Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a nice and easy to play casino game that can be considered a specialty, because it is comparatively rare, and few software providers make those games. CasinosHunter has researched Scratch cards to reveal the best ways of winning, and find the best casinos that offer those games.

Online Scratch Cards

Any Scratch cards fan can take advantage of this detailed overview by CasinosHunter to learn how to win at Scratch cards more often, what are the best games and the most reliable software providers, and what casino sites provide the best offers for online gamblers! The list of casinos with the best scratch tickets is offered below!

55 Best Scratch Cards Casinos in 2021

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How To Play Scratch Cards Online

Playing scratch cards is easy, because this is a game of chance. No previous experience or knowledge is needed; what the player needs is knowing the rules of the particular game among the best scratch tickets they want to play. 

We recommend reading the game rules carefully before making any real money bets. There are rules applied by the casino site, and rules applied by the software provider that made the game, and the player needs to be aware of both sets of rules. 

Also, it makes sense to try the game for free in the Demo mode first, to see if the player likes it and understands the rules and the mechanics. 

Playing itself goes as follows: the player enters the game, sets the sum of the bet, and clicks Scratch. The visuals change, scratching off the card, and the player sees the outcome of the bet. Many games allow faster scratch off, or Autoplay for the scratch tickets, when the gambler does not have to click the button every time.

The Odds Of Getting A Winning Scratch Off Ticket

When buying scratch tickets offline, most people prefer buying National Lottery tickets, because they know this is a reliable provider and are the best scratch off tickets to buy. One can buy scratch cards online. Also, many players know that buying the cheapest tickets is not a good strategy, because cheap tickets pay less. 

Generally the same rules work for scratch games online. Firstly, it is important to choose a reliable software provider that made the game, and a reliable casino site that actually accepts gamblers’ deposits and bets. 

Secondly, the higher the RTP rate of the game, the higher the odds of winning more money. RTP is Return To Player rate which shows how much money can be won back, and what is the house edge for the scratch cards with best odds.

For example, if the RTP rate is 95%, 5% is the house edge (money taken from the winning bet by the casino), while 95% of the bets the player can win back in the long term playing scratch tickets with best odds. 

Next, some scratch card games work like tickets, and some scratch card games work as slots. If you play scratch cards online that look like slots, you basically choose your bet for the next several rounds. If you play a ticket game, you can “buy” several tickets and scratch them, but choose wisely when looking for the best scratch tickets to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are scratch cards rigged?

No, the majority of scratch cards online games are made by reliable software providers. These companies take effort to prove that their games are fair and of decent quality, ordering independent tests and certifications. So most scratch card games are decent enough for real money gambling.

Is it possible to win real money playing scratch cards?

Absolutely. If you play online scratch cards not in Demo mode, but in real money mode as a registered online casino customer, deposit your funds and make bets with those, you will for sure win real money and will be able to withdraw it!

Are mobile scratch cards safe?

Mobile compatible scratch card games are made by the same software providers; in other words, the best scratch cards to win on you play on mobile devices are the same best online scratch cards you play on the desktop. It is more important to pay attention to the mobile casino platform or application, and ensure they are safe.

Can I play scratch tickets online for free?

Yes, most scratch card games are available in the Demo mode (also called Practice or Play for Fun mode). To play scratch tickets online for free, the gambler does not have to deposit any real money, and even to register with the casino site.

What scratch off tickets pay the best?

Most scratch card games have RTP rates indicated by the software provider; the higher the RTP rate, the more this game pays. Most advantageous RTP rates start from 96% from 100%.

Can I play scratchcards in cryptocurrency?

If the online casino site offers cryptocurrency games as an exclusive option, in the majority of cases, scratch off tickets are not included into the list of games allowed for cryptocurrency gambling. However, if the casino site allows cryptocurrency bets for all its games, scratch and win cards are also included.