Interview With Madelein Özok, Head of Aurum Signature Studios

Interview With Madelein Özok, Head of Aurum Signature Studios
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Aurum Signature Studios, being part of the huge Microgaming software provider, actually make a unique company in the online casino gambling industry. Aurum Signature company makes bespoke slot games, which is a totally different level for a software provider. CasinosHunter got curious, and organized a Q&A with Madelein Özok, Head of Studio.

About Aurum Signature Studios

Aurum Signature Studios

Aurum Signature Studios was founded back in 2019 by Madelein Ozok, now Head of Studio, in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Aurum Signature Studios is also unique because this is one of the really few software providers originating from Africa. This company is a pioneer showing the way to other similar companies in this region, and its successful case is a huge inspiration for all. 

At first, the studio was a subsidiary of Derivco South Africa, which was also a “software arm” of Microgaming. Yet, due to the outstanding talent and skills, and unique vision, Aurum Signature managed to become a software supplier to Microgaming, directly. 

Another unique feature of the company is, of course, the focus on bespoke slots. They create online casino games specifically meeting the customers’ needs and wants, and this makes those games one of a kind and original, intriguing for the players, and at the same time, delivering the tasks for the customer companies. 

Today, the team of around 10 members makes online slots exclusively for Microgaming operators. Currently, Aurum Signature has over 20 games in its portfolio, and the games are available all over the world. Microgaming provides even more marketing opportunities to the company, offering access to more markets, globally. 

Being unique and making unique games is Aurum Signature Studios vision, and the perfect formula behind it is to combine immersive storytelling, absolutely beautiful visuals, and state of the art game mechanics.

Q/A Session With Madelein Özok, Head of Aurum Signature Studios

Hello Madelein! Happy to be able to make a Q&A with you for the CasinosHunter platform! For starters, I would like you to tell our readers more about yourself, and about Aurum Signature Studios.

Madelein Ozok Head of Aurum Signature Studios

Thank you for this opportunity to tell readers more about myself and my studio. I have a very colourful 20+ years’ experience in the casino industry and the privilege to include listed companies such as Aristocrat and Sun International.

Aurum Signature Studios specialises in bespoke slot games in the online casino world and is underpinned by one of my personal values – your competitive advantage is your uniqueness!

You are a very young studio, having been in the niche since 2019. However, during this short period of time, you have already released 20+ slots, and became Microgaming’s partner. How did you manage to make such a leap in such a short time? 

They say if you want to shine, surround yourself with stars – and I can honestly say that Aurum is the most talented team I've had the pleasure to work with.

We are a small team, but that allows us to be agile, challenge the status quo and make the impossible happen.

In your opinion, what are the key differences of the Aurum Signature Studios from other online slots developers? 

As mentioned, we specialise in creating bespoke slots. This requires us to have close relations with the operator and deliver a game that delivers on their specific needs and wants.

What new horizons were opened for you due to collaboration with Microgaming? 

Microgaming’s strong brand of professionalism and quality has assisted Aurum Signature Studios to broker relationships with operators and with setting the stage.

You have already released two games with the Mega Moolah Microgaming technology. Do you have plans on using this technology in future games? And should we expect new products by Aurum Signature Studios with the use of another popular technology, the Wow Pot?

The Witch's Moon Mega Moolah

Yes, we have another few bespoke Mega Moolah games on the roadmap as well as a Halloween-themed Mega Moolah, called The Witch’s Moon – releasing globally on 30 September 2021. Aurum keeps a close eye on performance metrics of all technologies in the Microgaming fold and we’re excited to be releasing another Christmas-themed game later this year, Book of Mrs. Claus.

What is your personal inspiration, and what inspires your team, when developing new products? 

Uniqueness: notice the snowflake in our logo? People and companies that play to their unique strength – that are not afraid to stand out from the crowd – inspire me.  My team are inspired when an operator wants something different but unique to them, for example Danmarks Vikinger that we made for Danske Spill, or Knockout Party that was made for Entain. Adding your logo to a game everyone else has is not unique and definitely not bespoke.

What is your vision of the studio’s development in the near years? Do you plan to continue focusing only on slots, or maybe you are also interested in Table games or Live games? 

Our vision is to be the global leader for bespoke games and therefore will include more than slot games.

Can you please name the top 3 or top 5 slot games by Aurum Signature Studios that should be checked out by a person who has never played any of your games before?

Aurum Signature Studios PopularOnline Slots

At Aurum Signature Studios, we’re proud of all our games for the quality and performance they have delivered for individual operators. To understand our breadth, I recommend Danmarks Vikinger, Joker Mega Moolah, Knockout Party and our first Christmas release, A Tale of Elves. All our games can be viewed on our website.

Thank you so much for the Q&A, Madelein! Eventually, maybe you could reveal the secret a bit, and tell us what new products by Aurum Signature Studios we can expect in the near future? 

Book of Mrs. Claus Online Slot

As the majority of our games are bespoke, the secrets stay safe until they go live with the individual operators. That said, we have two global game releases on the cards, namely Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon and Book of Mrs. Claus.


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