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Online casinos are immensely popular nowadays. While land based facilities have always been known for their luxurious service and festive atmosphere, many people were reluctant to visit those venues. And for a good reason, since brick and mortar facilities suggest dress-code, high tipping, and lower edge. Online casinos are the opposite - one can reach them out anytime, without leaving their home, and enjoying the comfort they prefer. Moreover, it is known that web casinos offer higher edge to the players, because they don’t need to afford large staff and take care of the physical facility.

Best Online Casinos Canada 2020

The popularity of online casinos spread like wildfire soon after the Internet enabled those platforms to function properly. Since then, most countries have made online gambling legal - and luckily, Canada is one of those countries. Canadians are among the most gambling nations in the world, and they also have a wide access to different parlours, both local and international.

Casinos Hunter - Online Casinos

Wide choice of sites is a positive feature, but finding a safe, reliable, and entertaining casino is still a complicated task. This is why we review and monitor the best online parlours for Canadians. Many sites have been out there for ages, some of them support excellent reputation and enjoy trust of thousands of customers; others are already known as fraudulent, so they are not recommended. On the other hand, new sites appear literally every month, and not each of them is of high quality. So, as you see, it is important to keep an eye on all these platforms, and double-check them on a regular basis.

How to Choose Online Casino?

Choosing a decent casino is crucial. Even if you do not actually play for real money, you still may need to provide the casino with your personal information. Fraudulent parlours may eventually sell it to the third parties, other sites will send you tons of spam if you give them your email.

All this is even more true if you make real money bets. When you deposit and withdraw, you reveal your banking information, and also your personal data, to the casino. Even if the casino itself is not fraudulent, it has to be reliable and safe, otherwise, your data can still be handled to - or stolen by! - third parties.

Talking about less risky issues, generally you want to gamble at a good casino that has many different games, nice fair bonuses, and adequate customer support. If not, entertainment just becomes not worthy of your time.

If you actually don’t have time to explore the niche and look for a good casino on your own, we’ve got your back covered.

Casinos Hunter Research of Online Casinos for Canadian

Casinos Hunter hunts down online parlours opened for Canadian players, and dissects them to see if they are worthy of your attention, time, and money. We check each casino manually, test their games, and read the text info from A to Z. Besides, there are some important criteria that we always pay attention to.

You as a gambler are always welcome to check the parlours in our lists. Having lists of the best sites is convenient, because you can click through them really quickly, see the bonuses and the rating, and decide without perilous choosing. On the other hand, in case you stumble across an unexplored site out there, and want to give it a try, it makes sense to apply to it the same criteria we apply here at Casinos Hunter. The main criteria are listed below.

Trust and Reputation

Either the casino is old or new, you can already check if it is trustworthy. Firstly, check who is the owner, and whether this operator is young on the market. If not, they probably have other online casinos in operator, or there is something known about them in the web by now. In case there are some sister parlours, you can check what is their reputation and level of trust.

Secondly, check the license. Canadian online gambling license is issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, but an international casino is not obliged to hold this license in order to offer services to Canadian gamblers. A license by a reputable international authority will do. The main rule is that the license has to be acquired, and the site should state this clearly.

Thirdly, unless the casino has been in operation since the day before you found it, you can already find some real customer feedback, and see if you should play there.


One of the main aspects of security is SSL data encryption at the site. This technology ensures that all incoming and outcoming data are encrypted. Practically it means that, when you enter your account password, or, more importantly, your credit card data into the site, no third party can breach and see this information as you type it in. Pay attention to have SSL on all pages of the site, not only their homepage.

Other criteria of security are certifications and seals of trust by other authorities or organizations. If you are new to online gambling in general, educate yourself on these organizations as you reveal them. This will not take much time, but you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge in the future, and will be able to immediately tell a good casino from a bad one.

Banking Options

Online parlours do not process payments on their own, because they are not a financial institution. Instead, they enable payment gateways that offer the customer several payment options. After you deposit, or withdraw, every payment is passed on to, and processed by the corresponding company (e-wallet or bank).

Therefore, the more banking options the casino offers you as available, the better the casino is. The point is, payment processing companies do not collaborate with potentially fraudulent sites. So, by the number of banking options you can tell if the casino is good enough (or perhaps very young).


And eventually, no online casino can be high quality without a number of cool games. The best sites have 300+ game titles, are backed by more than one software provider, and hold several categories of games. Look for Demo mode for the games to be able to test them out without depositing. It makes no sense to gamble at a site that has few or poorly designed games.