and comprehensive guide by CasinosHunter. VIP casino sites are rare, hard to find, and can be tricky to understand, but they definitely have a bunch of advantages every gambler would like to use. 

This is why CasinosHunter has taken effort to make a high quality educational guide on VIP online casinos. If you do not have time right now to read the whole guide please feel free to get back to it later. However, you can get a quick picture of what we discuss in the guide, from this short list of the key aspects: 

  • what are the differences between regular online casinos and VIP online casinos 
  • VIP online casino program - how it works and why you may want to join 
  • requirements that online casino gamblers have to meet in order to join VIP casino sites 
  • instruction on how to enter a VIP casino 
  • additional nuances about payments and gambling that VIP players should be aware of 
  • what are high roller strategies and whether they can be beneficial for real money gambling with profit 
  • instruction on choosing a VIP casino site 
  • what VIP casino games the player may find in the lobby 
  • software providers most often collaborating with VIP casinos 
  • top VIP casinos, or casino sites with a high-quality VIP program, that CasinosHunter recommends for real money gambling 
  • advantages and disadvantages of VIP casinos you should keep in mind 

VIP casinos can be very profitable, especially for seasoned gamblers who have knowledge and skills. On the other hand, VIP casinos can become a disaster to an inexperienced player. This is why we strongly recommend reading the whole guide on VIP casinos, to keep your gambling on the safe side.

Differences Between Regular and VIP Casinos

What classic services do regular casinos offer that VIP platforms take to a different level? What is so special about those exclusive platforms? If you are still scratching your head in awe, let’s dive deeper into the mechanisms and perks. Being able to tell a regular classic site from a VIP exclusive one will help you choose wisely, and assess each site according to different criteria, because they are, well, different!

The main differences between a regular and a VIP platform include:


Promotions at V-I-P are usually jaw-dropping. No-Dep bonuses, huge match bonuses, free spins, free chips, prizes, etc. Most are really valuable and worth registering, especially if compared to some really humble promotions by an average web parlour.

Exclusive and Rare Games

At V-I-P, you deposit more, so what do you pay for? Exclusive games! These may include Live Dealer, VR casino games, rarities, and very often - newly released games that have not yet been made available to other platforms.

Higher Edge and Higher Wins

You deposit higher sums, and the bets are higher than average, so you can expect more attractive edge from the house, and eventually higher winnings.

Loyalty Reward

Loyalty to V-I-P web parlour usually means not only pathetical loyalty points. V-I-P casinos points would bring you cash prizes, tons of Free Spins, or even actual physical gifts.

Physical Prizes/Journeys/Events

V-I-P parlours are good at making presents. You will be able to win prizes like a watch or a phone, win a cruise, or attend an exclusive event.

Customer Support

Customer Support is really dedicated at V-I-P sites, because most often these platforms do not outsource Customer Support employees. Instead, they hire and educate their own staff, which results in really helpful support.

1. Exclusive Bonuses
2. Cool Games
3. Higher Wins
4. Loyalty Points
5. Special Prizes
6. VIP Support

What is VIP Casino Program

As Casinos Hunter experience shows, casino VIP loyalty programs are really attractive. Here is a short list of what you can actually get:

  • get your account promoted to unlock additional perks
  • accumulate loyalty points to exchange them for cash or free spins
  • win physical prizes or journeys
  • get personal Support Manager
  • get access to exclusive tournaments
  • get birthday gifts
  • get secret promotions or promo codes exclusively for you

To enter online casino VIP programs, you should contact the Customer Support - most parlours have your account entered automatically, but you may still ask them for more information, just to be on the safe side. Next, all you have to do is play and wager real money.

VIP Casino Gambler Requirements 

VIP Parlour Casinos and VIP programs at regular casinos are often extremely attractive, but not each and every average gambler can become a VIP casino online member. 

If we are talking about VIP programs within bigger casinos that hold VIP sections for their regular customers, there are a bunch of requirements for the player. Firstly, the player has to be registered and their account must be verified, their identity confirmed. Secondly, the player has to be depositing on a regular basis, betting, winning, losing, and withdrawing often but in a random pattern, meaning that no fraudulent schemes should be noticed by the casino Customer Support. 

Thirdly, the gambler should preferably follow the high roller scheme, bet in cryptocurrencies, or at least be active on the platform and take part in tournaments, races, competitions, etc. These activities will give the player additional Comp Points if this is the case for a specific website, and will increase the casino’s trust to the gambler because the gambler behaves as a real person. 

And eventually, the gambler should use reliable banking channels, update their documents, collaborate with the Customer Support on all occasions and if asked to, and demonstrate their desire to become part of the VIP Club. 

In fact, almost all the same rules are applied for entering a specialized VIP online casino platform created only for VIPs. 

How to Enter a VIP Casino? 

If you are wondering how you can become a member of the VIP casino which only accepts high-roller gamblers and is not easy to enter, this short instruction will be helpful for you. 

The very first thing to decide upon is whether you are ready to make high-roller deposits and bets. The main difference of the VIP platforms for real money betting from regular platforms is the opportunity to bet big and win big, but it also means higher risks are involved, although additional perks are always offered. If you are ready to make at least $500 first deposit investment, and continue in the same manner on a regular basis, you will most likely pass the high-roller entry barrier. 

Next, make sure you register a flawless real money account, provide all the necessary data, and verify the account early. Contact the Customer Support (but they are most likely to contact you in person first), and double-check any other additional data, documents, or information you need to provide, or any additional requirements you have to meet. As soon as you do that all, you will become part of the community. 

Nuances of the VIP Casino Program 

When you are in the VIP casino program, you have to follow certain rules, for example, you have to make minimum required deposits and bets, meet higher wagering requirements, follow tight bonus rules, and so on. Make sure you know all the rules, because rule violation often leads to bonuses and winnings being void. 

There are certain responsibilities the VIP gamblers have, including being polite with the Customer Support, Dealers, and with each other; of course no fraudulent schemes are tolerated; some VIP casinos online may want to send you questionnaires on service quality or user experience, etc. 

However, besides rules and responsibilities, there are tons of perks offered, and you will not find the same perks at your regular online betting sites. The most widespread perks include: instant and helpful Customer Support available 24/7; personal manager for high league players; cashbacks on losses; exclusive or personalized bonuses; numerous no deposit bonuses; exclusive valuable gifts; internal lotteries; invitations to parties and events, etc. 

Are High Roller Strategies Advantageous?  

For some gamblers, the main barrier to entering the VIP betting platform is the high roller deposits and bets requirement. The main point is that the gamblers become suspicious and doubtful about whether high roller strategies even work, and whether there are any specific advantages of being a high roller, compared to a regular casino betting approach? 

Now, the answer is yes, high roller strategies are indeed advantageous. The scheme is simple - the higher deposits you make, the bigger bonuses you are offered. The bigger bets you make, the higher wins you get, and the more Comp Points you accumulate. So, a high roller strategy just can’t be disadvantageous. Of course, as with all casino gambling activities, there may be monetary losses, and high roller bets mean higher risks involved. However, with wize approach to gambling, these losses are very likely to be covered fast. 

Moreover, it is important to understand that online casinos offering VIP gambling conditions provide more benefits like cash bonuses, gifts, lotteries, more gaming software items, etc., and they also engage more personnel to provide the best user experience for the VIP players. This is why they prefer offering high roller entry for their gamblers, to eventually give them the best gambling possible.

Higher Withdrawal Limits

Since VIP lounge casinos are for high rollers, and both deposits and bets are higher than usual, it is only logical to expect the winnings and withdrawals to be higher, too. In fact, some VIP sites claim there is no limit on withdrawals but the one placed by your preferred payment processing company - not the parlour. As for bonuses, some will have to withdrawal limit, which is totally cool.

How to Choose VIP Online Casino?

When you choose a VIP online casino, there are several important aspects you must pay attention to. They are as follows:



You have to check the owner behind the site, sister sites of any, the reputation of the parlour and owner (both) in the niche, how long the owner and the parlour are in the niche, and whether the parlour was rebranded, or maybe purchased from a different owner (and probably functioned before under a different name). Next, check the complaints on reviewer sites, and search for some real customer feedback.
Safety and Security

Safety and Security

You will provide your payment information and some sensitive data to the parlour, and hopefully, you will withdraw some money from it, so its safety and security must be your priorities. The parlour should be protected with SSL encryption, state clearly that they do not sell or otherwise provide your data to any third parties, etc. Read Terms and Conditions to see what is their Privacy Policy and data collection policy. Boring? You would not think so if your data was breached or sold.
Bets and Games

Bets and Games

We put these two aspects together here, because for V-I-P parlours, they are inseparable. Since the overwhelming majority of V-I-P sites are high-roller, it means your deposits and bets are likely to be considerably higher than at an average web parlour. Which leads us to a reasonable question what would be the average size of the bet? And - an accompanying question - what games you will be offered? It makes little sense making huge bets on games of chance like slots - because you can win well by making smaller bets on same games at a different parlour. Oh, there are exclusive games? Or there are so and so games of skill? Find that out before dipping your toe into the real money game.


One of the main reasons why punters look for V-I-P parlours is exclusive and unusual online casino bonuses offered to the players on every stage of their participation - from Welcome Bonus to loyalty promotions. However, there is an eternal catch, and with every bonus, wagering requirements are attached. So, before you salivate at crazy match bonuses on your deposits, or on huge No-Dep promotions, check the conditions applied. What is the minimum deposit accepted? What are the wagering requirements, and are they a rip-off? Is there a withdrawal limit? Ideally, V-I-P bonuses should be No-Dep, or huge percent of match for deposit. Next, look for low wagering requirements, or wagerless bonuses. Another type of good bonus is no withdrawal limit one.

Research of Trusted VIP Online Casinos

Casinos Hunter has researched a healthy bunch of VIP sites to choose the most enticing bonuses, the best games, and the best online casino sites. To be honest, if choosing a regular gambling site is hard, finding a reliable, decent, and reasonably well-paying V-I-P platform is pain in the ass - and this also takes loads of time. So, we decided to save your time - and your ass - from this hard work, and have collected a list of the top V-I-P online parlours for Canadian players.

Top Online Casinos With VIP Program

If you are interested in becoming part of a closed VIP community of experienced gamblers, you definitely want only the best and quality casinos for that. Below is the list of our most recommended casinos that have high-quality VIP Clubs. You can check out more detailed VIP casino reviews, too. 

JackpotCity Casino

Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
2 users reviews
2 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Package

100% up to C$1600
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

JackpotCity best VIP casino is a very user-friendly platform that supports dozens of languages, offers sleek design, holds two licenses, and is certified by eCOGRA. The three main advantages of JackpotCity include: 

  • provably fair, safe, and secure gambling
  • huge library of games, including Live Dealer games
  • attractive VIP program

The VIP Program offered by the JackpotCity casino works as a scheme of Comp Points accumulation, and the best thing about it is that every new player is given 2500 loyalty points from the very start. This allows new players to boost their accounts instead of starting from zero which is always very discouraging. As the points accumulate, the player’s account gets to a new level; the number of points needed may vary depending on the player’s preferred currency. There are six levels, and each has its own perks. 

WildTornado Casino

Total Rating: 9.1/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
5 users reviews
4 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.1/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

C$1000/0.02 BTC + 100 FS
WILD100 Bonus T&C

This online casino VIP holds several seals of trust from independent parties, making it a respectable and reliable platform in the niche, trusted by both gamblers and businesses. This way WildTornado is safe and secure for real money betting, including high roller bets. The three main advantages include: 

  • 40+ software providers represented in the lobby
  • 3000+ games, including Live Dealer Games
  • special Bitcoin games

This site was literally created for high rollers, because it gives so many opportunities to win big - Live Dealer games, progressive jackpots, crypto games, and additional tournaments help on a regular basis. Moreover, the VIP program is rather unusual and fun to follow: the player has to decide what Guild they want to be part of, depending on what types of bonuses they usually like to get. Each Guild has its exclusive perks based on type of bonus. 

Twin Casino

Total Rating: 9.4/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
4 users reviews
4 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.4/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Pack

100% up to C$700 + 400 FS
CA500 Bonus T&C

Twin casino online VIP is another rock-solid respectable platform worthy of your trust. It is certified by eCOGRA, holds the license by MGA, and offers an official mobile application. The three most important advantages of the Twin casino are as follows: 

  • third party trust seals
  • 25 providers
  • a wide choice of exclusive games

However, the most important advantage is a well-developed and extremely beneficial VIP program adopted at Twin. In contrast to many other online casinos, Twin gives 1 comp point for each 1 EUR wagered (most want $10 minimum for 1 Comp Point which is a rip-off). The more points are there, the higher the level. There are 4 levels, and each unlocks new benefits for the customer.

King Billy Casino

Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
1 users reviews
1 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 9.3/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Package

100% up to C$ 1500 + 200 FS
No Promo Code Bonus T&C

King Billy online VIP casino is one of the most loyal-to-their-customers online casinos we here at CasinosHunter have ever met. Besides being safe and secure, and bearing third party seals of trust, it offers the next advantages: 

  • huge choice of games backed by 40+ providers
  • convenient banking options
  • attractive bonuses

As any other high quality casino, KingBilly has a VIP section for their most loyal customers. The concept is clear - accumulation of the Comp Points leads to account promotion. There are many levels in the VIP Program, making promotion faster and more dynamic than when there are 3-4 levels. Every level brings new perks, but the Comp Points themselves can also be exchanged into bonuses or cash gifts. 

PlayAmo Casino

Total Rating: 8.8/10
Casino reputation

Perfect - such reputation is assigned only to reliable, respectable casinos that have earned their honest name by providing legal info about license and ownership, by articulating comprehensive and fair gaming rules, by partnering with reliable payment processing companies, and by providing a decent number of entertaining and high quality games.


CasinosHunter’s Rating:
User’s Rating:
3 users reviews
2 users are fully satisfied
Total Rating: 8.8/10
Casino Reputation: Perfect

Welcome Bonus

100% up to C$ 500 + 100 FS

This is a comparatively old, double-checked online casino that has stood the test of time by now. It has a bunch of games in the lobby, and generally provides advantageous gambling conditions for the customers. The perks include, but are not limited to: 

  • 25+ software providers
  • Bitcoin games, among other game categories
  • many fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies accepted

PlayAmo offers a list of bonuses many gamblers will be happy with, and has a standard but fair and decent VIP Program to enter. Every real money wager made on the platform brings Comp Points, and every new level achieved brings new perks unlocked. The bonuses are plenty and versatile, from 50 Free Spins, to actual valuable gifts like a car!

Conclusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of the VIP Online Casinos

While VIP gambling platforms can seem something outstandingly cool and exotic, in fact, these are also only gambling sites. Some of them are better than the others, and being able to evaluate each VIP site, compare them, and see if signing up is beneficial for you, can be crucial for your gambling success. Make sure you understand not only potential perks, but potential pitfalls of V-I-P casinos.

If you are already dreaming about taking benefit of some VIP parlour offers, there are some other things you need to know. In order to make an informed choice - and take informed risks - learn all the pros and cons of V-I-P sites.



  • high winnings, higher edge, high withdrawal limits
  • rare and exclusive games
  • mind-blowing bonuses and prizes
  • like-minded community
  • dedicated Customer Support


  • high deposits and bets
  • you can’t “play it safe” and avoid risk
  • VIP sites are not widespread, and it is hard to find one (a decent one, that is)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a minimum deposit at VIP casino?

As a rule, a minimum deposit can vary from $50 and higher.

What is an average minimum bet size?

That depends, but the smallest bet size we have seen at high-roller platforms is $5.

Are there limits on winnings at VIP casinos?

Limits can be put on winnings only if you claim a specific bonus that is worthy of smaller sum of money, but can potentially bring you a fortune. in all other cases, there are no limits on winnings - only limits on withdrawal. These can be daily, weekly, or monthly limits.

Do I have to tip to the Live Dealer?

You don’t have to, but it would be nice if you did. If you can afford gambling at a VIP site, show respect to the people who works to make your entertainment possible.

What is the best VIP casino for Canada?

The best V-I-P parlour is that accepts Canadian players, and of course the one that meets the requirements listed by Casinos Hunter above. To make sure you are punting at a decent site, choose one from our list.

Is it possible to make bank at VIP online casino?

Generally, it is possible to make bank at any reputable and legit parlour online. But on high roller platforms, your chances statistically increase, especially if you play games of skill.