Canadian Dollar Casinos

Having a choice of currencies for deposit and withdrawal at Canadian dollar online casinos is a huge benefit. While almost all casinos accept USD and EUR, more and more Canadian dollar casino sites start allowing CAD (C$) for payments. For gamblers from Canada, these Canadian dollar casino sites are the most advantageous and convenient.

Canadian Dollar Online Casinos (CAD)

The choice of Canadian online casinos is truly huge today, and they all feature different games, providers, bonuses, rules, and so on. However, the availability of different currencies for depositing and withdrawing is also a crucial feature. Those gamblers interested in the ability to deposit and withdraw in CAD can take advantage of the C$ Canadian dollar online casinos list created by CasinosHunter.

70 Top Casinos to Play With CAD in 2021

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How to Play in Casino with Canadian Dollars

There is nothing complicated in playing with Canadian dollars at online Canadian dollar online casinos. If you are allowed to choose the preferred currency - C$ in this case - you are free to play all kinds of games, from slots and Video Poker, to Live Dealer and Progressive jackpots. 

The only real drawback and pitfall that can be present in some online Canadian dollar casinos is the default currency rule. The default currency rule means that, regardless of how many other local currencies are accepted by the Canadian dollar casino site for deposit and withdrawal, the internal calculations and values are indicated in USD or EUR (as a rule). 

The best Canadian casinos that accept online casino CA dollars and have the internal currency rule, usually allow deposits, bets, and withdrawals in C$. The only unpleasant right they reserve is the right to pay the winnings out in USD or EUR (depending on their default currency) sometimes when the Canadian dollar casino finds it more suitable. This may happen if the Canadian dollar casino pays out a big jackpot to another player, and has to immediately pay out other winnings in CAD, too. 

However, other CAD online casino sites may do it even worse. Some Canadian dollar casinos accept deposits and withdrawals in local currencies, but all bets are only allowed in the default currency. This way, the player faces double currency conversion and loses money on fees. Luckily, this situation almost never happens to players who deposit in CAD; it is more applicable to local currencies of smaller countries.

Fees and Taxes When Gambling with CAD

Players from Canada are not expected to pay taxes on their winnings at online Canadian dollar online casino sites. Canadian gamblers already pay taxes from their bets and wins at land based Canadian dollar casinos, offline slots, lotteries, etc., and the government does not apply taxes to online casino wins. The only exception possible is professional table games players, like poker players, who make a living by playing CAD casino games, participating in tournaments, etc. All other casino customers may not pay taxes on what they win.

Depositing With CAD at Online Casino

Depositing with C$ is very easy. To make sure you do everything right, follow our simple step by step instruction: 

  1. make sure the online Canadian dollar online casino of your choice is reliable and reputable, and of course it allows depositing, betting, and withdrawing in online casino CA dollars
  2. sign up, provide the required information, and indicate online casino CA dollars as a preferred currency 
  3. choose your preferred payment method, and connect in to your Canadian dollar online casino account 
  4. double-check whether the same method works for withdrawal. If you will not be able to withdraw to this method, you will have to add another payment method specifically for withdrawals 
  5. also, please pay attention to the T&C - some Canadian dollar casinos only send payouts to the same payment channels that were previously used by the customers for depositing. If the payment method of your choice only works for depositing, you should find another method that works both for depositing and withdrawing 
  6. if your deposit method works also for withdrawals, or the casino that accept CAD allows to use of a second payment method for depositing - you’re good to go 
  7. find out what minimum deposit is accepted in the casino that accepts the Canadian dollar, or what minimum deposit qualifies for the bonus, if you want the bonus 
  8. go to the Banking/Payment/Deposit page in your CAD casino account, and click Deposit 
  9. choose the sum you want to send 
  10. confirm the transaction via SMS, code, phone call, or email 
  11. wait for the money to arrive on your casino that accepts CAD Balance!

Considering how hard it can be to choose the most convenient deposit methods for C$ deposits, some players may want to check out some of the banking options listed below. 

Banking options for both deposit and withdrawal include PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Neteller. Below, you will find options only for deposits. 

Debit and Credit Cards 

Almost every online casino CAD accepts deposits via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, and other plastic cards, but it is almost impossible (as a rule) to withdraw casino winnings back to those cards. The problem is that most banks - even in Canada, where online gambling is not prohibited - tolerate deposits to online casino CAD sites, but prefer to suspend withdrawals from merchants that look like online casino CAD sites. This is part of the anti money laundering system, and as a result, most players have to look for additional payment options to withdraw their winnings. 


The best thing about Trustly is that the players do not need to register an account with this payment processing system. Trustly allows payments directly from the bank account, but acts as an additional safety shield between the bank and the merchant. The only thing the player needs to do is to open an account in the bank that supports Trustly for online payments. The transactions by Trustly are within 1 business day, and the fees are pretty low. Sometimes, you will even be able to withdraw via Trustly. If you are interested in Trustly, check out the list of Trustly casinos


IDebit works pretty much like Trustly - it enables the players to send money from, and accept money to, their bank accounts, but iDebit adds a layer of security and anonymity to the transaction. The players do not need to register with iDebit, just choose the right bank. The fees are stably small at iDebit, the transactions can be tracked. In many cases, withdrawal via iDebit is also possible (that depends more on the bank), but the withdrawal can take up to 5 business days. To find out more about the perks of iDebit, check out some iDebit online casinos.

Withdrawing Winnings in CAD

Withdrawing in CAD is also very simple. All the player has to do is to make sure there is no active bonus associated with their account, that all the wagering requirements have been met, and that the account has already been verified by Customer Support. Then, they need to go to the Banking page in the account, press Request Withdrawal, indicate the sum, choose the withdrawal method, and confirm. Then, the Customer Support will take 1-3 days to verify the withdrawal request, and the player will receive their cash out to the channel of their choice. 


Instadebit is convenient because one can link multiple Instadebit accounts to multiple bank accounts for more options. The transactions are very fast with this method, while the fees are small and easy to calculate. The method is exclusive for Canada in many ways, though, so gamblers from other countries that want to gamble with C$ should keep that in mind. You can find a detailed overview by CasinosHunter for more information, and choose your perfect InstaDebit casino


Interac is another Canadian payment method that is completely casinos-friendly and allows both deposits and withdrawals (just in case you need both!). It accepts C$, completely follows legal Canadian policy on online gambling, and many banks work with this method. The payments are fast, secure, and easy. The only real drawback is that each bank applies its own fee, and the fees may differ in size, so this is just something to remember about. To learn more about the possibilities of Interac, check out CasinosHunter's overview on Interac online casinos.


MuchBetter is not very well-known as a general payment method, because it was created almost specifically for online casino payments. It is completely casino-friendly, applies small fees and properly protects the transactions, and allows transactions tracking. This is an ewallet and it can be funded via plastic cards and from bank accounts, and the method even gives reward points to active users. If you are intrigued, please check out the MuchBetter casinos review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deposit with CAD and withdraw in cryptocurrency?

No, if you want to deposit and bet in C$, but withdraw in crypto, this is impossible. However, you can deposit in C$, exchange your money to cryptocurrency, and then bet and cashout in crypto. Check out the list of cryptocurrency casinos here.

Can I exchange other currencies for CAD on the online casino platform?

Most cryptocurrency online casino CAD sites allow currency exchange right on the CAD online casino platform. However, in the case with fiat currencies, you are unlikely to be able to exchange the money right on the CAD online casino site.

Do I need to use VPN if I want to deposit and play in CAD?

If you want to make a deposit to a real money casino site, bet, and win real money at an online casino CAD, better never use VPN. In the best case scenario, your deposit will be returned to you, and winnings forfeited. In the worst case scenario, your account will be blocked. To learn more about using VPN for online gambling, check out this VPN casino guide.

Do bonuses differ for players that deposit in CAD?

As a rule, the size of bonuses in casino that accept Canadian dollar is the same for all players; if the value of the online casino bonus is indicated in currency other than CAD, the equivalent in CAD applies. However, you may find out that some bonuses are available exclusively to players depositing and betting in CAD.


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