UKGC Casinos

Online casinos that hold an egaming license by the UK are considered to be among the safest web gambling platforms, since UK Gambling Commission is a strict regulator. Gamblers interested in regulated, safe, and fair casino sites will benefit from learning more about the UKGC in this CasinosHunter overview!

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission issues gambling licenses to casino sites and other platforms that suggest real money gambling and betting, and takes proper care of the legal, technical, financial, and other aspects to ensure safe and fair gambling. Find out more about the UKGC and the licensing process.

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What Is UK Gambling License

Online casinos must be licensed by a relevant regulator that would provide support of their reputation online by issuing a license after double-checking the operator and testing the casino site. Acquiring a license is not only about paying fees for it; the more strict and reliable the regular, the more testing it enforces upon the applicant, and may even reject the application if the casino site or operator does not meet the requirements. 

The UK Gambling Commission license is considered one of the most reliable ones in the online gambling niche, because this authority takes the utmost care of providing decent service. The UK gambling license is given out to betting, Bingo, casinos, software providers, lottery operators, and remote gambling (including bets made by phone). 

All gambling and betting sites that want to offer their entertainment and services to the UK residents must have the UKGC license.

UK Gambling Commission Licensing Process

The Gambling Commission UK issues licenses having several important licenses in mind: 

  • to allow gamblig industry develop without being associated with crime, and to prevent crime in this industry 
  • to ensure fair and transparent gambling 
  • to protect underage and vulnerable gamblers 

The licensing process begins with sending an application and paying the governmental fee for the application assessment. When assessing the application, the following aspects are considered by the UKGC: 

  • identity of the casino operator 
  • ownership of the platform, domain, technologies, etc. 
  • financial aspects and banking 
  • whether the platform is going to be trustworthy 
  • competence and qualification of the owner and team 

The UKGC does not only check the owner and the site. They also check the team, software to be used, Terms and Conditions to be followed by the platform, enforce Responsible gambling policies, etc.

How Does UK Gambling Commission Protect Gamblers

One of the objectives of the UKGC is of course to protect the interests of the UK residents who use services of the gambling and betting platforms. The goals and activities of protection include: 

  • prevent money laundering using gambling accounts 
  • monitor compliance by the betting platforms 
  • enforce compliance 
  • ensure marketing and advertising is safe and limited 
  • ban gambling with credit cards 
  • prevent underage gambling 
  • make sure Responsible Gambling protocols and tools are used 
  • improve the interaction between operators and customers 
  • reducing gambling harms on the national level 
  • introducing gambling dispute resolution alternatives 
  • protect people on social media from gambling ads and scams

UK Gambling Laws

Most types of gambling are completely legal in the UK, and businesses have the right to develop the industry and enjoy healthy competition. However, all gambling businesses and platforms have to hold the UKGC license, which in turn enforces some strict rules and limitations upon businesses and the industry in general. 

While the laws for the gambling industry are built around understanding that this quickly developing segment brings lots of taxes to the government, at the same time the government is aware of the harms for the gambling population. So, all casinos and betting platforms, and land based facilities are restricted in the way they advertise and run their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UKGC license reliable?

Yes, the license by the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most reliable and reputable in the niche, so casino sites holding it are among the most secure ones for real money gambling.

What UKGC licensed casinos are the best?

There are many casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and most of them are very decent considering that they have managed to acquire the license! However, the casino sites may still differ by offers and rules, and some of the offers may not be favourable for certain punters. The best way to choose the most advantageous casino site is to use filters on CasinosHunter's and check out reviews for the UK licensed casino sites.

How do I find UK licensed casinos?

Check out online casino listings by CasinosHunter (or similar reviewers) and choose the sites you like most of all.

Do UK licensed casinos pay real money?

Yes, all online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are real money casinos, and making sure these casinos do pay out the winnings to the customers is one of the aspects the UKGC monitors.

Can I deposit GBP to the UK licensed casinos?

Yes, all casino sites holding licenses by the UK Gambling Commission accept GBP; however, many also accept other currencies as well.

Does the UKGC handle customer complaints?

Unfortunately, customer complaints are not regulated by the UKGC.