Online Casino Real Money

Online casino real money are plenty, and it is possible to win big if you know how to gamble like a pro. In this Casinos Hunter review, we will reveal all the benefits and pitfalls of casino online real money, and teach you how to play safely yet successfully.

Real Money Online Casino Canada

Canada is one of the most gambling countries if taken globally, and for a good reason. Canadian punters have access to a wide variety of local and international web casinos - 99 percent of which are online casino real money Canada. Decent casinos allow the gambler to win impressively, so little surprise Canadians gamble so much.

How to find a decent real money casino, you ask? We’ve got your back covered. Check the list of the best paying online casinos for Canada below. If you want to learn if real money casinos online are safe, whether they really pay, and how to score - read our detailed review.

52 Best Online Casinos for Real Money in 2021

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How We Rate Real Money Online Casinos for Our Hunters

Before recommending you any real money casinos Canada to play, we research, explore, analyze, and test them thoroughly.

This is why Casinos Hunter is able to advise certain websites for gambling or warn you against other sites - our reviewers take time and effort to check what each platform is really about.

Before rating a site, this is what we look at - and things you don’t have time to look at:


We check out the owner and the company behind the parlour. if there are any sister sites, we check those as well and see how they perform, and whether they enjoy trust from customers. Next, we look for real user comments on the online real money casino, and see if there are many unresolved complains. We can also check if the Customer Support is helpful - and if it reacts at all.


We check the license, if any, and will comment if the info on license is not indicated on the parlour website, or if the license is the simplest and cheapest an online gambling operator can get - so, you are warned. Next, we see certifications and seals of trust by third parties - and find out if those are trustworthy.

Terms and Conditions

This is a long boring document that 90 percent of the readers tend to ignore, or just scan superficially because they are recommended to. Yet, Casinos Hunter hunts down all the rules applied - because these are the rules under which you will pay and get paid. T&C become far more interesting from this point of view huh? We read them, and decide whether the conditions are decent and fair.


First and foremost, Casinos Hunter analyzes whether the options are various and plenty. Secondly, we see if withdrawal options are as various as deposit ones, and are not limited to the slowest Bank Transfer option in the world. And thirdly, we check for hidden commissions, rip-off withdrawal limits, and currency conversion rules typed in fine print.

1. Reputation
2. Safety
3. Terms and Conditions
4. Payments

Important Criteria for Choosing Real Money Casino

Now you know how Casinos Hunter hunts down the prey for you. However, are those all criteria to pay attention to? Nope, there’s more! And while we take effort to analyze each and every site, parlours can change their conditions quickly. This means you have to be aware of other important aspects that can make or break your gambling experience.

Just entering a site and cast an eye on the offered bonuses quickly is not an option. Why? Because, if you are going to make real money at online casino, you will have to provide your personal data and payment information to this platform. Moreover, you have to be sure that the website actually offers opportunities for winning, in the form of adequate well paying games, reliable software, and non-glitchy platform. So, here are the things to pay attention to when choosing a real cash parlour:

Banking options

There are several things you need to know about banking options, so let’s dive in. Banking options do not only show methods you can use to send and receive money; they signalize whether this parlour is considered trustworthy by some serious partners - the payment processing companies. The more pay gates are connected to the parlour site, the more payment processing companies believe this site is adequate enough to collaborate with it. Next, banking options are by default more numerous for deposit than for withdrawal, and this is mostly caused by the nature of many payment systems that allow to pay, but not receive payments - like prepaid vouchers. However, when the number of deposit and withdrawal options differs drastically, it may mean the parlour leaves the fastest options for deposit, and the slowest ones - for withdrawal. Not cool. Next, pay attention to withdrawal limits - the higher the limit allowed, the better.

Bonuses & promotions

Promos can be a cool tool for increasing the chances to win real money online casino, or they can push you further and further from winning any money at all. This happens because gifts do not go alone - they are accompanied with the playthrough requirements and withdrawal limits. When you see any promo - whether it is a deposit gift or no-dep one - the parlour does not give you this money for free. Firstly, you can never withdraw the granted money itself - you can only withdraw what you score by playthrough the granted money. Next, you will not be able to withdraw the winnings until you meet the playthrough requirements for the promo - the amount of times the sum of the gift must be wagered before the winnings are unlocked for you. Usually, the playthrough requirements are x35 the amount of the gift, or more. If you get $10 as promo, multiply by 35 and you have to wager $350 in games, before you can request withdrawal. And the last but not the least, many promos have withdrawal limits attached to them - for example, you cannot withdraw more than $100 after playing through the bonus, even if you actually manage to score $150. So, pay attention to these small yet crucial details when you assess the promotion.

Software providers

Here, apply the same rule applied to payment processing companies: the more software providers are represented at the website, the better. The reason is the same - these companies are ready to collaborate with the parlor. Moreover, many software providers means you as a customer will get variety and quality in software. By the way, a good indication of a trustworthy and well-paying parlor is the presence of games by Microgaming - namely, the presence of Microgaming’s world famous progressive jackpots. As a rule, you won’t find these jackpots at low-quality sites.


Explore the games lobby thoroughly before you register and start gambling for real funds. First and foremost, check out if Demo mode is available - this mode allows unregistered users to test the games out without paying. This is a good way to find out the quality of software, see if the site runs smoothly on your device, and see if you actually even like the games. We are usually not very happy about websites that do not allow unregistered users to play for free - today, hiding games behind paywall is not an option, because the people have the right to see what they are buying. Even after registration, you will still be able to play the games for free, to learn the rules and to choose games you like best. Next, pay attention to variety and categories of games. Some parlours offer dozens of categories, only to display one or two products in each category - not cool.

Now you know how Casinos Hunter hunts down the prey for you. However, are those all criteria to pay attention to? Nope, there’s more! And while we take effort to analyze each and every site, parlours can change their conditions quickly. Which means, you have to be aware about other important aspects that can make or break your gambling experience.

Just entering a site and cast an eye on the offered bonuses quickly is not an option. Why? Because, if you are going to make real money at online casino, you will have to provide your personal data and payment information to this platform. Moreover, you have to be sure that the website actually offers opportunities for winning, in the form of adequate well paying games, reliable software, and non-glitchy platform.

The Main Advantages of Real Money Casinos

Is gambling for real money risky? It is, because you bet your own funds - smaller sum - in the expectation of winning a bigger sum from the parlour. On the other hand, advantages of playing for real funds totally outweigh the potential risks. So, what are those advantages?

  • you can actually score real cash online!
  • you do not need to go anywhere, dress and drive - online parlours are available from home, anytime. You can also gamble on the go from a mobile device
  • research shows that real money online parlours offer higher edge to their players than land based facilities, because land based parlours have to spend more money on facility and staff
  • if you prefer games of change, a really small sum can bring you a jackpot, and all you need to do is hit “spin” button
  • if you prefer games of skill, you can improve your skill and eventually start winning bigger than other players
  • real money play is not your boring video games play - it brings real thrills and adrenaline

Gambling for real money is not a way of earning an income - although famous poker players do so - but it is a good way to entertain and score some spare cash simply playing games. Make sure your gambling is responsible, and cash out money while having fun!

Best Real Money Online Casino Software

While the games, the bonuses, and the reliability of each separate best casino online for real money site are important elements that together form a higher opportunity of winning more real money for the customer, there is another important element many beginner players often overlook, and this is reliable software providers. Providers can also be suspicious, unreliable, or with spoiled reputation in the niche, and while such companies do not live long, they still appear from time to time, and newbies can accidentally find themselves playing real money games by a suspicious software developer who is not provably fair. This is why it is important to choose games by reliable providers, like the companies listed below.


Microgaming has been around for decades, one of the first software providers for online casinos ever, since the dawn of the Internet. This studio is the leader in slots and progressive jackpots, it runs Live Dealer facilities, and collaborates literally with hundreds of online betting platforms all over the world. Microgaming holds several licenses and is certified by eCOGRA, proving the games are random and fair. Moreover, games by Microgaming are very profitable and the company is proud of its payouts. 


The second after Microgaming, and the leader of the niche itself, NetEnt is an old company that makes slots, progressive jackpots, and Live Dealer games in high quality and impressive variety. NetEnt is licensed, secure, and totally protected software, with very high RTP rates for most games. When the gambler chooses NetEnt, they choose entertainment, profitability, and security. 


An old Austrian company founded back in 2008, BGaming makes software solutions for casino sites, meaning it has a positive reputation among businesses in the niche. BGaming also makes some own casino games, including HD quality video slots, mobile games, and cryptocurrency games. If you want reliability and an unusual approach, BGaming is the software provider for you. 


BetSoft is an award-winning software provider that works over a wide range of casino online for real money products, from software solutions for web casinos, to games including Video Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, and Scratch Cards. They make both desktop and mobile games, and BetSoft products are protected by two international licenses and one EU license (at the time of writing).

Play’n Go 

Another old company taking its roots in the dawn of online casino gambling, Play’N GO was founded in 1997 as a B2B company. Then in 2004 they started making their own games for web casinos, and quickly won the hearts and bets of passionate gamblers around the globe. While the company still struggles to find their unique style for slots, the quality of the games is very decent, and the RTP rate is truly impressive, reaching 97-98 percent for some games.

Five Useful Tips to Win Real Money in Online Casino

You already know how to choose a reliable and trusted casino online, and why real money casinos is worth your time. Obviously, considering software providers, numerous web casinos, bonuses, games, and strategies of the games is crucial to winning more cash. However, beginner players may feel overwhelmed, and find it all too difficult to master in one go. This is why CasinosHunter offers a short list of the most efficient tips that will help even a beginner player win real money shortly. 

Even if you only make your first steps in real money online casino Canada betting, it is time to learn how to increase the chances of your winning. Take advantage of these five top tips from our casino real money online experts:

Avoid bonus

Surprised? However, this is recommendation number 1, if you want to get to winning as quickly as possible. 

Casino bonuses are not scams. Operators do grant you cash, and you will score money by playing through this cash. Some operators even give you a no deposit bonus, and yes, it is real. Taking bonuses is fun, and you can score lots of money. 

However, bonuses have playthrough requirements attached to them (unless you find a no-wager bonus which is extremely rare). If you are lucky and money is left on your balance after you meet the playthrough requirements - congrats, but you will lose some time meeting the requirements. If you are not lucky this time, and to meet playthrough requirements you need to deposit more cash - you will lose time and also some money. 

As a result, if you want the best Canadian online casino bonuses - look for no-wager (extremely rare), no deposit (just rare), and low playthrough requirements attached. If you feel dissatisfied with the Bonus Terms and Conditions - believe us, it is better to go without it. You will be able to deposit, and immediately start playing and winning, without being burdened with additional rules. 

Explore game rules

Take your time and play a game in Demo mode. Test it out, read the rules and see how they work in practice, and check if you like the game and understand how it works. In case you prefer betting on sports, pay specific attention to rules, because they are plenty and rather complicated. 

Manage your betting sums and limits

Winning really big happens not that often, but winning much more than you lose is already success. To score more than lose, approach your bets carefully. If you want to simply waste money and play games without considering whether you score or lose - counting your bets is not an option. However, if you want to score - set limits for yourself. Decide what is your minimum and maximum bet within the bet limits set in the game. Decide how much money you can afford to spend daily, and set a limit. Decide after which unsuccessful bet in one day you understand this is unlucky day, and stop gambling. These simple decisions will make your gambling controlled, responsible, but most importantly - successful. 

Consider progressive jackpots

One of the simplest strategies to score more than lose at a top online casino real money is to play progressive jackpots by globally famous companies. At the time of writing, the best paying progressives are provided by Microgaming and NetEnt. Microgaming has recently set a new record paying a 7 numbers jackpot to another winner. So, choosing among games, opt for a progressive jackpot, and the best pick is one by Microgaming and NetEnt. 

Choose games of skill

In case you want more control over your gambling chances, or in case you get bored by playing games of chance, make games of skill your preference. Games of skill increase the chances of winning as your playing skills improve. If you take effort, you will become a pro gambler in no time, and will be able to score really nice money every time you join the table - be it an online or offline table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play real money casino?

In Canada, online casinos for real cash is totally legal. You can make bets at a site run by a local operator, or to bet at an offshore platform run from abroad. The only issue is that the state protects your customer rights when you play with local companies, but it cannot offer protection when you game bets at a foreign site. So, punting is legal, but it is important to choose a reliable platform.

How do I find casino online for real money?

The majority of parlours offer real cash play, and the majority of parlours will accept Canadian customers. If you suddenly find out you are not accepted as customer, probably the site just does not accept Canadians. So, finding an online casino Canada real money is simple - you can actually choose from dozens recommended by Casinos Hunter.

What is the best casino online real money?

There are plenty of sites that are reliable, reputable, and safe to trust them with your money. The best offers are listed at the beginning of this review, so you can opt for the most suitable variant.

Do online casinos for real money offer cash bonuses?

They do, but you have to be careful when assessing the bonus. Pay attention to minimum and maximum deposit, playthrough requirements, withdrawal limit, and whether the bonus is actually cashable. You may want to opt for a no deposit bonus, or proceed without claiming a bonus at all.

Is Double Down casino real money site or not?

Double Down is positioned as a social casino, which means you can deposit your money to purchase virtual currency of the site and use it for betting. Bets will bring you winnings in this virtual currency, and you can use it to progress in games. However, no real cash withdrawals are possible, as no real cash can be won.


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