Interview With Toni Karapetrov From Habanero

Interview With Toni Karapetrov From Habanero
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Habanero is one of the online casino software providers leading the way in terms of innovative, bright, and impressive gambling. While the studio has been around for quite a while, it is now when it started gaining immense popularity. So, check out games by Habanero, not to be left behind! And learn more about Habanero in this Q&A session with Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero.

About Habanero


Habanero has been around for some healthy 10 years (even more), and it started its way as a B2B company offering software solutions to other businesses. With time, the company switched to making software for online casinos, and, as the niche developed, the studio decided to join the trend and start making their own casino games, too. And they succeeded massively! 

Habanero makes games compatible with both desktop and mobile casinos and pursues new trends in technology and mechanics to avoid outdated approaches. Currently, the library of games by this provider is very impressive - 125+ slots, 13 table games, 10 video poker games. The library grows constantly, because the studio adds at least one brand new title every month. 

One of the best things about Habanero is its solid approach to covering new markets and reaching out to players from new locations. The company’s games are already certified for 16 markets, and recently - according to the Q&A! - Habanero has received Critical Gaming Supply license from the Malta Gaming Authority. This new license opens new opportunities and partnerships across Europe, meaning even more gaming experiences created by Habanero. 

CasinosHunter views Habanero as one of the most promising online casino software providers, with its own unique approach and style. This is why online casino gamblers should be aware of the gaming opportunities by Habanero, and should learn more about this company. This is why we have organized a Q&A session with Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero.

Q/A Session With Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications

Hello Toni! Thank you for finding time to talk about Habanero for our Q&A session, and answer some questions. For starters, could you please tell us more about yourself, your experience in the niche, and your role in Habanero?

Let’s start from the top. My name is Toni Karapetrov, and I’m Head of Corporate Communications at Habanero.

We’re a tight-knit team here - we all contribute to our shared success and feel valued, which helps us to do our best work and take the company forward.

While we take our jobs very seriously, I’d say that Habanero is characterised by the network of close friendships that are spread throughout the company.

Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications

On a typical day, we’ll devote several hours to the creative process with the sole aim of making our products stand out from the competition. Rigorous market analysis is a key aspect of our development process because we believe that it’s vital to measure the specifics of what exactly players want and adjust our offering accordingly. 

In practice, that often means adapting our products to the market where they will be launched – which is why we offer flexible RTPs for our partners to deliver based on the preferences of their local players.

Habanero is one of the most well-known online casino games developers. In your opinion, what are its main advantages if compared to competitors? What helped Habanero to achieve this level of success?

For starters, we’re absolutely obsessed with offering the best player experience.

Our games combine vibrant themes and immersive sounds to create an unparalleled user experience. Those thematic effects employed in our products are often localized to celebrate holidays and special festivals in some of our favourite regions across the globe – and they’ve proven popular time and time again.

Our Mexican-inspired hits, such as Calaveras Explosivas, have performed incredibly well in the Latin American markets, but like most Habanero titles, the game has enjoyed widespread appeal from players all around the world, including Europe.

Caleveras Explosivas Online Slot

We’re also incredibly proud of our in-house platform, which has zero maintenance downtime and a fully modular setup. This means it is not only super scalable, but also ensures we can adapt instantly to changes or requirements that might come from different stakeholders due to marketing or regulatory requirements for compliance. With a brand-new title being rolled out monthly and a workforce that is dedicated to delivering the very best user experience, our clients are in very capable hands. 

Currently, games by Habanero are certified for 16 markets, most of which are countries of Europe, and one is Latin American. Do you have plans on getting access to more markets in Latin America? 

We’ve been bolstering our commercial presence across the globe throughout the year, with the acquisition of a Critical Gaming Supply licence from the Malta Gaming Authority opening the door to a series of operator partnerships across Europe.

That said, Latin America is a region filled with promise, and our unique content specifically catered to the region has resonated well with its players, so there is a big incentive to grow out our presence there.

Habanero’s library of games is pretty impressive - 125 slots, 13 table games, 10 video poker games, and a lot of the titles are very popular. Which games would you call the most successful in the whole history of the company? 

As we have seen with many of our titles purposed for a specific region, tailoring a game to a particular market does not doom it to failure in others. Our titles are quality products that have the potential to resonate with players across the globe, thanks to the advanced technology utilized in them.

Habanero Popular Online Slots

Some of our most popular classic slot titles include Koi Gate, Hot Hot Fruit, Naughty Santa and Wild Trucks, which continue to engage our audiences despite their age. Some of the more recent popular titles are Orbs of Atlantis and Wealth Inn, as well as the charming Candy Tower and horse-racing inspired title Marvelous Furlongs.

Habanero Popular New Online Slots

The majority of games by Habanero are made using HTML5 and therefore, they are fully compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. So, Habanero is aware that mobile compatibility is one of the key criteria to meet modern technological standards today. What other things do you focus on, to meet the latest criteria in the industry? 

Gamification is absolutely essential as it’s a key method of engaging players in today’s environment. Applying this strategy across the Habanero framework means that we’re able to provide the essential elements our operator partners need to get the job done and truly entertain their players. 

However, this always comes down to the core strengths of the product you have to offer. If the underlying foundations are weak, then you cannot rely solely on gamification to make things work. Get the core themes right, of course, and you’re guaranteed a strong product that will yield positive results. 

Could you please tell our readers a bit more about three of your latest slots - Mystic Fortune Deluxe, Calaveras Explosivas, and Marvelous Furlongs?

In 2021, we can now easily integrate advanced solutions into slots that seemed way beyond our capabilities just a few years ago.

We survey our players to hear their thoughts on the themes used in our products and focus on emerging trends around the world for inspiration.

Now that the technology is more advanced than ever, the possibilities are truly endless. We can load more objects into the gameplay, animate them, and implement mechanics that are more advanced than ever before.

Mystic Fortune Deluxe - Habanero

Mystic Fortune Deluxe is a modern remake of our classic Mystic Fortune and serves as our first Asian-inspired theme of the year. The slot title features big wins, free spins, and is played out on a 5x4 reel that holds endless fortunes and multiplayer combinations, with a serene backdrop of lanterns scattered across a charming evening sky.

Marvelous Furlongs - Habanero

We also decided to design a game inspired by the annual equestrian calendar in Marvelous Furlongs, which showcases a host of captivating features, including horse-inspired Wild and Scatter symbols and a Free Game feature that can provide wins of over 50,000x the player’s bet.

Caleveras Explosivas Slot Gameplay

The previously mentioned Calaveras Explosivas is very simple to play and has been extremely popular in Latin America, taking players on a journey to the town square for a vibrant adventure inspired by the popular Mexican national holiday, Dia de Muertos.

And eventually, can I ask you to tell us a bit more about one or two new games by Habanero that we can expect in the nearest future? 

Our next title is set to take players on journey through cotton candy clouds and playful surroundings in a jovial adventure set in the skies. Taking place on a 5x5, fully animated grid, upcoming release Fly! will require players to pop brightly coloured balloons in order to unlock huge multipliers and trigger the game’s unique bonus features.

Fly - Habanero

The playful new release will inspire players with a sense of childish nostalgia as symbols of their childhood appear throughout the base game, serving as a refreshing change in direction to Habanero’s previously used themes.

Our biggest challenge when developing Fly! was finding out the best way to balance the game’s eye-catching graphics and animations with the complex mathematical modeling, but we eventually found an effective middle ground.


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