EcoPayz Casinos

EcoPayz online casinos are not rare, and with time, more and more web gambling platforms add this payment method for their customers, because ecoPayz is a fast and safe channel. Real money gambling becomes safer and more secure if transactions are processed by ecoPayz.

Best EcoPayz Casinos Canada

Canada is one of the few countries that enjoy the privilege of depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos via ecoPayz. This company is one of the top ones in the niche of online payments, and Canadian punters are actually lucky to have access to it. Find more about the perks of casinos with ecoPayz.

Advantages & Disadvantages for Playing EcoPayz Online Casino

Eco-Payz was founded in UK, and with time, it started to offer its services to more than 40 countries, including New Zealand and Canada. 

Due to its trend for security and love for innovations, EcoPayz is safe and convenient not only for individual payers, but also for merchants. This is one of the reasons why more and more web casinos collaborate with this payment processing company. 

EcoPayz has several products for different operations, and it partners with Mastercard, so you can use not only a virtual card, but a physical prepaid plastic card, too. There are several methods to top the account, and various channels for payments. It is basically an e-wallet, but a very advanced one.


  • plastic Debit card can be issued
  • official mobile application is available
  • account registration is free of charge
  • several accounts and several cards can be used
  • instant transactions
  • anonymous transactions, no data is shown to the merchant
  • the system is online casino friendly


  • account upgrades and additional services have to be paid for
  • account upgrade requires additional paperwork
  • the more protected your account is, the more time it will take to cash the money out
  • despite all its perks, this method is not very popular with online merchants in general, due to paperwork

What You Need to Know Before Playing Online Casino With EcoPayz

EcoPayz is an e-wallet linked to your bank account, and this link adds an additional layer of safety. Even if your account is hacked, or somebody steals your login and password to the system, they will only be able to use the funds already on the eco-Payz card, and not on your bank account. But before you use this safe payment method, pay attention to the following aspects.

Creating EcoPayz Account Creating EcoPayz Account

You can register an account on ecoPayz official site; it will take you a minute or two, and you don't have to pay for it. When you register, choose the online casino you want carefully, as there are three main types of them. ecoAccount is your virtual account; you can top it, send money from it, and receive money onto it from different sources. 

EcoCard is a prepaid plastic card by Mastercard, and you can pay online and offline with it. You do not need to link your EcoCard with a bank card; you can have these two cards separately. EcoVirtualCard is your one-time payment card; you can pay with it online and it expires upon payment. There are also different account levels and additional services available, so explore what exactly you want. For online gambling, you obviously want an ecoAccount.

Deposits via EcoPayz Deposits via EcoPayz

You can deposit to an online casino with any eco Payz product you have. However, if you want to deposit with EcoCard, you need to choose Mastercard in the drop-down menu in your casino account. So, go to your casino account, open Balance page, and choose deposit. Choose eco Payz if you want to pay from your virtual account, or choose Mastercard to pay with debit card. Indicate the sum, confirm the transaction, and your money will appear in a minute.

Bonuses Bonuses

At the time of writing, we have not met any online casinos that would offer additional exclusive bonuses to players making payments with EcoPayz. Theoretically, this is possible, but in general, this payment method does not influence the player’s eligibility for promotions.

Withdrawals via EcoPayz Withdrawals via EcoPayz

Withdrawal is simple - go to your Balance page, click Withdraw, indicate the sum, and choose eco Payz as your preferred channel. If you withdraw funds to your virtual account, the money comes faster; if you withdraw to any of the cards, it will take more time. While the transaction itself is instant, the casino operator will take 24 to 72 hours to verify your request, so please keep that in mind when counting the waiting time. Also, make sure you have met all the withdrawal requirements, otherwise your request will be rejected.

EcoPayz Commissions EcoPayz Commissions

EcoPayz takes no special commissions for withdrawing from online parlours, but each transaction will have a small fee applied. Topping your account up will cost you up to 7%, topping up any of the cards will cost 1,6 - 2,9%, while withdrawing funds from your ecoPayz product to your bank account will cost from $6 to $10.

EcoPayz Mobile EcoPayz Mobile

EcoPayz as a company keeps up to the times, so their official mobile application will make you a happy user for sure. It is convenient and fast, perfect for payments and funds management. On the other hand, most online parlours that have ecoPayz among their banking options are also mobile-friendly. Therefore, you will be able to deposit, make bets, have fun, and withdraw your winnings directly on your mobile device.

Is It Safe to Play Online Casino with EcoPayz?

All incoming and outcoming data on the eco Payz platform is protected with SSL and TLS protocols. Moreover, eco Payz partners with Mastercard, which is a great marker for their safety and security. Therefore, you can rest assured that your money is safe on your eco Payz account. 

On the other hand, online parlours that have eco Payz can be safe and reliable, or they can be rigged and unreliable. This does not depend on the banking method, but rather on the operator running the casino site. So, make sure you check the online casino for reputation and reliability, before playing real money casinos there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a casino that accepts EcoPayz Canada?

If you want to find a casino online EcoPayz, the best option is to check online casino reviews, because such reviews usually offer lists of sites with this or that feature. Or, you need to explore every casino on your way.

Is it safe to play at online casino Canada real money EcoPayz?

If a casino EcoPayz Canada has online gambling license, preferably by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and features certifications and seals of trust by independent third parties, you can consider it to be safe enough.

Can Canadian online casino EcoPayz be illegal?

If an EcoPayz casino online has no license, the legal information about its operator is unclear or not provided at all, it is most likely illegal and should be avoided.

Can I play online casino real money EcoPayz for free?

Almost any casino with EcoPayz offers its games in Practice mode, where you don’t win real cash, but you also don’t risk your own cash. Practice mode is often available even for unregistered visitors of the gambling site.

Can I play Live Dealer Games at EcoPayz online casino Canada?

If a Canadian casino EcoPayz has some Live Dealer Games offered, most likely all depositing customers will be allowed to play those, regardless of the payment method they prefer.

How do I know online casino Canada EcoPayz is trustworthy?

Every EcoPayz casino Canada should be explored and checked. Read all the Terms and Conditions on the site to see if the rules are adequate. Read some reviews to see what experts say. You may also look for real customer feedback on forums or in social network groups.

Is it possible to win real money at online casino EcoPayz Canada?

Totally; most web parlours do allow you to win and cash out real money. Just make sure you are aware of all the rules, and play by the rules. If no Terms and Conditions are violated by the player, and the player is lucky enough to win some cash in the casino game, most parlours send the winnings to the player.

How do I choose the best EcoPayz casino?

That depends on what features are the most important for you. If you need a specific banking option, look on the Banking page. If you are passionate about particular games, check the lobby. If you are a bonus hunter, check the Promotions page. However, whatever are your preferences, always choose licensed and reputable parlours.

How fast can casino online EcoPayz pay out my winnings?

EcoPayz transactions are instant, but the casino operator will need from 24 to 72 hours (or more!) to check whether your gambling was honest, and to confirm your withdrawal request.

Can I use VPN if I want the casino accept EcoPayz?

Using VPN for real money gambling is generally useless, because the casino operator will quickly find out you use VPN, and will immediately block your account. Using VPN only makes sense if you want to play free games in Demo mode, without registering a real money account with the casino.