Interview With Terence Igesund, Executive Producer at Stormcraft Studios

Interview With Terence Igesund, Executive Producer at Stormcraft Studios
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CasinosHunter was lucky enough to organize a Q&A with Terence Igesund, Executive Producer at Stormcraft Studios. Stormcraft Studios is a comparatively small online casino software developer, but it is also one of the best ones, because its Executive Producer and the rest of the team are backed by enormous experience in the niche. Learn more about Stormcraft Studios and online casino gambling in this Q&A!

About Stormcraft Studios

About Stormcraft Studios

Stormcraft as such was founded in 2016 in South Africa, but the team behind the beautiful name is all veterans of the online casino industry. Already in 2018, Microgaming announced their exclusive collaboration with Stormcraft, which is a sign of exceptional quality and innovative approach. Stormcraft actually became one of the very first studios that started providing exclusively for Microgaming. 

Games by Stormcraft are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and by the Malta Gaming Authority, as other Microgaming providers’ games. However, the real power of Stormcraft is not its licenses, but its team. 

Executive Producer at Stormcraft, Terence Igesund, was one of the people who worked on creation of the very first online casino slot game, back in 1996. He and his colleagues back then spent lots of time researching land based casino games and players’ preferences, so he knew what to look for in the experience of creating online casino games. Later, Terence worked as part of the teams creating such well-known titles like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider™, Jurassic Park, and Game of Thrones™, Thunderstruck, Immortal Romance, and Mega Moolah.

The team behind Stormcraft does not only do lots of stuff in-house, but also outsources when needed. That way, they can focus on more important things, bigger projects, or contribute more creativity and more complicated mechanics when needed. The team has “over 350 years of collective experience” in the gambling niche, and the end goal? Blockbuster game content. 

Find out more about Stormcraft and its jaw dropping casino games in this Q&A with CasinosHunter!

Q/A Session With Terence Igesund, Executive Producer at Stormcraft Studios

Hello Terence! We are happy you have managed to find time to talk to us, and to discuss Stormcraft Studios’ products. You have been working in the industry for quite a long time, since the 90s, and this is impressive. Could you please tell our readers a bit more about your experience? 

It certainly has been a busy year, and I appreciate the opportunity to engage with your readers and answer your questions. So yes, I was fortunate to be in the room at the birth of the online gaming industry in the early 90’s. Looking back it seems like just the other day!

Terence Igesund, Executive Producer at Stormcraft Studios

The past 25 years have been an incredible journey, with so many highlights. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with so many talented people and the privilege to work with some amazing licensed brands to create games like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider™, Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones™. What I am most proud of however, are the slot brands that I created and produced, and which have evolved into commercially successful fan favourites, like Thunderstruck, Immortal Romance and Mega Moolah.

I read somewhere that you were the person to develop the very first online slot game… Is this true? How did you get the idea of the online slot? This is extremely interesting!

Yes, I was one of four guys that designed, developed, and launched the first online slots into the marketplace. As the creative on the team, I was responsible for researching and originating the game brand, mechanics, graphics, animations and sounds for the game.

We spent a lot of time in the land-based casinos playing slots and watching what games people preferred to play.

Stormcraft is a fan-favourite of Microgaming’s suppliers despite its comparatively young age as a company. How would you evaluate the rate of development and progress during all this time?

Before the creation of Stormcraft as a studio, my team was delivering a vast number of casino games to Microgaming every year, from slots to table games. Our design and development pipeline became highly streamlined and focused on delivery and output. In order to keep up with the demand, we began outsourcing, which gave us the space to focus on bigger, high-profile projects that required more time and consideration. This ultimately resulted in the creation of Stormcraft as a purpose-built studio, focused on producing blockbuster game content.

What are Stormcraft Studios’ core values and how do they add to your content offering? 

Quality, craftsmanship and entertainment are at the core of everything we do.

By consistently delivering on these values, we believe our brand recall, equity and commercial success will continue to grow from strength to strength in the online marketplace.

How does Stormcraft Studios differentiate itself from competitors?

I remember when there were only three companies creating online casino games. Now there are hundreds of studios all competing for attention … so differentiating yourself in this crowded marketplace is a serious challenge.

With over 350 years of collective experience in the studio, the Stormcraft team have learned how to embrace and adapt to changes in the industry.

We know how to stay on our feet and evolve quickly when required to. Besides the years of industry experience, what differentiates Stormcraft from the competition is the care and attention we give to the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We build narratives around charming characters and entertain players with engaging features and mechanics, supported by captivating music compositions.

At Stormcraft, we don’t just make slot games, we design memorable gaming experiences. 

Are you in contact with other studios that supply exclusively to Microgaming? Do you give feedback to each other or share experiences?

Yes, we are in contact with some of the other studios that supply Microgaming. We do have visibility of what games other suppliers have committed to the roadmap which is beneficial so as to ensure that, for example, there are not five mermaid-themed games being designed at the same time. Over the years, I have made many good friends in the industry, and I’m always willing to give feedback and advice when asked. We see our fellow suppliers more as sibling rivals than competitors and want them to produce commercially successful content for Microgaming, to help grow the platform.

The company has a huge portfolio and your games boast high quality graphics and interesting features. Could you please tell us more about the development, and creative processes, etc.?

Stormcraft Developing Process

The amount of time we spend on a game depends very much on the business goal we’ve set at the beginning of a project. Sometimes we are looking to test a new mechanic in the marketplace, so therefore will spend less time on the project. Other times, our aim is deliver a blockbuster game experience like Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning, which can take up to three times as many hours to produce.

The idea for a game is derived from either a creative concept or a mathematical mechanic, but ultimately will evolve into a marriage of both disciplines with strong synergy.

We have a large vault of ideas that we are always topping up with market research, so sifting through them all to decide what is worth putting on the table for consideration can take time and lots of healthy debate.

Once we have the concept and mechanic bedded down, the creative teams run with the project for several weeks before we start development. Quality assurance and testing is not something we do at the end, but rather at every step of the way through the production process. This ensures we can release the game for publishing quickly and seamlessly.

For a high-profile game release like Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning, we utilised all the expertise across multiple disciplines within the studio including Concept Art, Mathematics, Analytics, Copywriting, 3D Modelling & Animation, Digital Illustration, Music & Sound Composition, UI Design, 2D Animation, Video Editing, Marketing & Social Media, Technical Writing, Project Management, Development, Quality Assurance, Client and Service Testing – just to name a few!

I’d like to talk about Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning. I saw the presentation of this game when you talked about the new features, and I liked this slot a lot. And the soundtrack, too, I would even listen to it while driving! Could you please tell our readers a bit more about that game, and why it is not the third part of the Thunderstruck series, but a separately-standing product?

Thunderstruck® Wild Lightning

Having designed and produced both Thunderstruck games back in 2003 and 2010, the decision to create a follow-up game was very daunting considering how iconic these two games had become. The industry had changed so much in the past ten years that we decided it would be best to reboot the Thunderstruck brand completely instead of just creating a third version. We started by giving our god of thunder a complete makeover in 3D while working on a back story and narrative that could ultimately span a multi-game release strategy over the next few years.

Can we expect any other new titles by Stormcraft in 2022? Can you share any insider information? 

Sure, we will be sending Agent Jane Blonde out on another exciting mission before the end of the month. After that, we have something really special in the pipeline in with Jurassic Park: Gold.

Stormcraft Upcoming Games

The team are also currently working on the next game in the Thunderstruck saga which will be launching later this year, so keep an eye on our social media platforms for sneak peek reveals. I promise it will be an epic gaming experience with another rocking soundtrack of original songs.

We’re also getting ready to head to ICE this spring, to showcase even more of our upcoming games, so make sure to stop by and say hello!

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