Litecoin Casinos in Canada 2022

Litecoin casino sites are second the most popular cryptocurrency gambling platforms after those that accept only BTC. Litecoin is another digital currency that is fast, secure, and easy to use. Due to these features, it is often offered as a payment option at casinos and makes gambling extremely user-friendly. Learn what other advantages you can get with Litecoin.

Top Casinos to Deposit via Litecoin (LTC)

Canadian Litecoin casinos are not a rarety today, while it may be hard to find a web gambling site that allows digital currencies, Litecoin usually goes hand in hand with BTC currency, meaning casino operators put considerable value in it for online gambling development. Check out more about gambling in Canada Litecoin casinos.

Litecoin Casinos

Best Litecoin Casino Sites for Canadian

Litecoin Casinos in Canada
#CasinoBonusLTC DepositsRating
1KingBillyC$2500 + 250 FS9.7
2Winz.ioUp to 300 FS9.6
3Casino RocketC$500 + 50 FS9.5
4TrueFlipC$1500 + 150 FS9.5
5KosmonautC$2000 + 100 FS9.4
6SlotumC$250 + 100 FS9.4
7Spin SamuraiC$1200 + 75 FS9.4
8BitStarzC$400 + 180 FS9.4
9BetUS250% up to $50009.3
10MrBitC$700 + 50 FS9.3


Online casino gambling with Litecoin is advantageous, so many passionate players look forward to playing at a reliable site to get a chance of higher winnings. Yet, the biggest problem is to find those reliable sites and tell a good site from the bad one.

Even experienced gamblers may have hard times researching all the LTC casinos available, since every month we see sites opening and closing in the niche.

Moreover, in all this abundance of Litecoin sites, fraudulent sites sometimes sneak in. This is why here at CasinosHunter, we provide lists of the most reliable sites, including those where Litecoin is accepted. 

Every Litecoin casino on the list, or the one we review, has been carefully checked and explored. We provide detailed overviews and reveal all the perks and all the potential pitfalls so that every potential customer would be aware of what the casino really offers.

Besides reading the reviews, we also strongly recommend all wannabe players to check every site on their own before they register, because casinos tend to change their rules, including Bonus rules, games, loyalty programs, etc. Every website required thorough research to ensure it stays reliable and offers worthy gambling benefits.

What Games You Can Play In Litecoin Casinos

Online Slots Online Slots

Slots are the most beneficial and advantageous online casino game, because the rules are really simple and the choice of games is huge. However, the best news is that many crypto online casinos actually offer exclusive slots specifically for betting with Litecoin, and these slots are not available for other customers who are not into crypto betting! This way the players can enjoy exclusive conditions and exclusive bonuses!

Online Roulette Online Roulette

Roulette is an absolutely perfect choice for table games fans who want to start making bets in Litecoin, because Roulette is really easy to comprehend. The rules are simple and can be learned fast, while no previous experience is needed to play successfully. So, you can enjoy easy gambling with lucrative wins in Litecoin.

Craps Online Craps Online

Craps is a game of Dice, which is another popular and really classic table game. The funniest thing about the game of Craps is that it is kinda both a game of chance and of skill. You have to know the rules really well to play Craps successfully, but a lot depends on luck, too. This is why Craps is really exciting for some Litecoin gambling.

Online Blackjack Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games, both in its automated shape, and as a Live Dealer Game. If you want to maximize your winning chances, you want to play the game of skills, and win more on each Litecoin bet. Blackjack is perfect for that, because it is comparatively comprehensive to learn, and with more experience, you will be even more successful.

What To Pay Attention To Before Gambling With Litecoin

Advantageous Bonus Rules
Advantageous Bonus Rules

When you choose an online casino that accepts Litecoin, and you plan to claim their bonuses, watch out for their promotion Terms and Conditions. Firstly, check whether you have access to the general promotions for the players, or whether there are exclusive cryptocurrency promotions out there. More often than not, there are. However, some parlours may limit access to bonuses to all customers who deposit in crypto, in contrast to those who deposit in fiat currency. So make sure the rules are beneficial.

Exclusive Litecoin Games
Exclusive Litecoin Games

At the time of writing, there are no exclusive games developed specifically for Litecoin betting. Most online parlours that feature crypto-compatible games by Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Playtech, or BigTimeGaming, simply allow betting on them with all digital currencies accepted by the platform. However, in many cases, parlours that accept LTC open access to all games in their lobby.

Beneficial Deposit and Withdrawals
Beneficial Deposit and Withdrawals

Litecoin is one of the most popular digital currencies out there, so you will have enough banking channels for depositing and withdrawing your coins. However, make sure the withdrawal rules are fair and adequate. In case you find out that the casino does not allow withdrawal in Litecoin, and only depositing and betting are possible, better avoid this platform.

Positive Reviews
Positive Reviews

When choosing an online casino for real money play, opting for the one with positive customer comments and reviews is crucial. Make sure you check the casino ratings at casino review sites and then look for Litecoin casino reviews by real users, especially those who deposited and made bets with LTC at this or that web casino. Knowing one’s actual experience is very useful for making an informed decision.

Adequate Customer Support
Adequate Customer Support

Adequate Customer Support is always necessary, regardless of whether you bet with LTC or with USD. However, many gamblers often ignore this important aspect, for reasons unknown. Before you decide to register a real money account with an online casino, contact their Customer Support and don’t be shy to ask them about everything you want to know. Make sure you talk to a real person, and not a bot. Also, having their phone number for quick contact is always a benefit.

Why Gamble in Litecoin?

Those who know a lot about cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin are already aware that any type of investments or manipulations with digital currency are usually profitable and promising. So, they do not double-ask the profitability of online crypto gambling.

However, those passionate about gambling, but not really aware of the benefits of Litecoin may be wondering whether this is even advantageous. This is why we provide the list of advantages below. 

Reliable Privacy

Litecoin, as all other digital coins, has its own technology for payments, and the best thing about it is that transactions are transparent yet anonymous. Any third party seeing the transaction by hacking down a casino account will see that the transaction has a payer and a payee, they may find out some additional details, depending on the situation, but the hacker will not see all details about the parties, and therefore, they will not be able to track the transaction till the bank account, or organize identity theft, etc. 

Safe and Fast Deposits & Withdrawals

As it is mentioned above, the transactions in Litecoin are anonymous, but they are also transparent, which makes them safer for the casino customer. The casino, if it turns out to be fraudulent, will not be able to change the transaction, or to apply any additional fee to it in hopes of getting even more money. All processes are transparent and visible to both parties.

Moreover, the transactions are irreversible, and to refund, the party will have to initiate a separate operation; you can’t just change your mind and cancel. Also, most Litecoin transactions are from instant to maximum 72 hours (if the casino double-checks the legitimacy of the cashout), in contrast to fiat currencies where cashout can take up to 14 days. 

Higher Deposit & Cashout Limits

Since Litecoin has nothing to do with official banks of different jurisdictions allowed to an online casino of your choice, it means the majority of limitations normal for banks have nothing to do with transactions in Litecoin. As a result, most casino sites allow way higher limits for deposits and withdrawals in LTC. 

The direct consequence of that is customers being able to deposit big, make high roller bets, take bigger deposit-based bonuses, win more, and withdraw their winnings faster in bigger sums. Many sites also allow higher bets than normal if you bet in LTC. 

Fair Gambling

The general rule of thumb is that, the more banking methods are offered at the casino, the more reliable they are, and the faster they are, the more advantageous the casino is believed to be when double-checked by independent third parties. As you already know, payments in LTC are fast and reliable, so casino platforms allowing them have higher chances of being provably fair when checked.

Of course the wannabe players should always look for reliable third-party seals of trust by the relevant agencies, but in many cases, the fast of LTC payments allowed is enough. 

User Identification Not Needed

In contrast to many payments via other banking channels by fiat currencies, where online casinos demand user identity confirmation almost every time (most often if the withdrawal exceeds the deposit made previously), with Litecoin, this is not the case. You only have to confirm your identity once when your online casino Litecoin account gets verified, and this is it.

You’re good to go depositing, betting, winning, and withdrawing. The only exception you will normally face is winning (and withdrawing) more than $20.000 or so, in LTC.

Litecoin Wallets and Exchange Rules in Canada

If you want to gamble for your Litecoin, you must make sure that your funds are safe, both at casino, and on your side. When you check the casino, find out if they store the digital coins on cold storages, to be on the safe side. Next, make sure that your coins are also safe. 

Before you have a casino account, you need an online wallet. You have to buy Litecoins and have them in the wallet; from the wallet, you deposit some to the casino site to make bets. When you order a withdrawal, the funds will arrive on your wallet account. Don’t keep all funds on casino balance; neither should you keep them all in online wallet. Cold storage is the best option for bigger sums of digital currencies. 

At the time of writing, the best online wallets for LTC are Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, Trezor T, Electrum, Atomic Wallet, Exodus, Litecoin Core, LoafWallet, Jaxx. 

Laws and Regulations for Litecoin Casino Players 

Litecoin enjoys almost the same situation as Bitcoin in the niche of online gambling, but has even less regulations. Few countries have regulations for any cryptocurrencies; many simply ban them altogether; other countries still do not address this issue for now due to lack of data and resources. Even fewer jurisdictions are able to handle each digital currency separately, considering their differences. 

Canada is not an exception. There are no regulations for online gambling with crypto, particularly with Litecoin. Therefore, such gambling cannot be held illegal, as it was not officially prohibited. As a result, many canadian punters enjoy trouble-free and successful betting with the help of LTC.

Litecoin Online Casinos vs. Fiat Casino Sites

Gamblers who look for Litecoin-friendly parlours already know that gambling with digital coins can open some new horizons for the punter.

This can be true in terms of bonuses, exclusive games, and especially in terms of fast, secure, and convenient payouts. 

It is usually the aspect of banking that is viewed as the most beneficial among those gamblers who give preference to digital coins, because digital currencies support instant banking that is easy to track, and hard to hack. But there are also other benefits. If you want to know more, check out the comparison table for more perks.

Litecoin Casino

  • The transactions are very fast - almost instant - for Litecoin payment systems
  • Litecoin payment systems support anonymity of the customer, adding a layer of protection to your payments
  • All payments are transparent for the player and are easy to track
  • Exclusive games for Litecoin betting are extremely rare; some sites allow betting with LTC on BTC games
  • The casino cannot pay out the winnings in fiat currency of the deposit and bets were made in LTC
  • Live Dealer Games are almost never available for exclusive LTC betting; some platforms allow to bet on BTC-friendly games
  • Exclusive LTC bonuses can sometimes be found; this happens only at big gambling platforms that accept more than one cryptocurrency, and offer the same promotions for all digital currencies

Fiat Casino

  • Transactions are slow, especially withdrawals; Bank Transfer can take up to 14 business days to arrive
  • Transactions are processed by at least two third parties, which always means additional risks
  • The player has no control over the transaction and can’t be informed about the status of the transaction
  • The choice of fiat currency games is definitely bigger
  • If there is a default fiat currency, the casino can choose to pay out the winnings in this currency, regardless of the player’s preferences
  • Live Dealer Games are available to all depositing customers
  • The choice of bonuses and promotions is usually more impressive, and less limitations are applied

Litecoin Casinos in Canada: Wrap Up

Mike Hunter

CasinosHunter hopes this comprehensive and detailed overview of Litecoin casinos for Canada will be useful for all online gamblers interested in their LTC gambling perspectives. Just to recap, in this overview, you can learn about: 

  • the best-recommended sites that accept LTC 
  • what games are available for real money bets in LTC 
  • what things to pay attention to when gambling with Litecoin 
  • the reasons for gambling in Litecoin 
  • what wallets can be used for LTC in Canada 
  • what are the Canadian laws for Litecoin gambling 
  • comparison of LTC casinos and regular casinos 

All these things are important to be aware of because trends and legislation change fast, and the players should not only be able to choose from the sites offered, or sites reviewed, but they should also be able to evaluate the offers of a new casino site they find or if the casino they are used to suddenly updates the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to gamble with Litecoin at Litecoin casino Canada?

In most cases, yes. That depends on whether the gambling site itself is safe and secure. Make sure it has a license, proper banking, and certifications.

Can Canadians gamble at casino Litecoin?

The best Litecoin casinos Canada are totally legal for Canadian punters, because there are no governmental regulations on gambling with digital currencies at web parlours. Canadian punters have the right to make real money bets with their LTC.

Are my Litecoins safe at Litecoin online casino?

Look for provably fair Litecoin casino that claims that it stores all digital coins on cold storage devices. If yes, your coins should be safe and sound.

Are Litecoin video casinos legit?

Casinos that accept Litecoin are usually fully legit, however, it always makes sense to double-check. Learn whether the site has a license, whether it is run by a reliable operator, and whether it protects the users’ data properly. Also, please keep in mind that gambling with LTC is legit until you are in Canada; if you travel abroad for a vacation, chances are high you won’t be able to even login to your favourite casino account, let alone make any LTC bets.

How fast can I withdraw the winnings from Litecoin casino games?

In the majority of cases, your winnings will be delivered onto your online wallet in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Sometimes, the transaction can take up to 24 hours. However, when you calculate the waiting time, don’t forget that the casino operator needs additional time to verify and confirm your withdrawal request. This verification can take up to 72 hours, and only then, the transaction will be processed.

Can I get Litecoin casino bonuses?

Most cryptocurrency parlours offer exclusive bonuses, so you can claim a cash match bonus, or some free spins, after you make a LTC deposit.

Can I play Litecoin casino Live Dealer games?

If this is a fully crypto-friendly online casino, then most probably you will be able to play against Live Dealers. However, some regular online parlours that also accept LTC may limit access to Live Dealer games.

Are LTC casinos available on mobile?

Almost all sites in the Casinos Hunter Litecoin casino list are mobile-compatible, and run smoothly on mobile devices. Some of them have official mobile applications.

Can I play for free?

Some sites offer a No Deposit bonus for crypto customers. Look for a Litecoin casino promo code to get a No Dep bonus if there is one. The other option for free play is Demo mode, but you will not win any money in this case.

Are there any fees applied?

Usually, a small fee is applied to digital currency transactions; the size depends on the payment system utilized for transaction processing. The casino itself may also apply a small fee for its processing of the crypto coins.