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To avoid misleading and misunderstanding about the links you may want to follow, and about the whole affiliate system on Casinos Hunter site, please read the Disclaimer carefully. 

Why Referral Links - we use Referral links as a business model to support the site. The main reason why this business model over others is because we would like to provide the best user experience, meaning our readers do not see annoying advertisement banners, do not have to pay for subscription or membership, and do not have to buy reviews from us. All info provided by Casinos Hunter is free, and the readers do not pay anything at all for using the site. 

Clicking the Referral Links - when the reader on Casinos Hunter clicks on a referral link to an online casino, and registers a real money account with this casino, Casinos Hunter project gets a small commission from the operator who runs the casino. 

Earning Commissions - online casinos make money by offering paid service to gamblers who want to play their games. When sites like Casinos Hunter recommend online casinos to potential customers, and the customers sign up for the casino, it means the casino has a chance to earn money. So, the casino pays a small commission to the platform that advertises it to potential players. 

No extra payment for you - the players do not pay any extras, and do not finance the commission paid by casinos to Casinos Hunter. Neither the players’ deposits nor bonuses, as well as any other payments, are affected by the fact that the casino pays commission to Casinos Hunter. There is no way the player can directly contribute money to Casinos Hunter, and there is no way Casinos Hunter can accept any money from readers. 

How Money Is Used 

Casinos Hunter is happy to provide services to gamblers, and lead them to reliable and high quality casinos. However, such service suggests certain expenses. Find out how Casinos Hunter uses money earned as commissions from online casino websites. 

Technical Issues & Website Management 

Website needs maintenance, plus, certain technical issues arise from time to time. It is important for Casinos Hunter to keep the platform high quality, secure, and reliable for the users, so we invest a lot into managing the website. 

New Reviews 

To review an online casino in and out, and to see how it really functions, Casinos Hunter experts often sign up and actually deposit and make real money bets. This allows to experience all the processes the user goes through at an online casino, but obviously, such a thorough approach requires certain funds to be spent every time. 

Extra Content 

Casinos Hunter is always looking forward to creating extra content, when possible - be it educational, informational, or entertaining content. Extra content requires some extra funds, and part of the commissions is spent on making your casinos hunting more fun.