Interview With Mike Bauerlein From Triple Edge Studios

Interview With Mike Bauerlein From Triple Edge Studios
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If you are interested only in the most recent online casino gaming technologies, and want to check out only the top games, it seems games by Triple Edge Studios are exactly what you want. Triple Edge is an online casino software provider creating games exclusively for Microgaming, and this means quality! Learn more about Triple Edge games in this Q&A.

About Triple Edge Studios

Triple Edge Studios

Triple Edge Studios is an online casino games developer founded in 2018. Very quickly, the company became an exclusive provider of software products to Microgaming, thus winning access to many markets all over the world, access to many exclusive features, and impressive assistance from an experienced partner. 

The team behind Triple Edge actually makes great high quality casino online slots, because it constantly explores new themes, designs, features, mechanics, and creative options. Online slots by Triple Edge definitely show some unique approaches not seen in products by other companies. One of the reasons why that happens is because Triple Edge follows the principles of equally empowering each employee accountable for the total quality of each newly released game. This way, the company guarantees innovation and creative approach on every stage of game development, from idea to release. 

Today, Triple Edge supplies exclusive games to Microgaming mainly for use in non-US markets. Earlier in 2021, a lucky winner playing Absolootly Mad™: Mega Moolah! slot by Triple Edge won a record of €19.4 million. Triple Edge is proud of having delivered a game that literally changes lives! If you would like to learn more about this studio, please check out our new Q&A with Mike Bauerlein, Triple Edge Studios.

Q/A Session With Mike Bauerlein, Market Readiness & Logistics Lead

Hello Mike! Thank you for finding time to answer our questions. Many gamblers know the Triple Edge Studios, but few know the people behind online casino game development. Could you please tell our readers a bit more about yourself and your job at Triple Edge Studios?

Mike Bauerlein, Market Readiness & Logistics Lead

Hi, it’s great to take this time to share the ‘inside scoop’ with you and your readers. I took a meandering and winding road in my career to arrive in the iGaming space.

Originally I was interested in entering the AAA video game industry, going to school for digital art and interactive entertainment.

After a few years managing the creative department in an online courseware studio, I started working for my first casino gaming company, Triple Edge Studios. Starting in 2015, I’ve moved from Flash programming into a producer-type role that we have coined ‘Market Readiness and Logistics’. I mainly focus on effective communication across the internal and external teams, enabling me to ensure our games continue to raise the bar in quality and performance.

Triple Edge Studios games, as a rule, become hits among gamblers, like for example the Book of Oz series of games, but I would like to talk about it later… Can you tell us what is your secret to success, and what differentiates you from other software developers? 

The main difference between most software companies comes down to the internal culture and philosophy upheld by management and team. Game studios all usually have the same breakdown of team roles, influx of creative ideas and mechanics, and access to market data.

Triple Edge Studios subscribes to an additional layer of principles to equally empower and hold each individual accountable for the total quality of the game.

From the initial concepts through production to the game’s live release there are thousands of decision points that are brought forward by everyone on the team. This mindset always results in a more balanced and higher quality experience than a team that is segmented into ‘decision makers’ and ‘builders’.

How would you evaluate development of the gambling niche during the last few years? What trends are interesting for your company? 

The past few years have been especially interesting given recent changes at the industry and worldwide level.. The growing interest in shortcutting play in the base game to quickly jump into the bonus features has inspired game design to include purchase feature options that allow players to pay a premium in the hopes of snagging huge win potential. Separately, there has been a steady upward trend in responsible gaming and market regulation, ensuring the protection of players and the future of our industry

How would you describe your partnership with Microgaming? Does the Microgaming team take direct part in development of your games? 

Our relationship with Microgaming has been greatly beneficial for both parties. We work with them closely as content providers to deliver high-quality product across the hundreds of leading online casino operators. They’ve done a great job centralising the process for studios to integrate into their systems.

Triple Edge Studios was actually the first independent exclusive studio to be unveiled by Microgaming back in 2018, and our partnership has continued to evolve and add huge value on both sides.

As for today, one of your latest slots is the Ancient Fortunes™: Poseidon Megaways™. Can you please tell our readers more about the game, and how it was created?

Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon Megaways Online Slot

We are always monitoring our games performance and looking for ways to innovate and meet the demands of our fans.

Our 2019 release - Ancient Fortunes™: Zeus - really resonated with players, so we decided to create a sequel to the brand and knew it had to be magnificent in terms of mechanic and theme. As anyone following games these past few years knows, Megaways™ games have taken the industry by storm, so it was the logical choice for us to extend to the cascading mechanic already familiar to and popular with players. Working with Microgaming, we were also able to integrate with the relatively new WowPot progressive jackpot in Ancient Fortunes™: Poseidon WowPot Megaways™ , offering players both in-game and community jackpots to choose from. The strategy behind capitalizing on proven success has really worked well for us.

Talking about the game development process at Triple Edge Studios - could you please reveal what is the creative process behind new ideas and the new casino games made by Triple Edge Studios? 

There are many separate factors that act as inputs to what we ultimately distil down to a game concept. Inspiration can come in the form of visual themes, gameplay features, or even seasonal releases to coincide with globally recognised holidays. Sometimes we will prioritise game concepts to take advantage of opportunities to work with special licenses like the Lara Croft® or Megaways™ brands. The process usually starts as a mix between these considerations with one or the other placed at a slightly higher priority, and the rest is carefully designed to come together as a game pitch that is shared with the production team.

Book of Oz is one of the most famous games by Triple Edge Studios. You have also released several spinoffs for the game, for example, the recently released Sisters of Oz. Are there plans on making even more spinoffs, or maybe we should expect the second part of the Book of Oz?

Book of OZ Online Slots

In the past few months, we’ve released our latest iteration on the Book of Oz series with Legacy of Oz, now giving players the even bigger win potential of retriggering unlocked expanding symbols. This game is a natural follow-on to the original Book of Oz. Legacy of Oz awards players with the additional special symbols with only two Books! Players may notice a bit more volatility in base game, but by using the Hyperspins™ as they pursue the famous green wizard’s books, the free spins feature is a much more exciting experience.

There are also branded products in your portfolio, like Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs®, and Playboy Gold. Are there any specific difficulties connected to development of branded slots? Do you feel pressure from fans who can criticize your games in connection to the used brand?

Triple Edge Studios - Branded Online Slots

As huge fans of these brands ourselves, we love to collaborate with the licensees throughout game development to guarantee we are upholding their brand guidelines and producing a game that showcases those brand features. The pressure we face to commit to these licensed games is no greater than our other internal brands.

Now, the most favourite question from our readers: what were the biggest wins in games by Triple Edge Studios, and what were these games? 

Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah Online Slot

When it comes to big wins, nothing else can compare to the progressive jackpots Microgaming provides, especially the Mega Moolah and WowPot jackpots.

We have created several games that offer players the option to contribute to the pot for a chance to win massive amounts, and we were ecstatic when we heard the news that a lucky winner hit a record €19.4 million in April this year playing Absolootly Mad™: Mega Moolah! Apart from that, there are lucky players winning hundreds of thousands, if not millions, throughout the year playing these jackpots.

Thank you for your answers. In the end, can you reveal what titles can we expect from Triple Edge Studios in the near future? Can you share some of the info on those titles, their features, etc? 

It’s been a pleasure! Our studio has a very healthy roadmap ahead of us for the next year, expect to see further iterations on our best performing games, and possible collaborations with more licensed content!


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