Interview With Matthew Carvajal From Gameburger Studios

Interview With Matthew Carvajal From Gameburger Studios
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Online casino games need to stand out from the crowd in order to attract the gamblers’ attention. However, there is no chance you will not notice slots in a distinct classic American style developed by Gameburger Studios! Learn more about Gameburger Studios from the Q&A session organized by CasinosHunter!

About Gameburger Studios

Gameburger Studios

Gameburger Studios is a comparatively new software provider if we look at it from the point of view of when the studio was opened under this particular name. However, according to certain sources, the logo of Gameburger was registered a couple of years ago, while the Microgaming announcement states that the team behind Gameburger has around 20 years of collective experience in the industry. 

Gameburger was opened in 2019 and it immediately became Microgaming’s partner that would exclusively provide gaming products to this giant company. Microgaming, in turn, assists with licensing, certifications, and distribution. Smaller providers usually spend several years working in one jurisdiction until they can offer their games in other countries. Due to this partnership with Microgaming, Gameburger Studios have their games offered in many countries, and many online casinos, by now. 

At the time of writing, Gameburger Studios only has 12 slot games, but this is not a disadvantage. In fact, we know that all games are made in-house from scratch, and the team behind the games are very experienced and skillful. So, this comparatively slow tempo is normal for a smaller studio. In turn, due to Microgaming, the company will be able to add already existing famous mechanics, or develop their own unique mechanics, as well. 

In other words, Gameburger Studios is an online casino provider to consider when it comes to new fresh online slots. Find out more about this company in our Q&A session with Matthew Carvajal, Creative Designer at Gameburger Studios!

Q/A Session With Matthew Carvajal, Creative Designer at Gameburger Studios

Hello Matthew! Happy to have you at CasinosHunter’s Q&A sessions. Could you please tell our readers a bit more about yourself and about Gameburger Studios?

Hi! Thank you - happy to be part of these Q&A sessions as well. I’m Matt, creative lead for Gameburger. I’ve been here since the beginning, and really like being part of this immensely talented team. We develop great, innovative games and always like to receive feedback from our players. 

Gameburger Studios differs from many other online casino games providers because, as far as I know, your team includes many people with huge experience in developing slots for land based casinos. Are there any differences between making online and offline games products?  

Absolutely; the online game environment is a challenging one as it’s quite difficult to incorporate some key elements from the land-based world. However, our experienced team has clearly identified some of those key elements which offer the player a dynamic and engaging experience. 

Gameburger Studios is comparatively new, founded back in 2019, and yet you have already released 12 slots, and became one of the Microgaming suppliers. What is your personal assessment of these two years of work, and what goals does Gameburger Studios set for the near future? 

Our talented team has been able to provide numerous high-quality products, and even though we had some challenges – like the pandemic and remote work – we were able to push on through and deliver what our players look forward to namely exciting games with great win potential, engaging gameplay, and unique experiences.

Do you have any plans to develop other types of games, like Table games? 

The world is always changing and we always do our best to provide great products, but we believe that the online slot industry still has a lot to offer to our players.

There is some exciting content in the works and we can’t wait to see our players win big!

You are the Creative Designer at Gameburger Studios and we cannot miss the chance to talk to you about the games development process. How much time and effort is needed to develop such games? 

We like to take our time to make sure each of our games delivers quality, a high level of entertainment and great win potential.

It’s a very demanding market but we do place the upmost importance on making sure all checkpoints and quality levels are met. 

What is the development process of a game, from idea to release? 

We begin with an ideation, concepting, and exploratory phase. We then see what players like and start bringing cool ideas to the table. Next, we polish these exploratory ideas and begin creating the look and feel of the game. After testing, we take into consideration our players’ feedback. Once those requirements are met, it’s time to release our product.

How many experts are engaged in making one game? 

Everything at Gameburger is done in-house.

We have creative designers, technical designers, developers, testers, sound engineers… you name it, we’ve got it! We give our very best to release amazing and unique products for our players to enjoy.

How do you decide upon features that are added to the game (wilds, bonus levels, free spins features)?

We listen to feedback from our players.

If they’re looking for a new mechanic or a buy in feature, we do our research and start building our product to meet their expectations. The same goes for specific bonus or free spins features. Our goal is to entertain, encourage player engagement, and see players be rewarded for playing our games.

What are your three top favorite slot games created by Gameburger Studios during all these years?

Gameburger Studios Online Slots

I’m a big fan of the tribal and fiery 9 Masks of Fire, the high-energy feel of Hyper Strike™ and - last but not least - our upcoming game, Break da Bank Again Megaways™: combining stunning, classic visuals with great win potential and a familiar mechanic in Megaways™, I think we’re on to a winner.

I would like to talk a bit more about one of your latest slots called Hyper Gold. I really loved the gameplay and the way the game looks and feels. I felt like I was going back in time for 10-15 years, which was totally amazing, and at the same time, this game offers such modern features as Expanding Wilds, Link&Win, and Free Spins. How do you manage to find that balance between your branded style, and modern trends and requirements that work for slot games nowadays?

Hyper Gold Online Slot by Gameburger Studios

Our designers are highly tuned to what's going on currently in the social scene and follow trends in music, video games and fashion.

One thing all media is reaching out to is the retro feel mixed with pop attitude of today. We didn't necessarily try to create a historical piece of 90s, but it's retro fun “past meets present”. Gameplay is the driving force.


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