Interview With Petra Maria Poola From OneTouch

Interview With Petra Maria Poola From OneTouch
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This exclusive interview with Petra Maria Poola head of Business Development and Operations at OneTouch online casino software provider is a must-read for any online casino gambler who wants to learn more about mobile online casino gambling, games creation, testing processes, and other curious insider stuff behind the products of the OneTouch company.

About OneTouch

For those gamblers who are into user-friendly online casino gambling, especially into mobile casino gambling in particular, OneTouch is the software casino provider that has met the mobile gambling needs. This company has taken a unique approach to mobile gambling, and offered some cutting-edge technologies for the most positive user experience. 

OneTouch is a comparatively young software developer, but it is their unique vision of online gambling as entertainment that brought it forward quickly as one of the leading mobile games makers. Since the rate of using mobile devices for all types of entertainment, including gambling, grows steadily every year, little surprise OneTouch continues gaining popularity, as one of the few providers that follow the trends of the niche. 

These are the reasons why CasinosHunter decides to organize an interview with a representative of OneTouch, to find out more about how the games are made, how the team’s unique vision is reflected in the creative process, and so on. All gamblers interested in online casino games are welcome to check this interview out!

Q/A Session With Petra Maria Poola, Head of Business Development at OneTouch

Hello Petra Maria Poola, thank you for finding time to answer our interview questions. Could you please tell a bit more about yourself and about your role at OneTouch, to introduce yourself to our readers? 

Nice to meet you! My name is Petra Maria Poola, and I’m head of Business Development and Operations at the mobile-first games developer OneTouch. 

I’ve been at the company for a year now, and can safely say that it’s been an incredible adventure! Every job has its ups and downs, but working every day with such a talented team is a real pleasure. 

Prior to my arrival, I was Senior Account Manager at the leading gaming events company SiGMA, having gained experience in marketing, client relations, financial planning and more for the regulated iGaming industry.

Petra Maria Poola, OneTouch

What does OneTouch mean personally for you? What values of the company do you also share? 

From a personal perspective, OneTouch is a fantastic place to work, and I consider myself lucky to have met such great colleagues.

As a company, we are known for our striking mobile-first designs and seamless single-touch interactivity. 

Although our offering is optimised for the full range of devices, our primary focus is on mobile gaming. And with the easing of lockdown restrictions set to continue across a range of global markets, we’re well positioned to provide high-quality entertainment to players on the move. 

What difficulties did the company have in 2020? Did the pandemic have any impact on OneTouch? 

As a company, we adapted rapidly and effectively, in part because our employees are able to work from home. In fact, as a business with operations that spread across more than five countries, we are accustomed to remote working. 

On the commercial front, the outbreak of coronavirus and ensuing lockdown restrictions caused a slight dip in the demand for mobile games such as our own. However, even for players stuck at home, mobile gaming still brings an extra level of convenience, so that decrease was not as sharp as some have made it out to be. 

Recently, the company has announced its collaboration with Relax Gaming. Earlier, we have seen the news about collaborations with several other well-known providers, and gambling platforms. Could you tell us a bit more about the deal? 

Our recent partnership with the established industry-leader Relax Gaming saw us become the latest content studio to benefit from the company’s distribution programme. We signed a platform-to-platform deal that enabled Relax’s renowned operator partners to benefit from our acclaimed multichannel gaming suite. 

The agreement played a key role in enhancing the diversity and quality of the titles available across Relax’s partnership network, which has grown significantly in recent months across a range of European markets, and we can’t wait to introduce our games to the company’s partners.

We have noticed that OneTouch makes approximately equal quantities of slots and table games. Is the company equally interested in developing both categories of games, or we can expect more focus on only one category in the future? 

In recent months and years, we have spread our resources relatively equally across both slot and table games. Just take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far in 2021, having released smash-hit slot titles such as Pip’s Quest and The Maiden and the Swordsman, as well as an engaging pirate-themed arcade game called Loot or Boot.

Loot or Boot, OneTouch

The highlight of the year so far, however, is the exciting series of live dealer games we launched in partnership with the luxury live casino studio Bombay Club. It offers multi-table betting options, a live chat function, a plush betting area and a separate VIP room with distinct rewards and promotions. 

The crypto-compatible offering fills a gap in the live dealer market for mobile-first content, and we’ve had very strong feedback on it so far. 

You began making Live Dealer Games comparatively recently. Should we expect other Live Games in the future? 

Of course! Currently, our live dealer offering comprises 16 roulette, baccarat and blackjack tables, which are among some of the finest available in today’s iGaming industry, however we are always looking to expand and improve our product range even further. Watch this space! 

Okay, let’s talk about the slots now. But first, can you tell us what was the biggest win in OneTouch history, and in what slot game? 

Our new decision-based real money title, Live Crash, has awarded wins of more than x64,000 to the most fortunate players of all! The high-octane affair sees gamblers predict the best time to cash out before their round crashes, and is targeted at players located within far-Eastern markets.

Live Crash, OneTouch

Can you name 5 of the most popular OneTouch slots, as for today? 

That depends largely on what part of the world you are in. In the CIS region, the most popular slots are Traveling Treasures India, Lucky Lion, Bubbles Bonanza, Fortune Miner and Juicy 7, while in Europe Steam Vault and our Watford FC Slot are also included on that list. 

On the other side of the Atlantic, our most successful slots in Latin America include Lucky Lion, Fortune Miner, Steam Vault, and our Watford FC Slot, but within Africa that selection also features Sumo Showdown.  

Slots by OneTouch are always well-designed and engaging. As far as we can tell, they are mobile-compatible, and have a lot of bonus features. How much time and effort is needed to develop them? 

That depends on the title in question. There’s a range of different factors at play, including the features that the game will include, the markets it is aimed at and the audiovisual effects it will showcase. 

As a general rule, each of our titles usually takes a few months to develop. 

How many new games are released per month or per year? 

We aim to launch one game per month, but again it’s a movable feast. We prefer to focus on quality over quantity, so although there are a large number of different titles in our portfolio, our primary emphasis is on making sure each one is world-class. 

How many people actually work on developing the games? 

We’re lucky enough to have several specialists located across departments around the globe - it’s a hugely talented team with a varied set of experiences. So, although the number of people working on a game depends on what that game is, our skilled staff ensure that our content always delivers the goods. 

Could you please tell us more about the games development process. What are the steps of making the game, from idea to release? 

OneTouch employees are given a broad creative licence to come up with their own concepts, even if some of those ideas are out-of-the-box. 

That means suggestions for a certain game usually come internally, although we always listen to and action operator requests as and when they are made. 

In terms of implementation, it’s a multi-step development process that includes sketching, design, sound checks, localisation and more. Our product pipeline is streamlined and efficient, driving results that speak for themselves. 

How are the features for new games chosen? 

Because we are given so much creative freedom, brainstorming is an activity with which we are very familiar. We like to keep a close eye on the competition, monitoring the day-to-day market offering in close detail. 

That said, some of the best ideas often arise outside of the workplace, so we have also come up with great concepts while socialising as a team. 

How do you decide upon the RTP rate for each game? 

A variety of factors enter the picture, and no single consideration takes precedence above the rest. Having said that, we generally aim for an RTP rate that matches the contemporary market average for a game of the same genre.


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