Interview With Mike Prystash From Inkration Studio

Interview With Mike Prystash From Inkration
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While betting and winning in casino games is obviously one of the key attractions for all gamblers, and the mechanics of the games can hint what are the odds of winning, no game is complete without beautiful, attractive, and visually satisfying design and arts! Inkration Studio stands behind many beautiful games, and this Q&A by CasinosHunter gives an insight into how this beauty is created.

About Inkration

Inkration Team

Inkration Studio is an illustration and design studio founded in Lviv, Ukraine, and now having two offices, one in Lviv and the other one in Kyiv. The main specializations of this studio are visual content for mobile games and online casino games, ads and books illustration, web design, and game design. 

The studio was founded back in 2013, so it has been in the niche for quite a long period of time. The two founders, Mike Prystash & Andy Lurs, soon started hiring a team, and at the time of writing, the studio counts over 30 employees. (In fact, the official website also counts 2 hamsters). While some may think that the studio is comparatively small, in fact, it is backed by some serious talent and skills, and it shows. For almost 8 years of existence, it can boast collaborations with such companies as 1x2gaming, Iron Dog Studio, Eurobet, Push Gaming, and many others. 

Another aspect that shows how talented the team behind the studio is, is the numbers of subscribers on different platforms. The stunning arts and innovative approach to art creation attract thousands of people, both employed in the niche, or gamers, that want to be kept updated about the new projects by Inkration. 

According to the studios’ website, the company has successfully accomplished over 220 projects. The range of services and of course the range of skills seems to be constantly growing, and there are concept art, landscape art, game logos, 3D arts, on the list. Inkration Studio is probably one of those companies that have a potential of becoming long term industry leaders, so learning more about Inkration from our Q&A is especially interesting.

Q/A Session With Mike Prystash, Founder of Inkration Studio

Hello Mike! Thank you for finding time to discuss design, arts development, and characters development for online slots. For starters, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself, and your role in Inkration?

Hello, thanks for inviting me. I'm Mike Prystash, founder of Inkration Studio. I'm responsible for the overall vision about our products. I help build a learning environment within the art team, and I am also a mentor and coach for the artists.

Mike Prystash, Founder of Inkration Studio

How was the idea of creating Inkration born? Can you please tell our readers a short story of the company's creation? 

I would say creating and working with visual content has always been my passion.

I remember I was always drawing, from quite an early age. I always enjoyed creating something from scratch. That's why in 2013, a friend of mine and I started our own studio.

In the beginning, we worked from his apartment, where I worked on the visual parts and my friend focused on UI/UX design. After some time, we opened our first office and started hiring employees. As a result, in a few months, we will celebrate our 8th anniversary.

Inkration has an impressive portfolio on Behance and almost 50 000 subscribers. In your opinion, what allowed you to achieve such popularity? What are the company’s key advantages when compared to your competitors?

Inkration Studio ArtInkration Studio DesignInkration Studio Illustration

Thank you for your kind words. From the very beginning, we decided to create only high quality content. We gave all our attention to beautiful and creative supplies that distinguished us from the others. Therefore, we bought professional equipment for the photoshoots, and created a corner where we brought our products to life. 

For one of our first projects, the process started from scratch, which means the characters were drawn by hand, then finished with rendering.

What are Inkration’s main directions of collaboration with online casino games developers? Do you work on all graphic elements and design of online slots, or only on some specific elements? 

The studio takes on many different types of work, but almost 70% of our service is in the casino games development niche.

We work on different kinds of design and graphic elements. It happens quite rarely that we only have to make certain specific elements. Our customers appreciate our creativity, so usually, they ask us to create all the visual parts.

There are many impressive projects in your portfolio, and collaborations with some famous developers in the online gambling niche. Can you name some significant collaborations for you, and name the slots you worked on with the developers?

Inkration Studio Slot Game Background IllustrationInkration Studio Slot Game SketchInkration Studio Slot Game Design

Every company has different customers, but not a lot of them can boast about having a customer who likes you and who orders more and more content from you. In our case, we had a collaboration with 1x2gaming. Working with 1x2gaming was challenging but at the same time so fun and interesting, and we are so glad to be a small part of their team. We now have three years of productive and successful cooperation. One of my favorite slots was "Faerie Nights." It's a game featuring themes taken from mythology and folklore, with detailed and colorful backgrounds and subjects.

Besides 1x2gaming, we have been lucky to work with such companies as Iron Dog Studio, Eurobet, Push Gaming, and many others.

Besides online casino slots, Inkration also creates designs and characters for regular games. Can you tell us a bit more about some of the most important projects you worked on? 

Usually, we cannot reveal such information, but for your blog, we will unravel the mystery slightly.  We were involved in developing a mobile game based on the ‘Panda Kung Fu’ cartoon by DreamWorks, and there was a time when we also designed 150 game elements for the cult game “Dengen Gunters” by “Gameloft”.

Please tell us more about the main stages of developing an online slot design. How much time does it take to go through the whole process, from the idea to the final result of the design? 

Every slot goes through a vigorous development process. It all begins with concept creation, then we do screen testing. After that, we discuss how different aspects will work with the specific game mechanics. Then there is concept detailing , discussion of the color hierarchy. It is all maintained while we polish everything into the final result. The biggest part of our attention is always paid to the art itself, because for us it is important to make each slot as unique as possible. 

It is always hard to estimate how long the whole process will take for each project, as everything depends on details and the scope of work. But in general, it typically takes from 2 weeks to a month.

What are the main criteria for a modern online casino slot game design? Are there any specific trends, or requirements you cannot ignore? 

Our main criteria are eye-catching art, beautiful animation, creative and interactive bonus games.

We are always in the process of studying the market to understand customer needs and whatever is currently trending in fantasy slot games. 

Do you optimize your designs for mobile use, or is it the task of the software developing company? 

Usually, our customers already have developers, so they only need us to focus on the visual arts. If the client needs a mobile version, we have freelancers to do that for them. 

Thank you for your time, Mike! Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers? 

Just thank you for allowing me to tell you a little about myself and my studio.


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