Interview With Moritz Blume From Booming Games

Interview With Moritz Blume From Booming Games
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Booming Games software provider delivers a truly booming experience to all online casino players due to the company’s entertaining products and unique winning features. Those gamblers who want to opt only for the best games will definitely benefit from checking out more about Booming Games’ approach to software development, in this detailed Q&A.

About Booming Games

Booming Games has been in the online casino gambling niche since 2014. In 2014, the company established its first headquarters on the Isle of Man. In 2018, Booming Games was licensed by the MGA, taking the company’s reputation a step further. The next year, in 2019, another reputable license was granted to the company, this time by the Swedish Gambling Authority. In 2021 Booming Games also got the UK Gambling Commission license.

Booming Games is also the holder of multiple awards in the egaming industry. The awards include, among others, 2018 Supplier of the Year Award, 2019 Casino Content Supplier Award, Mobile Supplier Award, and Software Supplier Award, 2020 Mobile Supplier Award, etc. 

Despite all the licenses and awards, the company is not a huge corporation, and yet, its productivity matches some of the bigger companies in the niche, because Booming Games make a new release every three weeks (and are planning to switch to the 2-weeks cadence)! The solid foundation of positive reputation laid by the company in its early years allows Booming Games to now work effectively on its products and services, because their trustworthiness has already been proved. 

Online slots by Booming Games stand out due to their various features; the players have something to choose from, including volatility, paylines, themes, etc. At the time of writing, the company has over 100 games in its portfolio, and we can expect the production tempo to rise with time. 

To learn more about the Booming Games titles and software, features, plans for the future, and expected new games, check out the full interview!

Q/A Session With Moritz Blume, Head of Product at Booming Games

Hello Moritz, thank you for joining our Q&A sessions with casino software suppliers! You are the Head of Product Management at Booming Games, could you please tell our readers a bit more about yourself and what are your responsibilities in the company. 

I have worked in the iGaming industry for more than 7 years now and so far it has been quite a journey for me at Booming Games. In the beginning, I was managing projects to help set up the whole infrastructure we needed to start building games. As soon as this was fully set up, I moved over to the product team where my real passion lies:

Building entertaining Slot games which everybody enjoys to play.

Whether you are a high roller or the time on device player, all player segments should enjoy playing Booming Games’ slots, that’s my mission - to make the players happy!

I have been with Booming from day 1, which is obviously a huge benefit since I know the team and all the processes very well. This results in a better work efficiency and the focus is fully on the Booming Games product. Our Games!

Moritz Blume, Booming Games

What challenges did you personally, and the company, face back in 2014? What achievements make you proud most of all now when you look back at these years? 

Back then we really were “greenhorns” without a lot of igaming experience, but we have always been very passionate about what we do. We started off with only a handful of people and used this to our advantage in terms of flexibility and state of the art tech and architecture.

In comparison to the leading suppliers with corporate structures, we have always been agile and could quickly react to market demands and challenges. This agility is still one of our strongest USP’s even though the team is ten times bigger now.

Flexibility is key in any online business. Hardware and Software is evolving continuously at a high pace, so we make sure that we are always up to date with our infrastructure and platform. It makes me very proud to see how much the company has developed.

How would you describe Booming Games in a few words? What are Booming Games’s main differences compared to other online casino games developers?

As a company, we are constantly striving for improvement. Booming Games’ focus is to deliver the highest quality and most innovative game products in the industry; and to this end, we have continued to invest massively in the growth of our game framework in order to ensure a continuous expansion of an attractive and diverse portfolio.

The year 2021 started strong for you with receiving one of the most reputable egaming licenses by the UKGC in addition to the one by MGA the company already held. This is proof of high quality and fair gaming features of your products. What other goals does the company have for the rest of 2021? 

The UKGC license approval was a huge next milestone for our regulated market approach and we have set high expectations for the upcoming months in 2021 and 2022.

We are intensively working on entering further regulated markets like Spain, Columbia, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal and Romania.

The goal is to have Booming Games ready and live in all the main regulated markets in Europe so our leading games can be available to all players.

I noticed that Booming Games has only slots in its portfolio. Does the company have any intentions about making Table Games, or perhaps Live Dealer Games, in future? 

We are an online slot provider and we are good at what we do, so for the moment I would like to stay focussed on slot games, but never say never…. 

We have recently interviewed Per Lindheimer from Nolimit City (read here) and there was a question about collaboration with Booming Games based on the xNudge® mechanics. We cannot but ask your opinion about this collaboration, as well. 

I think it is always important to have a good relationship with other game providers, competition stimulates the business from which all of us can benefit.  The Nolimit City team is very professional and it is a pleasure working with them. 

Does Booming Games have plans on making more games based on xNudge®?

Booming Games is constantly assessing popular mechanics to the players in the industry and is focusing on developing what players like most.

It is important to find the right balance between own innovations and proven trends.

What other collaborations can your gaming fans expect in the near future? 

We have signed a collaboration with Big Time Gaming for the Megaways mechanic and will release our first Megaways game in 2021.

We are looking forward to extending our portfolio with this proven and exciting mechanic. 

What most recent trends in the gambling industry attract your attention most of all? Could you share your opinion about what we are to expect from the online gambling industry in the upcoming years? 

As mentioned above we continuously try to find the perfect mix of Booming innovation and industry trends. Recent years have shown that the industry opened up to younger players enjoying online entertainment and innovation. These players do not only follow the well known trends from centuries of land based slots but are up for more features and new unknown mechanics. Booming Games is about to release a couple of completely new mechanics the industry has not seen before and we are excited to see the reaction of our players and hope to set more and more new trends in the coming years. 

In addition, the online gambling industry will continue to regulate even further and set higher standards for player protection. 

This is of highest importance to Booming Games and always incorporated in the core of everything we do. Innovation and game development are always paired with the highest regulatory standards and player protection. 

Let's talk about Booming Games products now. Just recently, you have released a new slot called Gold Hunter. I personally liked the Wild Multiplier Reel feature, I don’t remember seeing anything like that. How was this feature idea born? Is this really a unique feature by Booming Games?

Gold Hunter Online Slot, Booming Games

Gold Hunter is similar to one of our well known games “VIP Filthy Riches”. While VIP Filthy Riches was already a huge success, we focused on highlighting the main features of the game even more and implemented a lot more presentation highlights.

As soon as the player hits matching symbol combinations on the first 4 reels, which happens regularly due to the stacked symbols in this game, we start anticipating the 5th reel to highlight the Multiplier reel even more and make it obvious that the player can connect his winnings with up to 3 Multipliers highlighted via spotlights on the reel and entertaining sounds.

What other outstanding products by Booming Games should definitely be considered by online casino gamblers?

Crystal Classics Online Slot Booming Games

Crystal Classics, our next release! A cluster pay game with cascading reels which will blow you away with its continuous Wild features, its Multipliers and amazing Free Spins!

In comparison to many well known cluster games in the market, triggering wild features randomly along the gameplay, Crystal Classics creates massive excitement with every single winning cluster dropping between 1-5 Wilds for further combinations. The excitement is created by the combination of a larger grid with many symbols and the spreading of Wilds for players to connect new clusters with an ongoing thrill. It does not end there though as you can additionally land Multipliers on any of these Wilds. 

These give players a huge win potential. Crystal Classics gives up to 25 Free Spins which can even be re-triggered and players have guaranteed dropping Wild Multipliers with various multiplier values, up to 100x per Wild and various Wild Multipliers connecting in the same cluster. These exciting Free Spins can also be bought for 100x your bet to create immediate excitement.

A cluster innovation, which has never been seen before and we are very excited about.

Aside from many other new games coming up this year, we are also looking forward to mixing some of our unique and successful Booming Games features with the first Megaways game ideas coming up in 2021.

Could you please tell us more about the development of games at Booming Games, about creative processes, etc.? How much time and effort is needed to develop such games? 

This depends on the theme and complexity of the game mechanics but usually we are working on a game for about 6 month. The game mechanics together with the number of features and presentation determines the creative input and work of various departments, such as math, design and development. 

What is the development process of a game, from idea to release? 

That is a very complex process. We start with a pre production state in which we gather all the documentation and define all the details, moving on with the implementation phase, polishing, certification and releasing the game.

How do you decide upon features that are added to the game (wilds, bonus levels, free spins features)?

For me, a good game should have a storyline. This makes it easy to understand and enjoyable to play.

The combination of visuals and presentation needs to interact in the best possible way. 

Our ideas are developed in a very creative process where product, math, and stakeholders work together in a sort of modular structure and try to combine the best possible components in one game idea. We work with many stats, feature ideas and themes, and then approach a storyline from the theme, to the most suitable and mathematically entertaining feature combination.

How many games are made per month\per year at Booming Games? 

Currently, we are releasing a game every 3 weeks but we will switch to a 2 weeks cadence in Q4 2021.

I am really looking forward to it as we can provide an even bigger and more attractive portfolio but maintain a very high quality. Both operators and players will benefit from this change. 

Could you share some insider’s info with us? What other new games can we expect from Booming Games in the near time? 

As I already mentioned, we will release our first Cluster games this year which is a proven mechanic. Additionally, a Megaways game is planned plus a very new mechanic which was never used in the industry! Stay tuned…


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