Gretta Kochkonyan About Customer Care at Endorphina

Gretta Kochkonyan from Endorpina
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Endorphina, a trendy online casino software provider, not only makes cool casino games, but listens to its players and takes this feedback into consideration when making their new products. Learn more about Endorphina, its games, plans, and methods of communication in this short Q&A organized by CasinosHunter.

What in this Q&A?

Endorphina is open about how they treat their players, and the players’ problems in online gambling. This online casino games developer has shared some of its rules and practices in terms of communication with the players, and protection of the players’ winnings. Like other software providers, Endorphina cannot directly influence the payouts by online casinos, especially if the player fails to comply with the particular casino’s rules somehow. There are still ways to help if the player has questions or issues. 

Endorphina has shared what they do for the players’ indisputable situations, and what help the players can count on.

Q&A With Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina

Hello Gretta, happy to have the opportunity to talk to you again. Thank you for finding time to answer a couple of questions. Is there any news from Endorphina about entering new markets, or making the brand more recognizable on the already existing markets? Can you share your plans about the future activities with our readers?

We get a lot of questions about these things lately. Currently, Endorphina grows its presence on the existing markets in a stable manner. 

Of course we are interested in entering more regulated markets and getting new certifications. And we have a qualified team of analysts, experts on the market, and developers working on that. 

We have recently communicated with you within our Q&A (read here), but somehow missed the topic of the company’s communication with its players and fans. Do you get any feedback from them, and do you mind that feedback in your work?

Yes, for sure. We get lots of feedback from players via different channels and chats, and we actually support active communication with them.

Endorphina pays huge attention to what the players say, analyses the feedback, and adds new mechanics and features to the games. 

Since players are the end consumers of your products, I cannot help but ask you about their safety, and the guarantee of paying out the winnings. Do you do anything about it, do you help players solve their problems or manage disputes when there are issues with cashouts?

Endorphina mostly stays away from the payouts policies to online casino players. However, we can double-check the session, bet outcomes, and winnings of the player in our slot games. 

All slots by Endorphina are actually tested by the corresponding world-class lab, meaning that the quality of the games, their maths, and mechanics are confirmed. 

In case a problem arises, the player should address the Customer Support of the online casino. If they are not happy with the Customer Support feedback, they can address Endorphina and ask us to double-check the session and winnings, in Live chat on our website.

I would really like to get a comment about the following slots by Endorphina - “Fruletta”, and “Akbar And Birbal”. Can you tell our readers more about their features, and ideas behind these slots? 

Both slots have the Bonus Pop feature, meaning they can buy a bonus game. 

Let’s discuss the bonus games in each slot, separately.

Fruletta Online Slot

In Fruletta, 5 reels 3 rows slot with 9 paylines, the players can enjoy wins on different paylines added together with a Wild symbol lands on the grid. The Wild replaces any symbol but Bonus and Seven. The Bonus symbols count on any position on the grid. The Bonus game can be up to 3 rounds, the number of rounds in each Bonus game depending on the number of Bonus symbols triggered: 3 symbols trigger 1 round, 4 symbols trigger 2 rounds, 5 symbols trigger 3 rounds.

Akbar&Birbal Online Slot

In Akbar & Birbal, an Eastern-themed slot, 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines are to be taken advantage of. The paylines are counted from left to right, but Scatters count at any position on the grid. When more than one payline is hit, only the highest paying counts. Scatter wins and payline wins are added when such combination strikes. 3 or more Scatter symbols activate unlimited Free Spins. The 5th reel can feature random Coin, thus opening the Multiply holder, which in turn multiplies the winnings. The Free games continue until all 4 Multiply holders are open.

Thank you for finding time for this Q&A! Maybe you could also reveal a bit more about the expected releases?

The new releases will be: 

Hell Hot 40 (10/21/2021)

Hell Hot 40 Online Slot

CasinosHunter: This slot has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed paylines. The paylines work from left to right. The Wilds substitute all symbols but Scatters. Scatters work at any position on the reels. When more than one payline is hit, or more than one Scatter activates a win, only the highest win is paid. When both Scatter and payline generate wins, the wins are added. During the Risk game, the wins can be doubled up to 10 times.

Magnum Opus (10/26/2021)

Magnum Opus Online Slot

CasinosHunter: This is a 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines slot. If more than one payline hits the grid, only the highest win is paid. The paylines count from left to right. During the Bonus Game, the players can multiply their previous wins up to 2, 4, or 8 times. Only the last activated multiplier is applied, though. The Bonus Game cannot be retriggered. If the Risk Game is hit, the players can multiply their winnings up to 10 times.


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