Interview With Per Lindheimer From Nolimit City

Interview With Per Lindheimer From Nolimit City
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For those gamblers who love slots most of all casino games, this interview with Per Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City will open new perspectives on online slots gambling. In this interview with CasinosHunter, Nolimit City reveals its team’s sources of inspiration for new ideas, game development processes, and more.

About Nolimit City

While there are many online casino game software providers making slots for online casinos, Nolimit City is in a league of its own, in a good sense. Having made a healthy number of high quality, high RTP rate slots, this company has quickly gained traction in the niche, despite the fact of being comparatively young. 

Based in Sweden, holding some reputable licenses, and offering its games to players from countries where online gambling is fully legal and regulated, Nolimit City has gained the reputation of a safe and trustworthy partner and games provider. Regardless of the huge competition in the niche, in general, Nolimit City follows its own vision and plan of growth. 

Due to some unique features of those casino games created by Nolimit City, CasinosHunter decided to find out more about the company, its approach, its values, its safety measures, and future plans.

Q/A Session With Per Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City

Hello, Per Lindheimer, thank you so much for finding some time for this interview with We know that you have an impressive working experience, including working with such companies like Ongame Network and NetEnt. Would you mind telling a bit more about your experience in the niche in general, and about your job and responsibilities at Nolimit City?

Thanks for having me here! Well, I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and I’ve worked with both Poker and Casino, ranging from supplier to affiliate. It’s very different to work at Nolimit City compared to the others you mentioned – at Nolimit City we try to keep it with small and hard-working teams that are all highly skilled at what they do. It makes it easier for me to run the products. I do, with lots of help from my co-workers, everything from concepts, theme ideas, math and the full development from start to finish. I also work to an extent with marketing and compliance, which makes it pretty much “everything”. It makes it all just so much fun – and something that we all care dearly about. We make use of our in-house passion and knowledge really.

Per Lindheimer, Nolimit City

How would you describe Nolimit City in a few words? What are the things you personally appreciate about this company most of all?

Very focused and hard-working – we’ve got a very tight knit team, where everyone knows their responsibilities.

This gives everyone a lot of freedom and possibility to make a difference. We’ve got a number of industry veterans that enjoy working at Nolimit, and they’ve stayed together for a long time.

What are Nolimit City’s main differences compared to other online casino games developers? What is the main best asset?

We’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit still, even though we’ve “made it” in terms of not just being a small start-up. This is thanks to us still keeping a tight ship with a small organization. 

Our best asset is of course that the dudes and dudettes working here being very good at what they do, and constantly pressing to do something new that sticks out.

Part of Nolimit City team at the roof

How would you describe the beginning of 2021 for the company? What goals are set for Nolimit City? What directions or markets are currently under work?

The momentum of Nolimit City is very, very strong at the moment. We had a good 2020, but the start of 2021 has been EXTREME. I don’t think any other provider has launched so many strong titles after each other as we’ve done in 2021. The focus is to keep this momentum going and being humble and knowing that it’s hard work that’s needed to produce good titles.

We’ve gone from “unknown” to well-known in a very short time period. But the hard work has always been there, we’ve just become more effective.

From a market point of view, we’re going into multiple regulations at the same time – which puts a lot of stress on both the compliance department, as well as the developers – since new regulations mean even more requirements to fulfill. But this also means that players in these markets get a chance to play our games.

Recently, you have announced a collaboration with Booming Games, and the release of their new game with xNudge® mechanics initially invested by Nolimit City. What benefits does this collaboration provide to your company?

We’ve created some well known mechanics – like xNudge® and xWays® - which has been loved by the players. We’ve never jumped on the Megaways train, but I love what BTG has been able to build with their IP’s and mechanics. We’re just testing the waters in terms of what others can do with our mechanics, but we’ll keep the goodies mostly to ourselves.

Should we expect more new games created together with Booming Games?

This was for now a one off, we’ll see what comes out of it – or any other studio that picks it up. It’s important going forward, that it’s utilized by someone who can do it justice, otherwise it just gets watered down.

Nolimit City is one of the most popular software developers. Your games are featured in numerous online casinos. Could you please tell a bit more about things you pay attention to before you decide upon collaboration with another online casino? Since our platform is focused on online casino reviews, this aspect is truly interesting for us.

We’ve grown quite rapidly – both in terms of games and clients the last 12 months. It’s important that we find partnerships with professional casinos that want to grow in our markets. We get so many requests for our content right now, but of course you need a proper license and go through our due diligence to get our games. We’ll see a lot of growth in the new regulated markets that we enter – like Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Could you give three criteria that make you decide “for”, and three criteria that make you decide “against” collaboration with a particular casino site?

This is more for my sales department to answer, but it needs to be a professional outfit, with one or more licenses. We’d like to think that we produce professional products and expect our clients to be just as professional.

Have you ever had a case that a seemingly decent online casino site eventually turned out unfair towards you, or its customers?

Never seen it from a ”decent online casino”, but we’ve seen issues through our aggregator clients, where their customers haven’t been fair in our opinion. If they aren’t fair, then they get shut down from receiving our content – it’s just that easy.

What measures are taken in your company to make games provably fair?

We only use proper external test houses for our testing, which is very important when going into regulated markets like the UK or Sweden, where the certificates of a fair game is crucial. It’s the same game client and game servers that we use for any market (regulated or not), so that the player can feel that we’re a fair provider.

We’ve also been very vocal and present in casino forums to show that we’re not just a company – we’re real people – and that helps players to know that we’re not hiding in any way.

About Nolimit City Games

Nolimit City has made many cool slots, but we haven't found any Table Games. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Is the focus on slots only part of the company’s policy?

There are other game providers that are much better at doing table games. We’ll stick with slots – that’s where the fun and creativity lie in my eyes. Table games have set rules, and you shouldn’t/can't stray away from that or it won’t be played.

Can the players expect any Table Games at all by Nolimit City sometime in the future?

No, no.

What was the biggest win in Nolimit City history, and what slot game was it?

Since San Quentin xWays holds a max win of 150.000 times the bet– that’s also where we see the biggest wins times the bet. That game however has a lower max bet, so the monetary biggest wins go to Book of Shadows (so far).


Book of Shadows, Nolimit City

What games are the best, in your opinion? Can you name three best slots by your company?

Tombstone/Deadwood with the xNudge feature always make my heart race. East Coast vs West Coast is a personal favorite with its funky theme and wide variety of features, but it’s very close with Punk Rocker as well – that theme was just outrageously fun to work with.

A fun thing about Punk Rocker is that the theme was first inspired by a toilet in a shitty pub in London that a few of us visited. 

Punk Rocker Slot, Nolimit City

Dragon Tribe is a game that I always fall back to myself.

We have mentioned a unique mechanics xNudge® by Nolimit City before. What are other unique features of Nolimit City games?

xBomb from Fire in the Hole for example, and we’ve got a few more coming. East Coast vs West Coast featured the amped xWays feature which we call “Infectious xWays” that will be used in our June release as well. xPays is used in Monkey’s Gold – but I don’t think a lot of players took that to heart the same way as with the other mechanics. You can’t always succeed…

Could you please tell us a bit more about those features?

Whenever we come up with a feature, which we deem to be innovative and fun enough and that you haven’t seen before – that’s when we’ll brand it with the “X”. The x itself also holds a bit of “multiplier friendly” feature, with a wink to something being multiplied when it hits.

Slots by Nolimit City are well-developed and well-designed. How much time and effort is needed to develop such games?

First off – thanks. Secondly - a ton. You’d be surprised how much time and effort that goes into each and every game – regardless of it being graphics / animations, programming or sounds. Testing it might be the biggest effort in terms of man hours spent – but that also ties into “is the game fun enough”, and every team member needs to push the envelope to make a game become better.

What is the development process of a game, from idea to release?

It usually starts with a mechanic and an idea of a theme. A seed pretty much, with some general guidelines of what type of game we want to do. We’ve got a few outrageous themes in our games, and we do like the fact that we stick out. Once we’ve ironed out the kinks and got a math model that works – that’s when the hard work really starts. 

It’s a very iterative process and we do changes to math, presentation and pretty much anything with the game over and over until we’re happy. 

We usually do at least one or two major changes during the development process – something that makes all of us pull our hairs out in frustration on how much more work it’ll create.

How many experts are engaged in making one game?

We keep the teams quite small – but that means at least ”one expert” in each field – math, GFX, animations, client programming, sound and also test. At times we may bulk up on one or two of the areas, but usually only 1 team member in each area.

How do you decide upon features that are added to the game (wilds, bonus levels, free spins features)?

It’s a creative process where anyone is invited to pitch ideas, but it’s just a handful of people that creates the seed before the development teams take on the projects. It’s A LOT of time in front of a whiteboard and/or pen and paper…

How many games are made per month\per year at Nolimit City?

At least 12 games per year, so one each month. We release our games the first week each month – and occasionally we also drop a few extra games if we find the time to do so. In 2020 we released 15 games – so far we’ve only released 1 game per month during 2021.

What releases can we expect in the nearest future? Can you tell a bit more about them?

El Paso Gunfight xNudge, Nolimit City

We’ve got “El Paso Gunfight xNudge coming up in May – yet another Wild West themed game with xNudge® but also Jumping Wilds, so it’s not a Tombstone or Deadwood sequel per se. I’m sure that it will be a massive release – as players will like the new content we’ve pushed into a format they’re already quite familiar with. But there’s always a twist to it – otherwise it wouldn’t be a Nolimit City type game…

We’ve also got “Infectious 5 xWays” coming in early June, that’s going to be really fun to see how it’s received among the players. It holds a very potent mechanic that we now call “Infectious xWays” and also with a very fun theme. I don’t want to say too much, but keep your eyes open in the coming month or so…


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