British Columbia Online Casinos

British Columbia is lucky - there are many land based casinos for the entertainment of the local gamblers and tourists! No gambler will be bored in this province - just make sure you are aware of all the options. Casinos Hunter reveals all the details about gambling in British Columbia.

Best British Columbia Casinos

British Columbia is one of the three provinces with the biggest amount of land based casino houses, in all Canada. So, if you are here, you’re one lucky gambler to begin with! Check out what are the perks, and where you can find the best casinos in British Columbia!

74 Top British Columbia Online Casino Sites in 2021

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Why to Play Online Casinos in British Columbia

British Columbia is not as rich in brick and mortar casinos as, say, Ontario, but it is still one of the most “casino-populated” provinces, so the choice of facilities is rather advantageous. Many players sincerely enjoy the atmosphere and socialization in a land based gambling house. 

However, circumstances can be different. If you are not in the mood of hanging around in an excited crowd full of drunk people, listening to loud music, and watching late night shows, but you still want to make some real money bets - there is a simple way out. 

Try out some online casinos. They can surprise you, and offer unique benefits you can’t get offline.



  • no need to tolerate loud music, drunk or impolite people, and generally the crowd
  • the gambler does not need to fight with traffic jams, go anywhere at all, and come back home late - they have access to games from anywhere
  • the gambler does not have to dress nicely, or tip to the waiters, or face any additional expenses at all
  • web casinos do not have strict working hours, because they are available 24/7
  • the choice of games is most probably a lot richer
  • some benefits online are simply impossible offline
  • changing a British Columbia casino site if the player does not like it, will take 5 minutes
  • there is no need to wait for a place at the poker table, or to wait for a slot machine to be available


  • online casinos usually seem a bit complicated for mature offline gamblers, because of all the technologies, plus all the rules that the player has to explore on their own, because there is no casino worker around who’s job is to explain stuff and check if the players follow the rules
  • many offline players may miss the fun and the socialization they usually enjoy at land based houses
  • the players are not able to get their winnings immediately after they are done with the games and leave the British Columbia casino - since all the payments are processed online, the cashout will take some time

Unique Benefits of Gambling Online

In terms of luxury and the general atmosphere, no online casino British Columbia can ever be compared with a huge brick and mortar gambling house, with all the bells and whistles, huge halls, restaurants, and late night shows. Online casinos probably look very bleak compared to all this stuff, but in fact, they have some benefits never possible offline.


Live Casinos British Columbia

Live Dealer Games at Live online casinos are one of the best things that came into being in the gambling niche due to technology. Today, one can play against Live Dealers, and even against other gamblers at the same table if the game permits, but without leaving home! Every gambler should try Lie Dealer games. 

The technology is simple - online casino connects to the live streaming from a Live Dealer facility, where Live Dealers work in shifts, and play table games with the players. Online casinos do not usually have their own Live Dealer facility, because this is an expensive thing to afford. Only well-known software providers, or big offline casino British Columbia operators, can afford a Live Dealer facility. Online casinos only purchase access to the streaming, and then offer this access to their customers. 

Live Dealer games, therefore, have all the perks of a land based casino in British Columbia - the communication, entertainment, socialization, and the rush of a real table game - but without disadvantages in the form of additional expenses, or being packed in the crowd. However, please keep in mind that Live Dealer games are usually unavailable in Demo mode, or for wagering the bonus money.


Rich Choice of Bonuses

That depends on a particular casino house, of course, but in general, few brick and mortar gambling facilities can compete with web platforms in terms of bonuses and reward systems. Land based houses do have prizes and bonuses within every game, or at every particular table. However, they rarely offer a systematized bonus, let alone a bonus for entering the building, or a bonus for your gambling on a regular basis. However, web casinos do have such things. 

At an online casino, you have a chance to get a reward for simply making an account. That is, you enter the platform, and several bets of yours get paid by the operator, while the cash you win is all yours. Next, you can get bonuses attached to your deposits, or cashback every week, or a birthday bonus, or weekend bonuses. 

And last but not the least, every self-respecting online casino has a VIP loyalty program. Every depositing and betting customer gets enrolled in the program and accumulates Points. The more points are collected, the higher place their account takes in the program. Accounts with many points often get more advantageous conditions for playing, additional Customer Support, and exclusive bonuses.


Mobile Casinos British Columbia

You cannot take your favorite brick and mortar facility with you, but you can literally have your favorite web casino with you in your pocket, all the time! The usage of mobile devices constantly grows, so online casinos become more and more mobile-compatible. The most customer-oriented web casinos offer official mobile applications for different OS, providing the best user experience possible. 

Mobile online casinos are faster, sleeker, less glitchy, and do not take lots of space when installed. On the other hand, some platforms want the gamblers to use their mobile applications, so they can even motivate the users to play on mobile by offering some exclusive bonuses or additional perks. Overall, mobile casinos are handy to use.


Additional Perks

One of the best things about web casinos is Demo mode also called Practice, or Play for Fun mode. The beauty of it is that the player can test out different casino games - except Live Dealer Games and progressive jackpots, as a rule - free of charge. In Demo mode, no real money is used; instead, the player has a virtual balance and can make bets literally endlessly, without paying anything, and without winning any real cash, just for fun. Usually, the casinos do not limit access to free online casino games in Demo mode; you can play every day, all day. Probably land based houses do not allow random visitors to come in and play their slots machines for free, simply for the sake of playing. 

The next best thing about online stuff is that you can have it all in one place. Many high quality platforms combine lots of stuff - classic games, cryptocurrency games, Live Dealer games, jackpots, lotteries, tournaments, even sports betting and fantasy sports! One platform can be explored for a week or two, playing a different game every time. Such an abundance of choice is impossible in brick and mortar casinos.

Spotting a Reliable Casino For Playing Online

Choosing a web casino for a person who has never gambled online may be really confusing. The first complication is in the fact that different technologies are used, and the player will need time to make head or tail of where to click, and how it all works in every particular casino. The second complication is that there is lots of text to read. There is no British Columbia casino employee or dealer whose job is to explain what are the rules, and what is going on. The players have to read and explore the rules on their own. It is important to read the long and boring Terms and Conditions document, which is absolutely crucial for the understanding of the rules. 

The wannabe online player may do all the research on their own, read the rules, and check if the casino site is reliable. It makes sense to check out the guide about choosing a casino. On the other hand, the player can read some online casino reviews by independent reviewing platforms. These reviews will not only describe every particular platform, and help make an informed choice; a good review also educates the reader on what aspects are important for a high quality casino. 

Making Your First Steps Towards Gambling Online 

After you have read reviews, or have explored some gambling platforms on your own, you may want to go and register a real account with one of them, to start playing. However, we recommend exploring banking options in the first place. Check what options the site offers, and how many of them are available in your jurisdictions, or how many of them you already have, or can get quickly. For example, plastic cards are used almost globally, and you can definitely get one in British Columbia, but most Canadian banks do not support payments to and from web casinos. 

On the other hand, you can get an e-wallet, a prepaid voucher, or a cryptocurrency wallet pretty quickly. So, finding a convenient and reliable banking option (or better more than one) should be your very first step. Only after you have decided upon the payments, you should open the account.

Gambling in British Columbia 

All the gambling companies in British Columbia are regulated by the local body, British Columbia Lottery Corporation. According to the local laws, locals and guests can participate in lotteries, make bets on horse racing, play slots machines and casino games in the corresponding facilities, and take part in fundraising events like Bingo halls with 50/50 draw. All types of gambling are allowed and legal, including access to web casinos. The players have to be 19 years old to be able to make bets at real money casinos online

Besides private gambling houses run by Great Canadian Gaming and Gateway Casino & Entertainment, or by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, there are also First Nation (tribal) brick and mortar houses in British Columbia. The laws of gambling applied are the same, but some particular rules of play may differ in these casinos. 

Top Land Based Casinos of British Columbia 

If you are interested in land based gambling houses, there are several cities with more than one casino house. These cities are Kamloops, Penticton, Vancouver, and Victoria. More than 20 other cities have one gambling house. Below are the most prominent brick and mortar gaming venues in British Columbia. 

Elements Casino

This is one of the oldest gambling houses in the province, located in Surrey. It was first opened in 1976, and was first a racetrack only. In 2005, when all Canadian betting facilities started to consider casino games, a casino was added to the services. As of today, this facility offers 550+ slots machines, 24 table games, and 12 poker tables. The casino works 24/7. The facility also includes restaurants and bars, and holds events and performances on a regular basis. 

Grand Villa Casino 

This facility is comparatively new, opened in 2016, and located in Burnaby. It offers 50 table games, 1200+ slots machines, and 11 poker tables. Besides, there are restaurants and entertainment areas. The facility includes Marriott Hotel and Burnaby Conference Centre. The hotel is pet-friendly, by the way! There is a SPA, health club, and sauna. 

Cascades Casino Resort 

Opened in 2005, in the center of downtown Langley, this resort combines the entertainment and SPA services. It is one of the most favourite facilities in the city, and a popular one. The casino features 23 table games, 1000+ slots machines, and 5 poker tables. The entertainment area includes a medical SPA, bar and lounge zone, a theater, and a conference centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific laws that regulate online gambling in British Columbia?

No, there are no specific laws that make online gambling in British Columbia different from online gambling in any other region of Canada. Just make sure you choose a safe and reliable gambling platform.

Do players pay taxes on their online winnings?

No, Canadian punters are not expected to pay any taxes on cash they win in the web casinos. The only exception is professional poker players who make a living by playing poker.

What are the best banking options for online gambling in British Columbia?

Gamblers of British Columbia can use plastic cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, and cards, or cryptocurrency wallets. If you are not sure about the most convenient banking option, you should learn more about them.

Can I deposit and bet with cryptocurrency at an online casino?

For sure you can. Cryptocurrency is not an official currency in Canada but is not prohibited from payments on the web. Just make sure you have a reliable wallet for your funds.

Can I bet with fiat currencies other than CAD at online casino British Columbia?

Yes, you will most likely be able to deposit and bet in USD, EUR, or even AUD.

Can I play games for free and win real money online?

You can play free of charge and still win real cash if you claim a No Deposit bonus. No Deposit bonus can be granted for sign up, or under other conditions when you are already a depositing customer. No Dep bonus can be in the form of free cash or Free Spins. Your bets are paid by the operator, but your winnings are all yours. If you want a free bonus, look for no deposit online casinos.