Interview With Lars Kollind From iSoftBet

Interview With Lars Kollind From iSoftBet
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This is an exclusive interview with Lars Kollind, Head of Business Development at iSoftBet, gives many valuable insights into the work behind play that iSoftBet puts into making the company’s great games. Find out more about how iSoftBet games are made, what features to expect in the future, and more!

About iSoftBet

iSoftBet was known as Fast-CPU Gaming, but in 2010, the iSoftBet brand was founded. By the time of rebranding, the company already had an impressive portfolio of online casino games, and even more impressive experience in the niche. 

At the time of writing, iSoftBet is licensed by the UKCG and Malta Gaming Authority, which are two of the best international egaming licenses in the industry, worldwide. The company is based in London, Luxembourg, and Bucharest. 

Since the company has been in business for a long time, iSoftBet organized strategic and creative collaborations with other companies on the market on a regular basis. Some of the recent include partnerships with SlotBox, Tipobet365, Rhino Entertainment, SuperSeven, EGT Digital, etc. 

Today, iSoftBet motto is “Serious fun”, and according to the interview, the company puts lots of “blood, sweat, and tears” (quote) into what they do. To find out more about dedicated work, creative processes, and expected games, check out this Q&A organized by CasinosHunter.

Q/A Session With Lars Kollind, Head of Business Development at iSoftBet

Hello Lars, thank you for finding time for this Q&A session. As far as we know, you have profound experience in the online gambling niche. You have won the Sales Idol of the Year awards at iGaming Idol 2019, this is truly incredible. Could you please tell our readers more about your experience, and about this award as well? 

Winning Sales Idol of the Year in 2019 was confirmation of all the hard work I've put into various roles across the industry in the past 14 years.

It was great to be recognised for the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into my work, and it's only led to positives since.

Lars Kollind

In 2020, you left Playson to join iSoftBet. How was the move? 

It was an easy transition despite everyone working remotely at the time. After more than a decade in various commercial, sales and marketing roles across the gaming sector and a very gratifying year spent with Playson, I concluded it was a necessary step for my career progression, and I haven’t looked back.

How would you describe iSoftBet in a few words? What are iSoftBet’s main differences compared to other online casino games developers?

Our recently adopted mantra is 'Serious fun' and we’re aiming to embody this in everything we do. We want to create fun experiences for our partners and their players as well as everyone who works at iSoftBet.

Regarding our products, we always aim to deliver fantastic gaming experiences in a professional way.

How would you describe the beginning of 2021 for the company? What goals are set for iSoftBet?

iSoftBet kicked off the New Year with a bang. In February, we unveiled our new brand manifesto that aligns with our vision of delivering high quality gaming products that ‘inspire, innovate and entertain’ our clients. The rebrand sought to place our staff, partners, and their players at the heart of our development.

We also outlined our new company values focusing on respect, passion and curiosity, all bound by our new mantra of ‘Serious Fun’.

iSoftBet is one of the leaders in online casino games development, and already has over 100 games. In your personal opinion, what were the factors that enabled the company to reach such levels of productivity? More importantly, how does the company manage to maintain its position in the market considering the competition is growing all the time? 

There is a competitiveness in our industry that forces out large amounts of forgettable content, but we strive to put players first and build innovative experiences around their interests and behaviours. 

Our slots are multi-faceted and layered with innovative features that function together to create harmonious experiences.

We always go above and beyond with our campaigns that challenge the status quo, which reaffirms our position as a driving force in standout casino games and aggregation.

Another factor that has generated growth is our GAP platform with its unique features and player engagement solutions. We have made great strides in game and platform development over the past 12 months and operators are really responding to what we’re doing.

From time to time, we see some news about iSoftBet’s collaborations with other well-known online casino games providers. Are those collabs organized purely for certain technical aspects of games development, or do we have a chance to see some common products developed by iSoftBet with one of the other companies?  

It is a combination of both. Our global growth is driven by the introduction of top-performing titles and collaborating with renowned providers. Take our partnership Megaways™ titles for example, where we have seen immense customer appetite. 

Equally, taking our proprietary Hold & Win feature in a game such as Gold Digger and combining them with other popular features such as Megaways™ has ensured that we stand out from our competitors.

Quite recently, iSoftBet has presented the 7 years strategy of the iGaming industry development, created by your CTO Neal Garman. Could you explain some of the key aspects of this strategy for our readers? If this strategy works, are there any specific advantages expected for basic users of your products? 

Neal explains that the heavily regulated iGaming industry is often slow moving compared to other digital industries where emerging technologies are not subject to as much regulatory scrutiny.

Today’s players are young, well-educated and digitally savvy so they have higher expectations in terms of speed to market and innovation.

As a result, iGaming must learn to adopt fresher technologies faster and more effectively.

The white paper is entitled ‘Seven Years in the making’ due to our disruptive seven-year plan to build and invest in a highly agile, scalable, and secure globally available platform. Our vision for our platform is to instantly host any product, technology or currency, creating a global shop window of entertainment and gaming products, available to any audience, in any market, no matter when, where, how or on what device.

Over the course of the next seven years, we are committing to investing in the best talent and technology to build a highly adaptable platform for an anywhere, anytime data-driven future that allows our global network of customers to interact in a unique way in the fastest, most effective and enjoyable way possible.

What games are the best, in your opinion? Can you name three to five of the best iSoftBet slots? 

We have so many! Our latest flagship release, Moriarty Megaways™, combines more excitement and more features than we’ve ever included in a game, and is designed for thrill seeking fans that want the potential to win big.

Moriarty Megaways

Moriarty is the latest addition to our Twisted Tales game series. A little-known fact about the launch is that it fell in the same week as Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday, the author of the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Our smash hit Hold & Win title Gold Digger went down an absolute treat with our audience, while the visually striking Euphoria showed us that graphical style and aesthetic plays a huge role in the popularity of our slots.

Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways™ was another major hit for us, with an average of 25% more bets than any of our other iSoftBet Megaways™ title and which has seen it become a staple of our portfolio.

iSoftBet has a huge games portfolio. Does the team feel pressure to find new themes for games, or new ideas for the special game features? 

We have a great company culture here. To keep the team motivated and entertained in the past year of remote working, we have held regular Friday lunches where food is delivered all around the world to our staff, as well as Friday quizzes and drinks and really care about everyone’s well-being.

We want to create values that are alive, and that contribute to all of us connecting together as one company, regardless of where in the world we are.

For this reason, we created iSoftBet Connect.

iSoftBet Connect is a hub of internal initiatives for our staff to connect and get to know each other. This programme brings us together and provides opportunities to pursue our passions.

A happy and motivated team generates the best ideas and themes for new games and products, so we do our best to keep our staff satisfied and motivated. It really is that simple.

Slots and Table Games by iSoftBet offer advanced designs and graphics, unique features, bonus variations, and so on. Could you please tell us more about the development processes?

Slots are multi-layered with every element all needing to be in perfect harmony to create the ultimate entertainment product.

While the initial theme and graphics of a game is what entices players to check it out, it’s the innovative features and mechanics that keep players engaged long term.

The math model is key to the whole process, and a poorly constructed one is easily spotted by players, so it’s all about finding the right balance.

To make games players love, you must live and breathe and play them yourself. Our expert game producers are all players , so when you play one of our slots you are in safe hands. 

If we have players designing, delivering and playing our content we know every high, mid and low point that exists and eliminate as many bad experiences as we can. The combined ‘player power’ and passion of the entire team can shape a game for the better. This was most visible in our recent launch of Moriarty Megaways™, where innovative features and excitement combine to create a thrill-seeking gaming experience.

The company releases new titles on a regular basis, and many of your games become hits. How many games are made per month\per year at iSoftBet? 

We release new products on a regular basis and will soon be moving to three games a month with so much demand for new content, so many new markets and so many customers to integrate.

What releases can we expect in the near future? Can you tell me more about them? 

With the initial success that Moriarty Megaways™ has seen and the prolonged success of previous Megaways™ titles in the Twisted Tales games series, it is only a matter of time before you can expect the next smash hit so watch this space.

The Twisted Tales series has set the benchmark for the types of products we plan to continue producing, and you can guarantee the next launch in Q3 will continue to push the boundaries and offer players more excitement than ever.

Partners can expect to see our mantra of ‘Serious Fun’ emanating from everything we do going forwards. It will be visible not just in our marketing and creative expression, but also most importantly in the games and products we release.


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