Interview With Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios

Interview With Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios
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Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios, has participated in the Q&A by CasinosHunter, to share about the Switch Studios table games, games development, approach, plans, and more. CasinosHunter is happy to share this Q&A with all online casino gamblers, so that they could be aware of the high quality table games by Switch, available out there! Learn more about Switch in this Q&A!

About Switch Studios

About Switch Studios

Switch Studios was founded back in 2017 in England. The company has taken a powerful start from the very beginning, introducing innovative approach to developing online casino games, and also focusing right away on table games, which is a comparatively rare situation in the igaming niche. Most companies only focus on slots, for many reasons. Switch Studios, however, has stepped out of the crowd, and this is probably the reason why, already in 2018, Microgaming has announced their collaboration with Switch at the SiGMA conference. 

Attracted by its powerful and innovative approach, and by the unusual focus on high quality table games, Microgaming offered Switch to become one of their exclusive providers, in a move to refresh Microgaming’s table games segment. One of the strong advantages of the approach Switch had immediately taken back then was not only the state of art technological approach to mechanics and math behind the games, but also a highly demanding manner in terms of the visual component of the table games. Switch has brought a higher level quality to the visual component and the aesthetic of the table games, thus making them as realistic as possible. 

Already by 2022, when this Q&A is published, Switch continues with many new titles presented and released to the markets, including new Roulette, Wheel, and Blackjack, among others, and has many exciting plans ahead. Learn more about Switch Studios, its games and plans, and more, in this informative Q&A with Tom David, Head of Studio, by CasinosHunter.

Q/A Session With Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios

Hello Tom! We are happy to be able to communicate with you in this Q&A session. Could you please tell us more about yourself, your experience, and your job in Switch Studios?

Hi guys, thanks for speaking with me. I’ve been working in the online gambling industry since 2001 having started out in Person-to-Person Betting, before moving onto sportsbook, soft games, slots, poker, casino and bingo games.

Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios

I am currently Head of Studio for Switch Studios, so basically anything that needs doing or requires my assistance – I am there to help. No job is too big or small!

Switch Studios is the first company in our Q&A section which is focused completely on table games development. I will not deny that I expect an interesting Q&A. To begin with, can you please tell us more about Switch Studios, and why the company has chosen this very direction (table games) in the online gambling niche? 

Switch Studios chose table games because we are passionate about them! We’ve got a long and varied history in the table game sector providing flash-based content to the market under previous guises. The opportunity to revisit the creation of table games content was too good an opportunity to pass up!

Switch Studios was founded in 2017, and already in 2018, it began supplying table games exclusively to Microgaming. What does this collaboration mean for you, and what new opportunities has it opened for Switch Studios? 

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have become an exclusive supplier of content to Microgaming – one of the initial innovators in online gambling.

With us being a relatively small team, having Microgaming to provide their insights and support when getting our games to market has been invaluable for the studio.

To be honest, I always ask software providers that only make slots why don’t they develop table games as well. As a rule, most providers answer that they are more skillful in slots than table games. So, I’d like to ask you why many online casino software providers avoid table games? Is developing table games more complicated, more expensive, or requires specific skills? What is your opinion? 

Developing table games is definitely a different kettle of fish to developing slots. 

Graphically, it’s very different to slots creation and there have been some truly amazing slot designs released recently – hats off to all the slot studios out there!

Where table games differ is that the game design and maths going on behind the scenes can get a bit complicated. In blackjack for example, there’s potentially billions of different permutations you have to cater for when modelling the math. Therefore, having a strong game designer / mathematician behind you is crucial in ensuring you get it right.

Could you please tell our readers about the games’ development process, for example, when working on a roulette or a blackjack game? What is the path from idea to the result? As far as I understand, it is very hard to make any unique gameplay or features, and only design can be changed to a certain degree. What do you do to keep your players amused? 

It’s a unique challenge for sure, but one we relish. It’s fun and a great feeling to be trying to innovate on a game idea that’s been around longer than anyone alive.

We follow a fairly standard process in terms of game development, with a lot of the requirements gathering, research and design happening before a line of code is even written.

The great thing about table games is because of the enormous number of different combinations of numbers, results, etc. that a game can produce, it gives us infinite possibilities when it comes to creating that next big idea.

Those ideas can be very subtle, but ones that, if implemented correctly, can boost the gameplay experience and give players that additional rush of adrenaline when playing a table game.

What is your opinion about table games in general in modern casinos, and what are their probable development trends in future? 

I think your standard table games will continue to remain the staple in both land based and online mediums – they’re absolute classics.

In terms of the future, I see a continuing trend in online games becoming more and more of a sociable thing - table games in land-based casinos are inherently social by nature.

What three top games by Switch Studios would you highlight as the most successful of all? Can you tell our readers a bit more about these games?

European Roulette by Switch StudiosClassic Blackjack and Multifire Roulette by Switch Studios

Our most successful game to date for us has been European Roulette, followed by Classic Blackjack and Multifire Roulette.

European Roulette and Classic Blackjack are in essence classic table games that most players understand and enjoy.

Multifire Roulette was a real stab in the dark for us so we were obviously delighted to see the game get such a positive reaction when it went out. It’s one of my favourites as well – the theme for me ticks a lot of boxes. Who doesn’t like fire after all!!

Thank you again for finding time to answer our questions. Could you please answer the last question - what new releases by Switch Studios can we expect in the near future? 

Been a pleasure talking to you!

We’ve got an exceptionally busy start to 2022 with several titles being released to market. Watch out for Match Day, Wheel of Winners, Auto Roulette, Perfect Strategy Blackjack and Premier Blackjack with Buster Blackjack - all in Q1.

Switch Studios Upcoming Games 2022

We’ll also be at ICE 2022 and we’ll be giving visitors to the stand a sneak peek at some additional exciting content, although right this second I am sworn to secrecy as to what that content is!


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