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Canadian minimum deposit online casinos are very attractive for a number of gamblers for different reasons, and the most important reason is that the gamblers can win big by depositing less. In this post, Casinos Hunter explains how minimum deposit casinos work, and why they are advantageous.

Best Minimum Deposit Casinos

Canadian gamblers can find minimum deposit casinos very attractive, both for entertainment, and also for winning big. Low investment parlours allow you to win real cash in casino games, without risking lots of own money. CasinosHunter explores what are low deposit casinos and how to use them for benefit.

47 Top Low Deposit Online Casinos in 2021

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What Are Minimum Deposit Casinos?

Minimum deposit casinos are online parlours that accept very low minimum investments from their customers. An average online casino, be it for Canada or for a different jurisdiction, accepts from $15 to $30 as minimum, but minimum investment platforms may start their allowed inpayment from $1. Obviously, this means less risks and more possibilities for the punters. 

One of the most important differences between minimum dep parlours and average ones is that minimum investment is eligible for Welcome Bonuses and other promotions. The point is, most usual web gambling sites do accept $10 deposits as minimum, but these deposits do not enable the player to claim a bonus. At min dep casinos, the players can claim bonuses even for the lowest investments.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online Casinos with Minimum Deposit

Online casinos with minimum deposits have a bunch of advantages for all gamblers, because they generally work as all usual web casinos, just accept really small deposits and allow to claim bonuses on these small deposits. The punter at least has an option to start playing with lower risks, and test the parlour out for real money with smaller losses. 

On the other hand, few parlours do allow low deps, and not only because they dream of ripping the players off their money. The problem is that few banking options allow such small transactions. So, the parlours may have troubles with finding enough payment processing partners for all allowed jurisdictions, to accept low investments from all customers. As a result, such platforms are not very numerous on the web, despite the fact that many players would love to see more of them.



  • newbie-friendly, allowing beginner punters to start with smaller funds;
  • less financial risk for the gamblers;
  • allow to claim the bonuses;
  • wagering requirements are easier to meet;


  • hard to find in the web;
  • few payment processing companies allow such low transactions;
  • may be limitations on winnings when wagering the low dep bonus;

Types of Minimum Deposit Casinos

Min dep casinos can be of different types, depending on the sum of the smallest investment allowed for the new (or regular) player. If you would like to give a try to such platforms, it makes sense to be aware of what you should look for, and what you can count on.

$1 Deposit Casinos

$1 deposit casinos are the rarest type you can find, and the main reason why is because there are very few online payment processing companies that allow transactions as small as CA$1. There are many nuances considering the payment, so such sites are few. If you are lucky, you can find some of them for your jurisdiction, like Canada.

$5 Deposit Casinos

$5 deposit casinos are almost as hard to find as the previous type. This is, again, due to the payment issue, and to be honest, also because such CA$5 deposits are not very beneficial for the site. But such sites do exist, and they provide numerous possibilities for punters who want to minimize their financial risks.

$10 Deposit Casinos

In fact, $10 deposit casinos are pretty average, only if you don’t want any promotion attached to your deposit. But in the case of low dep platforms, your CA$10 will also be eligible for the promotion, giving you all the rights that regular customers enjoy.

$20 Deposit Casinos

And last but not the least, $20 deposit casinos are not so minimum deposit, if we are honest. However, in comparison to some high-roller platforms, CA$20 is not a big sum, and proper enough for online gambling. Such platforms are plenty, and they are often close to average.

What You Need to Know Before Playing Low Deposit Casino

Since you already know that low dep is not a very convenient condition because of the limited payment options, and moreover, it is not very attractive for the parlours themselves, you have to be aware that some additional rules may apply to such investments, to make them more advantageous for the site providing the service. As a result, you as a potential player have to double-check several nuances, to make sure this low dep is worth your time. 

Minimum Deposit Casino Bonuses 

The main advantage of low dep sites is that, in contrast to the majority of other average casinos, they not only accept small investments, but they also allow the customers to claim bonuses and promotions for those investments. As a result, all new and regular punters can expect decent Welcome Bonuses and other promotions, like weekly reload or cashback, or Free Spins. Most parlours also offer the Loyalty program. 

But please keep in mind that some smartass parlours may want to compensate for the fact of low investment by applying huge bonus wagering requirements. Therefore, read Bonus Terms and Conditions carefully, to understand what conditions are applied to your wagering. Sometimes, the bonus may not be worthy of your time and effort. 

Payment Options for Minimum Deposit 

Payment options are among several stumbling blocks that prevent most gambling platforms to allow lower investments to their punters. Very few companies allow transactions as low as $1, or $5, and the commissions paid by the payer will not be worth it in many cases. So, the punter has to be really attentive, and research every low dep parlour they find, to make sure the conditions are decent, and that payment options offered are available in their jurisdiction. 

Low Deposit Terms and Conditions  

Since low deposits are cool for the punters, but objectively are not very cool for the casinos, the latter may apply additional rules to compensate for the investment sums. These rules are often very unpleasant for the customers, but the customers risk to only find out about them after they start gambling for real money. 

Look for the rules in the T & C document, and see what conditions you will have to satisfy in order to benefit from the low investment. Low investment is usually only the tip of the iceberg, hiding tons of additional rules below. Most often, the players will face withdrawal limitations, like winning and withdrawing no more than N amount, or not able to withdraw until several investments are made, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I later deposit higher sums to an online casino with no minimum deposit?

If you send a small sum to a no minimum deposit casino online to test it out, you can later make higher deposits and bets at a no minimum deposit casino Canada.

Can I check whether an online casino minimum deposit has safe payment options?

Check what payment options are available at a minimum deposit casino Canada, and evaluate whether you can use these options, and whether they are internationally, or locally, reputable and reliable.

Can I deposit with cryptocurrency at an online casino deposit minimum?

Most probably, you will not be able to send cryptocurrency to low dep site, because using cryptocurrencies in such tiny portions makes very little sense for gambling sites. If you would like to gamble with crypto, better look for a BTC casino.

Can I play for free at an online casino with no minimum deposit?

There are two options for free play at a no minimum deposit casino - you can play in Demo mode, but this means you will never win any real cash. Or, you can take a No Deposit bonus at a no minimum deposit online casino, in case such promotion is offered.

Are the sums for deposit equal for different currencies?

More often than not, but you have to check this at every particular casino.

Can I play Live Dealer Games with low dep?

Most probably you will not be able to play Live Dealer games if you make only the smallest investment possible.


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