Interview With Vladyslav Garanko, CMO at Platipus Gaming

Interview With Vladyslav Garanko, CMO at Platipus Gaming
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CasinosHunter and Vladyslav Garanko, CMO at Platipus Gaming, have discussed games, markets, plans, and creative approaches, in the new Q&A! If you would like to learn more about Platipus Gaming and the company’s slots and table games, please read the full Q&A below!

About Platipus Gaming

Platipus Gaming

Platipus Gaming online casinos software provider was founded in 2014 in the UK. It separated from Miracle Casino as an original game development studio. The purpose was to start delivering unique real money online slots and table games for online casino sites across the world, being able to take pioneering approaches and use cutting edge technologies. 

By the time of writing this short overview, Platipus Gaming has 70+ online casino games in its sleeve, and a brand new game is made every three weeks, on average. This productive studio constantly experiments seeking ways to create and deliver top quality content. The games by Platipus and their RNG have been certified by iTech Labs, one of the leading testing laboratories in the online gambling niche. 

The games by Platipus have certifications for markets in UK, Italy, AGCC, Denmark, IOM, Malta, Gibraltar, Sweden and Romania. The company has been licensed for international online gambling industry services by the UKGC and MGA. All products created by Platipus run seamlessly on desktop, iOS and Android. 

The company is partnering with other leading players in the niche, like Slotegrator and SoftSwiss. One of the outstanding features of Platipus Gaming is its 24/7, 365 days a year support for partners and players alike, available in multiple languages. 

CasinosHunter grew fond of such a user-oriented approach, and decided to find out more in this Q&A.

Q/A Session With Vladyslav Garanko, CMO at Platipus Gaming

Vladyslav Garanko
Vladyslav Garanko
CMO at Platipus Gaming
Platipus Gaming

  • Overseeing the Sales and Marketing department Vladyslav solely focuses on driving new and developing existing customers to Platipus
  • Favourite slot or game by Platipus Gaming – Wild Spin

Hello and thank you for finding time to participate in our Q&A! For starters, could you please tell our readers more about yourself, your role in Platipus Gaming, and your experience in the igaming niche? 

Hi, my name's Vladyslav, a pleasure to be here with you, virtually of course :) I’ve been well over 8 years in the gambling industry and 4+ years in Platipus now. Starting out as a Clarion Events intern, I quickly acquired a passion for gaming and was looking forward to getting involved with ICE London. After getting enough experience and returning back to Ukraine, I’ve been working as freelance consultant and marketing manager for different operators and other igaming companies, until eventually a good friend of mine has introduced me to the Platipus CEO – Martijn Peters. We really hit it off, and I was offered a position in the company to handle the Marketing side of things. From there on, my role has been slowly expanding and now, for the most part, covers both sales and marketing.

What makes Platipus Gaming, as a software provider, to stand out from the crowd if compared to competitors? What are the main advantages of it as a company? 

The igaming industry is indeed oversaturated with companies who believe that making more games means driving more business. That is, in most cases, simply not true. If the games are not to par, are just cheap copies of each other with different themes, they would be unlikely to become popular. And here comes Platipus` USPs.

First of all, our games are beautifully animated and are very lightweight.

It is a constant struggle between our designers and our QA, to make both beautiful and quick to load games. That means that our games will spin smoothly even in areas with poor connectivity.

Secondly, a very mobile user-friendly UI. Since most players use mobile devices, and I don't imagine this tendency will change in the foreseeable future, it makes sense for us to invest heavily into mobile friendliness. That includes both lighter graphics as mentioned above and some fancy ways of how not to kill your battery and processor during the loading. And lastly, the stickiness of our games.

Our partners have often reported to us that players who convert to our games, tend to stay longer and generally have higher lifetime value.

I believe that suggests that our games are of high quality and have a healthy balance of different game features to keep players entertained. 

As far as we know, Platipus Gaming is certified for many jurisdictions, including UK, Denmark, Malta, etc. What are your plans for entering the new markets? Maybe the company is going through any changes currently? 

Well, I don’t want to spill the beans now, but I do believe you are going to soon see our games in the Italian market, as a number of very interesting deals are well underway. Apart from that, there are a number of other jurisdictions where our games are being certified, such as Spain, Romania, Germany and Netherlands.

Platipus Gaming has partnered with many other companies in the industry, such as SoftSwiss, Slotegrator, and others. What is the main focus for such partnerships? Could you please tell us more about them? 

It’s all very simple, really. There is such a thing as local expertise. Despite us working with people all around the world, to fully know every peculiarity of every market is, well, impossible. This is where our partnership network truly makes a difference. It is a very important part of the core pillar of Platipus Distribution  as it allows us to penetrate new regions with maximum efficiency at minimum base investments.

We have always been supporting honest and open cooperation with other companies, and are more than willing to share our success and our revenue to upkeep those relationships. At the end of a day, success is a two-way street.

While our games gain credibility in some regions through the effort of our partners, the said partners gain credibility in other regions through the established success of our games and vast partnership network.

At the time of this Q&A, Platipus Gaming is said to have 70+ games in its portfolio. How many games are currently released per month? How many people work on the creation of one game?

Platipus Gaming Team

At our current pace we release a game every three weeks. It takes about two months to produce a game and we have a number of teams working simultaneously. On average, to create one game we would need a team that would include a mathematician, two software developers, three designers, a dozen of QA and a few people who would manage the project. It’s a tough job, but it's the quality we are aiming for.

Any advice from Platipus Gaming on how to create a successful game? 

Choose your niche, see what the consumer wants and give it to them.

You make two categories of games - slots, and table games. Can you name three of the most popular games of yours so far? Can you tell our readers more about them?

Oh, I personally like Wild Spin on slots and Blackjack on table games.

Wild Spin Slot

Wild Spin is a very stylish, but at the same time classic and simple slot. The neon graphics are perfectly complemented by the game's soundtrack, reminding a player of the atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos. Among the distinctive game features is a Jackpot Wheel that appears on the right side of the reels during normal game play and is activated when the player scores five matching symbols on the reel. It's not just my opinion either, but we can clearly see that many slot fans around the world share this passion for Wild Spin, even though it's been more than a year since the game's release. And to reassure them, I would like to point out that one particular game that is currently in production has a very curious working title called Wild Spin Deluxe :)

BlackJack by Platipus

Now back to Blackjack, one of my favourite games, which is quite easy to learn. It offers a razor-thin house edge, the pleasant feel of a brick-and-mortar casino, and is extremely entertaining, especially on those evenings when you stare blankly at the Google search bar and do not know what to type :D.

What is the biggest possible win in your games, and which game is it? Has anyone already won the maximum sum possible in your game?

The largest possible payout is in one of the latest games – Diamond Hunt – it features a maximum multiplier of 15600 total bets.

Great Ocean Slot

That's really a lot. Meaning that if you make 1 EUR bet, you have a chance of getting a 15,6k EUR prize. It has not been won yet, as the game is fairly recent, but in my memory there was a win of almost 10k EUR from a single bet of 1 EUR. It has been a while ago but we still remember 😊 The game was Great Ocean by the way.

We know that the most recent release by Platipus is Joker Chase, and this game has interesting mechanics. Can you please tell us more about it?

Joker Chase Slot

To be honest, I personally prefer 'simpler' games, and Joker Chase is by no means easy to understand at first glance. But let us take a look into it. 

It is one of the games inspired by the neon atmosphere of past and classic slot machines with card and fruit symbols. But its theme goes beyond tradition in some ways. Apart from the easy personalization of the game through the mascot - the Joker - the game itself has very robust bonus game features.

Take, for example, a Delayed-Coin- chain-Cascade-Respin feature. Sounds complicated, right? Well, this Respin feature is activated when a player collects 6 or more bonus symbols, which are represented in the form of coins. This feature grants the player 3 respins, during which each collected coin reveals its value, which can be either a cash prize or one of the 4 jackpots. The value of the coin is not paid out immediately. It is paid only if another coin lands on the reel during the same respin feature. However, all coins can be paid multiple times. That is, if you collect a new Bonus symbol during the respins, "all" previous coins will be paid out. Should you fill the reels with coins, you will receive a big jackpot. There is also a possibility that all 15 coins appear on the reel at the same time. In this case, all bonuses will be paid immediately, in addition to the big jackpot.

And this is just one of the features of Joker Chase.

Compare that to - Hit five of a kind, trigger the jackpot wheel. Hit 3+ scatters, trigger Free Spins full stop. 

But then again, it's this complexity that allows our mathematicians to create a game with much higher volatility, and that's exactly what some players want.

What are the company’s plans for the future? 

We are always looking at what is going to be the next big thing in the iGaming.

Platipus’ mission has always been delivering the content that our players will love.

And so, we will continue searching and experimenting with different styles to keep things interesting. You can expect a LOT of new features in 2022. We have received absolutely massive positive feedback from our partners and players in 2021 and already have some grand ideas on how to make our games even better.  For more details, please tune in on our panel discussion - Games of the Future.


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