Interview With Gretta Kochkonyan From Endorphina

Interview With Gretta Kochkonyan From Endorphina
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Endorphina is a nice name for an online casino games provider because it connects the values and goals of the company with the goals of the casino gambler. If the company holds its customer’s happiness as one of its key values, we can expect some outstanding performance and user experience. Q&A with Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina by CasinosHunter reveals even more.

About Endorphina

Endorphina was founded back in 2012, and has been one of the leading software providers in the iGaming niche since that time. All games thoroughly tested by GLI, guaranteeing stable and proven behavior and mathematics. Endorphina is known as a reliable and trusted partner, both in the B2B interactions, and as a developer that delivers its product right to the end user. 

Endorphina is one of those small companies that win because of their smart long term strategy that allows them to move forward no matter what. Due to its dedicated team, the company already holds several impressive awards, including Secret Reader’s Choice Slot 2015, Login Casino Awards: Mystery Of Eldorado - Best Online Slot 2019, Entertainment Arena Expo: Product Of The Year, etc. The company is licensed by the MGA and ONGN. Besides winning the trust of partners in the niche, Endorphina makes sure the team members are happy, too, to keep them dedicated to what they do. 

The company releases new games on a regular basis, keeping the players happy, but more important is that the team constantly plays with themes and designs. Endorphina makes both old-school designs and some crazily popular designs, thus meeting the needs of different groups of players.

To find out more about creative processes in Endorphina, game features, and new games, check out this Q&A organized by CasinosHunter!

Q/A Session With Gretta Kochkonyan, Head of Account Management at Endorphina

Hello Gretta! Thank you for finding time to talk to us about games by Endorphina and about the niche in general. Could you please tell us more about yourself and about your role in the company? 

Hello, my name is Gretta and I've been working at Endorphina for about 1,5 years. I started my career off as a sales representative at another company and continued as the Head of Account Management at Endorphina.

Gretta Kochkonyan, Endorphina

What games, features, or achievements at Endorphina are you most proud of?

Starting the story about Endorphina, I am proud of everything that has happened here in this building.

Firstly, there are the features. The latest feature we integrated into a few of our games is called Bonus Pop, and the number of games with this feature continues to increase.

Secondly, there are achievements. These have incredibly increased the popularity of our games all over the world. From day to day I see how players react to new games and continue to play the older ones. Everyone can find the game for themselves with Endorphina.

Endorphina is a well-known and popular online slots developer. Do you have any plans on making other games besides slots, like Table Games or Live Dealer Games? 

Currently, and for the near future, we are focused on slot games development.

Could you please tell us more about the development of new slots at Endorphina, about creative processes, etc.? 

It is possible to talk about the game development process for hours, but you should understand that there is no easy rule that explains the whole process of creating something super special.

You can divide the development process into stages – from the idea of the theme that came to the mind, brainstorming about it, analysis, processes, creation, new features, sounds, graphics, assembling, testing, all the way to delivering the game with its graphics and marketing materials. 

It is a long process that can take a few months or years.

Just imagine an artist working on their masterpiece, you’ll find the same here because Endorphina and every single person in the process invests their souls in creating each slot, which is very important for all of us.

How many games are made per month\per year at Endorphina? 

Endorphina develops 2 games per month, on average.

Have you ever had any funny cases about the games developed, or any curious stories?

Let me tell you the story not from the classic development process, but the stage when we deliver the game to the clients’ projects.

I won’t go super deep into the details, but when we create and brainstorm with marketing about the game icons, it is always crazy and super funny. We can create trends from the craziest ideas. 

Now I’d like to get to the most popular question from our readers, the question we ask in every interview with a software provider. What was the biggest win in Endorphina history, and what slot game was it? 

Back in time, I remember the super beautiful win in the game Satoshi’s Secret, in which the player won 50 BTC. Just imagine how much it would be now?

Satoshi’s Secret Slot

For sure, today this would be a life changing win! Now, in your opinion, what are the most popular slot games made by Endorphina? 

I like such interesting questions. When we talk about the popular game, we have to understand that Endorphina is popular globally, and every single market has its own ‘slot idols.’

Take a closer look at our series of new games. Over the past 2 years, I can assure you that each of them has become popular for different regions, for example, Rooster Fury, or the latest Hell Hot 100.

At the time of making this Q&A, you’ve recently released 2021 Hit Slot in a classic style, and Around The World developing the theme of ancient structures around the world. Could you please tell our readers more about these products?

2021 Hit Slot is classy, easy and at the same time so exciting, when you play without any breaks and enjoy your time in it. 

When we talk about Around the World, you should try to play and catch the bonus game. You’ll be happy to collect the multipliers with the new feature in Endorphina games.

2021 Hit Slot

Could you tell us more about the new titles by Endorphina we can expect in the near future? 

I would like to leave a small veil of secrecy covered. Just follow us, and you will be the first to know!


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