Interview With Paula González Acosta From Slotegrator

Interview With Paula González Acosta From Slotegrator
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Online casino gambling is a constantly growing niche that attracts not only many new gamblers and gaming fans, but also many new stakeholders and partners that make software, designs, marketing, etc. Slotegrator is one of those companies offering software solutions to online casino operators. Learn more about this company in the Q&A session with Paula González Acosta - Sales Manager in Slotegrator!

About Slotegrator


Slotegrator is a company that develops software solutions of different kinds, for online casino sites. It assists with platform software and games - sports betting and classic casino alike - with licensing, and also with providing access to the casino products on different markets. Slotegrator works with many leading online casino games software providers, and integrates all these solutions and products for its clients that create online casino sites. 

Slotegrator has been in the industry since 2012, and currently, it has its headquarters in Prague, and two other offices in Europe. Slotegrator was founded in an interesting period of time, when many countries started developing more comprehensive legislation for land based casinos, and started prohibiting online casino gambling - or, vice versa, started their efforts to regulate online gambling legally. This is where Slotegrator came to the rescue for many online casino operators, offering assistance with high quality software, reliable licensing and testing, and legal marketing. 

One of the truly outstanding and more recent projects by Slotegrator is Telegram Casino based on the popular Telegram app. Slotegrator works not only with software developers, apps developers, etc., it allows online casinos to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, and integrate exclusive cryptocurrency games and bonuses. 

In 2020, Slotegrator continued its fast development, despite the complicated situation in the world, and proceeded with working on its innovative products, such as the casino constructor based on Wordpress. In fact, the company has around 60 their own successful projects, in addition to all the turnkey casinos they make for customers.

Q/A Session With Paula González Acosta, Sales Manager in Slotegrator

Hello Paula! Thank you for finding time to participate in our Q&A! I hope this Q&A will be fascinating for those who plan to open their own business in the iGaming niche. For starters, I would like to ask you to tell our readers a bit more about you and your experience in the iGaming niche.

Thanks for inviting me :) My name is Paula, and I am happy to be a part of the Sales Department at Slotegrator. Originally I am from Colombia, but currently, I live in Prague, where our head office is situated. I’ve been working in the iGaming and crypto industry for almost two years. At Slotegrator, I’m in charge of the Latin-American market, which has excellent potential. Localization is key for the market; operators should approach each country separately, not generally. Recently I was a speaker of a webinar about Latam’s key jurisdictions and the opportunities. If you are interested in this topic, you may register for the webinar and obtain a record for free.

Slotegrator Webinar

Slotegrator offers software development solutions for online casino sites, including its own casino software, casino licensing assist, and support on all stages. What are Slotgregator’s particular advantages that make it stand out among other competitors in the niche?

We offer customized solutions that are adapted for each market.

It allows us to provide relevant game content from our extensive game portfolio and the market preferred payment methods. It’s easy to make a mistake opening an online casino or sportsbook because legislations vary not only from country to country but also from region to region within one country. But Slotegrator comes to help and to provide newcomers and experienced industry actors with industry news, features and pitfalls :)

Your software enables customers to create turnkey online casinos. Is the software solution the same for all customers, or can each client customize it, change the back-end, or add some unique technologies they’ve got?

Turnkey online casino solution allows customizing a platform from the backend to the front and managing every aspect of daily casino operations. If the client wants to integrate specific tools into the platform, it’s possible.

We constantly improve used technologies with the latest innovations. For example, an advanced bonus module is available to build your own gamified promotions and loyalty programs for effective user retention.

Bitcoin casinos are top-rated today. Are there any unique nuances in developing software for crypto casino sites, and is this service a bit different from the standard Turnkey online casino software?

The main difference is that Bitcoin casino mainly refers to the payment system on one side with crypto.

It means that deposits and withdrawals of funds are high-speed, customer data and payments are more secure due to the essence of this technology. There is a lower risk of fraud by cutting out third-party involvement in financial transactions.

Game content providers also support BTC and other cryptos the same way as any other fiat currency. But cryptocurrencies are decentralized and not subject to the same restrictions as fiat currencies. Nowadays, more and more game content providers support these currencies or plan to.

I am very interested to know more about your Telegram casino service.

Telegram Casino provides a new comfortable, and innovative gaming experience to players. We can call it our unique, trendy service because not all software providers offer Telegram casino as the main channel for casinos. 

Players don’t need to download casino applications in marketplaces, and territory restrictions don’t matter as well. Telegram Casino beats these challenges and is very accessible.

It basically is an extension to a desktop site on the Telegram app or a standalone casino on Telegram linked with the client platform where the end-user and casino operate through the bot. I wouldn’t say Telegram replaces the standard web interface, even though it has similar features. It works as a complement; depending on your target market, you can expand your players’ base by being available in a popular messaging app. This app’s popularity and security and safety are very appealing for players that only want to play through their phone. From playing the games, deposits, withdrawals, verification, in simple words, UX and UI are built into the telegram browser.

In your opinion, what are the most popular online gambling licenses in the niche, and why? Does it make sense for a new casino site to try and get one of the top licenses right away, or perhaps it is better to start with simpler options?

It depends on your target market and experience. Generally, if you are a new operator, we suggest starting with a Curacao license; all activities are covered under one sublicense.

It differs significantly from the MGA license, which we recommend to more experienced operators with a higher budget. Top licenses require a lot of work and preparation, and if you are a newcomer, it’s better to start with a simpler option. 

Can the customer who makes their online casino site on your platform add all those providers, as long as they can offer games in this customer’s jurisdiction? Or are there any limitations?

Some of the providers have restricted/blocked territories; this is the only limitation. Otherwise, you can offer as many as you want, all under the same integration.

You can also start small with just a few providers and add more under the same integration at no additional costs.

This way, operators keep improving their offer to the players.

After you have provided all the software for the customer’s casino site, do you offer ongoing service and support for this casino platform?

These are key services since it is essential to keep updating the software together with the game content. Each client has the Key Account Manager that will update it regarding providers tournaments, as well you can always keep adding more content to offer more options to your players. Since we are always adding more providers, there are always more options.

What would be your advice to people considering the creation of their very own first online casino? Is there anything they need to know before becoming your customers?

Research deeply how the business works. Starting and running an online casino is not as easy as it seems. 

Preparation and planning are essential. If you only have experience as a player, this will give insights; however, running the business is entirely different. 

Do proper market research. Once you choose your target market, analyze it very well to build a strong marketing plan that will help you succeed. All of this while choosing a partner that will provide you with a reliable and safe technical solution.

Don’t forget to read industrial news and articles from the sphere actors :) 

And the last, but not least question. How do you believe the iGaming industry will be developing during the next several years?

It will keep growing, but in each market differently, for example, in Latam, the market is not mature yet, and some countries will be regulating iGaming very soon. It will help to bring foreign investors and build a more stable environment for operators. From the technological point of view, there will be changes with AI, payment methods, and other technologies that will help to keep improving the players’ experience and safety.


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