Online Slots Casinos in Canada 2022

Slots are the most popular type of casino gamblers, both offline and online. The reason why is because they are easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to win. At the same time, they are easy to make for a software provider! So, let’s learn more about these enticing slots!

Best Casino Sites With Real Money Online Slots

Canadians are true slot fans, because they play slots online and offline incredibly often. In general, Canada is among the most gambling countries on the global scale, so little surprise locals are so passionate about online casino slots real money games. If you are, too, check out the review!

Online Slots Canada

How to Choose the Best Canadian Online Slots Casino

Best Online Slots Casinos in Canada
👑 KingBilly Casino100% up to C$1500 + 200 FS
⚡️ CasinoUp to 300 Free Spins (No Wagering)
🎁 Casino FridayC$500 + 200 FS (Non-Sticky)
💰 TrueFlip CasinoC$1500 or 1 BTC + 150 FS
🚀 Casino RocketC$500 + 50 Free Spins
🎰 SlotHunter CasinoUp to C$ 450 + 200 Free Spins
🤪 Emojino CasinoC$1100 + 75 Free Spins
💎 888 Casino100% up to C$1500 + 88 FS
⚜️ Night Rush CasinoC$500 + 300 Free Spins
🎲 Casino100% up to C$100 + 1000 FS


Online slots are very popular among players, and the number of slot games on the market in general is literally several thousands, because providers have been creating Canada online slots since 1990s.

Today, there are dozens of software developing studios that make exclusively slots, or online slots in Canada and other types of games. Most software studios make at least one new game per month, while big studios release from three to ten new games per month, every month. As a result, the abundance and variety of online slots in Canadian casinos is jaw-dropping. 

However, there is always a catch, and in the case of best casinos with online slots, the catch is the choice of online casino slots Canada in a particular lobby of every particular casino slots online site.

Some sites do not show their lobbies to unregistered visitors (which is a super weird approach to marketing), some sites do not allow Demo mode for free play. Therefore, CasinosHunter evaluates several important aspects when we assess another online slots casino. If you want to choose your gambling options wisely, pay attention to the next criteria.

The Complete Guide to Real Money Slots

While best online casino slots are comparatively easy to play, in fact playing them is easy when you know how exactly they work, and how to choose them. Half of the gambler’s financial success with real online casino slots is the skill of evaluating the tech specs and the features of the games.

In this overview below, we provide some explanations on the topic, however, if you are a complete newbie, you may want to read our full guide. Make sure you know how to assess the features and how to choose the games by different providers, and you will take your gambling to the next level!

How Do Real Money Online Slots Work

To make your slots online for real money punting more successful, you have to be aware of how these software products work. First and foremost, every game uses random number generator, that produces rows of random numbers every millisecond. When you spin, the generator spins also, and the outcome is totally random, based only on mathematical algorithms preprogrammed by the software. 

The next thing many punters are not aware of is that the online casino slots real money do not make any records about players’ wins or losses, and there are no patterns of online slots win real money or lose. It is only our human mind tries to create patterns on the basis of occasionalities; we as humans tend to look for patterns and create them in our imagination. This tendency is the cause of many gambling failures - the punter loses again and again, but with every loss, they feel a strengthening belief that a win is getting closer. Simply because they have already lost so many times, it is “logical” to expect a win. However, the software does not follow such logic - there is no pattern of a win after a certain number of losses. So, if you feel you are not lucky today, just stop and come the other day. 

Real online slots are a pure game of luck. There are no winning strategies to apply - the only strategies you may practically apply is the betting strategies that prevent you from losing more than you can afford, and create a healthy approach to betting. But, if you did not care how much you lose, and money wouldn’t be an issue at all - the outcome would not have changed, regardless of your betting with or without strategy. 

To win bigger at slots, pay attention to return-to-player rate, or RTP rate. Different games give different RTP percentage, so it is reasonable to choose those with higher RTP. Also, read the rules of the game carefully and remember what features and symbols it offers, and what symbols to watch for.


Return To Player rate is important because it hints how much money the player can win back in the long term if they play the game long enough but don’t hit any impressive wins. RTP rate is one of the key criteria used to evaluate the profitability of the real money slots Canada game.

Volatility Volatility

Volatility shows the correlation between the frequency of the wins and their sums. The higher the volatility the bigger the wins but they are rare; the lower the volatility the smaller the wins but they are frequent. Some providers already make customizable volatility that the player can control.

Reels Reels

Reels are the vertical positions in the grid. When the slots machines were mechanical, reels were actually physically spinning, and the combination of symbols was affected by the physical aspect of movement of the mechanism.

Today, obviously, this is not the case, because the mechanism is created by software and defined by random numbers generator, while the rest is animation. 

Symbols Symbols

The reels have various symbols on them, which make combinations when the reels stop. Depending on the game, the number of “empty” symbols and symbols that bring some kind of a bonus differ, and the combinations differ as well.

The very first mechanical slots featured card symbols, then it was “fruit machines”, and today, the variety of symbols and themes is endless. 

Paylines Paylines

Paylines are patterns of symbols combination that make winning combination. In the first machines, the payline was always the single horizontal line with a combo of symbols. 

However, today the slots online real money Canada are way more complicated - the paylines are more plenty, and some games have 50 paylines.

Spin Button Spin Button

This is the button you hit to spin the reels, use the bet, and activate the random number generator for a hopefully positive results. If you use auto mode, the spin button will be activated by the software, as long as you want.

Bet Amount Bet Amount

To decide upon the bet amount, you have to consider several factors. If you have claimed a bonus from the casino on your deposit, the bet amount will be limited by the terms and conditions applied to the bonus. Next, the minimum and maximum bets are likely to be somewhat limited by the game itself.

Moreover, you have to count the paylines and count how much money will be used for every payline you activate. The more you bet, the more chances you have to win. However, if you are a newbie, or you try a new game out, start betting small.

Multiplier Multiplier

This feature makes the game multiply the size of the bet many times, from x2 to x5, depending on the generosity of the software provider, and results in way more impressive winnings. Some games have more than one multiplier and these are triggered by different actions and combinations within the gameplay. 

Bonus Buy Bonus Buy

This feature enables the player to deposit money directly into the game in order to unlock a desired bonus right in the next move. Unlocking a bonus is not a bet, and it is not buying a bonus, because the bonus can bring more than the deposit, but the amount cannot be controlled.

Free Spins Free Spins

Free Spins are called free because the cost of the bet is paid for by the game (the casino or provider), but whatever the player wins belongs to the player. Free Spins are a frequent feature in the best online slots real money, and the best Free Spins allow Respin feature. The more Free Spins the better.

Types of Online Slot Machines

Now, let’s talk about the most widespread slot machines you will meet at various trusted online casinos. While they all function according to the same concept, you will still like some more than others, and it makes sense to check out every type.

3-Reel Slots
3-Reel Slots

These are games that mimic classic fruit machines with three reels. The main advantage of modern three reels machines is that it is easier to learn the rules, and remember the paylines and the symbols. The less reels, the less symbols there are, as the grid is smaller. However, don’t forget that the number of reels does not influence the outcome - it is how the game is programmed.

5-Reel Slots
5-Reel Slots

These are modern variations where more symbols, more combinations, and more paylines are used. The learning curve may seem a little bit harder, but these are also more fun, as you won’t get used to them very quickly.

Progressive Slots
Progressive Slots

These are progressive jackpots that can bring rare but huge wins. The concept of a usual jackpot is simple - the single machine (or game) accumulates the sum of the win per session by one player, or, in a more complicated variation, it accumulates the sum of the win every session, and at some point, some player can hit the jackpot.

Video Slots
Video Slots

Video variation is almost every online slots real for money game you play today. They do not mimic classic arcade machines, or fruit machines, but offer better animation, more reels, different themes, etc. Classic arcade machines are for old school fans.

3D Slots
3D Slots

Being a variation of video real money slots , 3D games are visually outstanding and suggest a better immersion into the process of playing. The reels and symbols will move beautifully, creating 3D effects and entertain you even more.

Branded Slots
Branded Slots

These are games that follow some special theme except “cards”, “fruits”, etc. There are generalized themes popular across software providers - for example, vampire theme, or cats theme. Yet, branded real money slots online follow a very specific unique theme - for example, Game of Thrones, Marvel movie, a popular Netflix series, etc. These are hard to find, but they are a delicious treat for fans.

Free Spins Slots
Free Spins Slots

Free Spins are often programmed into the game as a natural bonus that can be received after a certain combination of symbols. Free Spins spin on their own, automatically, and the bets are paid by the house, while the wins are given to the player. If you like Free Spins, look for them in the rules of the games.

Who Make Best Real Money Online Slots

The majority of online casino software providers make slot games, and comparatively few make other types in addition to real money online slots Canada. This is not because online slots real money are the easiest to make - while partially they are! - but because they allow more variety and flexibility in terms of themes, designs, math models, tech specs, bonus features, etc.

However, not all providers make slots real money Canada in a similar way, let alone on the same level of quality, or on the same level of entertainment. CasinosHunter recommends some of the best providers.

Microgaming Microgaming

Microgaming is the pioneering leader among other providers, as it started its work back in the 1990s and has been making online slots for real money for online casinos all this time. Microgaming has thousands of games in the library, and is particularly famous for its life-chaning progressive jackpots. Also, the players can enjoy a variety of designs.

NetEnt NetEnt

NetEnt is one of the leading software developers that makes not only best online slots but other categories of games, and yet, its real money slot machines are of the ultimate quality and offer a wide range of themes and math models. NetEnt also makes progressive jackpots that can potentially offer impressive wins to the players.

BetSoft BetSoft

BetSoft is one of the famous software developers that is widely know on the market both among players and among other businesses. Games by BetSoft offer the highest quality and the best user experience imagineable. BetSoft releases many new games on a regular basis and takes part in international events.

Yggdrasil Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is one of those unique software developers that have their own vision of the games and designs. Most experienced players are able to tell slots that pay real money by Yggdrasil just by the visual aspect, but the gameplay and features are also extremely engaging anf entertaining. Slots by Yggdrasil are available on many casino sites.

BGaming BGaming

Games by BGaming are popular all over the world, and for a good reason. This company makes awesome features and also beautiful designs. The company has been nominated to several gambling awards, and its products are offered in lobbies of numerous casino sites. BGaming is also a partner to many other businesses.

Wazdan Wazdan

Wazdan has been on the market for quite a while and it shows. It holds several international online gambling licenses, has its games certified and checked for fairness, and actually makes some good games for playing! Designs and themes by Wazdan are definitely something a player will remember and recognize.

Push Gaming Push Gaming

Push Gaming has gone a long way in the industry and had an impressive journey, but this experience allowed the company to accumulate some impressive knowledge, skills, and resources. Push Gaming is still comparatively small and produces games in a slower rate, but the quality is out of question.

NolimitCity NolimitCity

Nolimit City is a company that starter from Europe but now it has offices in many countries, and offers its games to players in many jurisdictions. Games by Nolimit City may be not as abundant, but they are literally stuffed with all kinds of multilevel features, bonuses, and entertaining activities.

Playson Playson

Playson is a company that works in many jurisdictions, offers games to gamblers in many countries, and also partners with many other companies in the industry. Such approach allows Playson to accumulate unique experience that is immediately shown in its top quality games of various kinds for online casino sites.

Booming Games Booming Games

Booming Games have a comparatively low productivity, but they compensate it with awesome quality and surprising creativity, because the company is focused purely on real money online slots. Slots by Booming games are full of bonus features, winning features, and pleasant surprises that will make the players enjoy every minute of gambling.

Mike Hunter

Online Slots Casinos: Wrap Up

Online casino slots for real money are some of the most demanded and popular games, but to enjoy them and play with a profit, the player should first learn more about them! This is why CasinosHunter has created this overview. 

To recap, this is what we discussed: 

  • online top online slots Canada for real money vs free slots comparison
  • how to choose casinos that offer online slots for money
  • how CasinosHunter reviews casinos that offer play real money slots
  • how do real slots online Canada actually work
  • what types of real slots Canada exist
  • the list of the best slot making studios

This overview will be useful for all beginner level players who knows that best online casinos slots are easy to play and easy to win. CasinosHunter is aware that there are always nuances and potential pitfalls that should be taken into consideration before one starts depositing money to a casino site, or making real money bets in a game. CasinosHunter is here to explain and warn about all the possible catches. 

Please take advantage of this overview, and also of our full guide on playing slot games, to ensure you only opt for the best offers out there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose best online casino slots?

Look at the number of reels and paylines, the RTP rate, and also the number of bonus symbols that provide wins or gifts. You should also pay attention to the software provider and the online casino itself. Search reliable and reputable companies that have been on the market for years.

Is it safe to play slots online for real money?

Yes, if the online casino of your choice is safe and secure. Opt for the sites that partner with several software providers, and especially with many payment processing companies. Also, find information about casino’s owner, license, and certification of any.

Are online slots in Canada legal?

Canada does not limit access of its residents to web casinos all over the world, so yes, betting and winning cash is legal. However, it is your task as a gambler to watch out for scammy casinos, and take care of your web safety on your own.

What are the best online slots real money Canada?

We believe 5 reel branded video slots are the best, regardless of whether you access them from Canada or from any other country. This is currently one of the most adequate and visually pleasing type of slots in the niche, plus these games usually pay well.

Can I win at slots online in Canada?

If you gamble at real money casino as a registered and depositing customer, and the online casino of your choice is reliable, then yes, you will win and cash out real money.

Can I cheat at Canadian online slots real money?

Unless you use some kind of malware program, or bot, that will violate the algorithms of the random number generator at online casino, it is impossible to cheat while playing at online casino. However, web casinos take good care of their (and their money) safety, and before you are allowed to withdraw any wins, they will check your account for the so-called unusual gambling patterns. If they notice or suggest you used a bot, you will be blocked and the money confiscated.

What are the best Canadian online slots?

While Microgaming is not a Canadian online casino games software developer, Microgaming is one of the best in the niche of slots, for all countries alike. If you want the best product, look for Microgaming casinos in the first place.

Are the games rigged?

All game software products are certified by independent third parties that check them for the adequacy of random numbers generator, and fair play. So, the games are not rigged - at least if they are by a famous studio.

Can I play slots with Welcome Bonus?

Yes, slots gambles contribute the most when wagering the Welcome bonus, so you are free to gamble, just make sure you do not exceed the maximum bet allowed limit.

Can I play slots with No Deposit Bonus?

Absolutely. No Deposit bonus will most likely have terms and conditions applied that state what games exactly are allowed for wagering the promotion money.