Interview With Daniel Louie, Game Designer at Ruby Play

Interview With Daniel Louie, Game Designer at Ruby Play
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Ruby Play is one of those smaller online casino software providers that develop beautiful state of the art games exactly because the company is comparatively small and flexible. Daniel Louie, Game Designer at Ruby Play, in this Q&A with CasinosHunter has shared the company’s vision and approach to games development. Check out the Q&A to learn more about Ruby Play!

About Ruby Play

Ruby Play

Ruby Play as we know it today was founded in 2017, but the members of the team have over 20 years of experience in the online gaming niche, and it shows. Based partially in Kyiv, Ukraine, and partially in Malta, Ruby Play is a flexible and energetic company that brings forward some jaw dropping products. 

Ruby Play team has worked in many realms of gambling - land based, social, mobile - and this collective expertise and creativity allowed the company to develop many cool products fast, offering unique features. At the time of writing this review, there are over 50 games in the company’s portfolio, with around 20 new games released per year, and the level of productivity constantly rising. 

Ruby Play offers its games to players in several regulated markets. The company’s products are licensed by MGA, UKGC, Romania, Italy, Spain etc, thanks to their esteemed long term partner Pariplay. Furthermore, in terms of gambling businesses, Ruby Play already boasts partnerships with Playtech, and Relax Gaming. 

The company’s mission is to create the most technologically cutting edge, and the most entertaining online casino games, while the vision is to push the limits of creativity by delivering premium products and software solutions. 

And it must be said that this vision is reflected in every game Ruby Play releases. CasinosHunter couldn’t miss such an opportunity to ask Daniel Louie, Game Designer at Ruby Play, some questions about games and design. Daniel works as Ruby Play's Game Designer, and is in charge of all facets of the game production, from the initial idea to theme, to art and mechanics. Read the full Q&A to learn more about games by Ruby Play!

Q/A Session With Daniel Louie, Game Designer at Ruby Play

Hello Daniel, thank you for finding time to take part in our Q&A! For starters, could you please tell our readers more about yourself, your experience, and your role in the company? 

Hello, CasinosHunter!

I’m an avid gambler, which can be detrimental in some industries, but in the gaming industry it’s seen as a positive! I was gambling full-time, mostly on slots, and writing about them when my favorite land-based slot manufacturer contacted me and we took a chance on each other to see if I could design games that I wanted to play, which would then mean others might want to play. And the rest is history. Today at RubyPlay, that’s still what I strive for. While I recognize that some games just aren’t for me, ultimately each game that we release are games that I like to play. As a designer, I act as a sort of “director” or “architect,” coming up with the concepts and then seeing it through.

If you compare RubyPlay with other competitors, what you believe makes it stand out from the crowd?

It all comes down to the math. I believe our math keeps players in the game, enough to see the potential of features and bonuses.

You can have the best, most innovative feature, but without strong math, it means nothing. The rest of the game - art, animation, sound - all supports that math. 

The company’s website states that Spinning is just the beginning. Does it suggest that the focus is only on slot games, and it will be?

You could also take it to mean that “spinning is just the beginning,” as in slots are only the beginning… and could we be doing something else? Hmm… stay tuned!

Can you name the top three the most successful slot games by RubyPlay so far? What is so special about them?

I checked the past 3 months, and our most successful games are Mayan Cache, Loco Habanero, and Elephant Stampede.

Ruby Play Popular Slots

We’ve found players universally enjoy these games, even outside of the past 3 months. Each has a twist on our popular Jackpot Mania feature as well as good base gameplay coupled with strong themes.

What is the biggest possible win in the games by RubyPlay? Has anyone ever hit the biggest win already, and if yes, what game was it?

On our jackpot games, often the Grand is the top jackpot, and many people have hit it. Even I have, unfortunately, while playtesting our games. I say unfortunately, because I feel I’ve used up my luck by winning it with fake money!

How are the creative processes organized in RubyPlay? How many people does it take to make one slot game? How much time does it take to make one game, from concept to release? How many games does the company produce per month? 

Ruby Play Creative Process

Our release schedule is every 2-3 weeks, but that’s with multiple overlapping games. We start a month earlier, beginning with the concept that we then prove out with the math. Once we’re happy with it, we come up with a blueprint of every aspect of the game regarding art and animation. Then when the developers start, the bulk of the work is in assembling assets. As for the number of people, it takes a village! But I’d say it takes about 6 people and 6-8 weeks to create a game.

RubyPlay makes all its games completely mobile compatible. Is it very challenging in terms of development to make mobile games?

Ruby Play Mobile Slots

Because we knew that the majority of online players play on mobile, we started out with that focus.

So I would say it’s not as challenging if we were to start on desktop and port over.

Games by RubyPlay are exceptionally beautiful in visual terms, and also utilize some original concepts you do not often find in online casino games. Are there any particular approaches to games development in RubyPlay that allow to make such state of the art products?

Thanks, you’re beautiful too! Our approach is to start with the concept and develop art and animation around it. While we could stockpile art assets and shoehorn into a game, we like to always start with the idea first rather than the art first. That, and we believe we have the top artists in the industry!

What are the general trends in online casino slots development that you notice today? What can we expect in the nearest future? 

You can expect more games centered around retention, so persistence is a big part of what we do and think about in the idea stage.

As for trends, we see more and more volatile games, which we may consider even though it goes against our general feel of what a Ruby game is. 

Today, many online casino games developers, including RubyPlay, make their casino games on the level of really high quality visual games, include an extensive storyline behind the gambling process, and even make trailers for game releases. Do you believe this is a steady new trend, or is it just a way of stepping out from the crowd? 

We don’t see this as something new, we see this as what many other developers are already doing. We’re always looking at ways to make this process even better.

Can you share any information about the upcoming releases by RubyPlay?

Roman Legend

Our upcoming Roman Legend game is an exciting one. It was designed around mobile portrait and gives players our most immersive experience yet. It’s also our first game with a dominant character above the reels, rooting with you to win while you spin. Look for it soon at an online casino near you!

Thank you so much for your time, and participation in our Q&A! 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share some insight into RubyPlay, and we can’t wait for your readers to try out our games!


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