Interview With Julia Saburova, Head of All41 Studios

Interview With Julia Saburova Head of All41 Studios
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All41 Studios is one of the so-called Microgaming suppliers - comparatively young companies that are already cool enough to partner with Microgaming, implement the most complicated technologies into their products, and reach many markets around the globe! In this interview, CasinosHunter learns more about All41 Studios, firsthand.

About All41 Studios

All41 Studios is a comparatively recent egaming studio. It was founded in 2018, in Tallin, Estonia, and almost immediately partnered with the huge online casino software provider Microgaming. In 2018, literally the year when the company was founded, it managed to get the 2018 G2E Asia Awards for their very first slot called Le Kaffe Bar, as the best industry innovation of the year. 

Today, All41 Studios works exclusively with Microgaming. Headed by Julia Saburova, this provider is able to enter numerous markets all around the globe, delivering its high quality slots to gamblers passionate about online casinos

While at the time of writing, All41 Studios’ portfolio is not that huge (yet), one of the outstanding things about this provider is the amazing level of quality of their slots. This is not surprising, of course, since they collab with Microgaming. However, one of the secrets is that the company currently focuses completely on slots, which allows the team to deliver the best results they can expect. 

Besides beautiful designs and graphics, and truly entertaining soundtracks, All41 Studios are not afraid to experiment with themes, genres, and features. Talking about technologies, the provider has already implemented the famous Megaways mechanic into some of their products. Moreover, the games by All41 are not to be downloaded, because all the products use HTML5 technology, making the software available on any devices. 

Considering the huge success of All41 from the very beginning of the company’s creation, it is safe to say that we can expect lots of new amazing games from this provider in the nearest future.

Q/A Session With Julia Saburova, Head of All41 Studios

Hello Julia! Thank you for finding the time and joining our Q&A. Could you please tell a bit more about yourself and about All41 Studios for our readers?

Hi, thank you for inviting me! I have been in the gaming industry for the last 17 years and what I love about this field is that every day I learn something new.

All41 was founded nearly three years ago and today All41 Studios is a fantastic cross-functional team of talented individuals who are passionate about slot games.

Over these years we’ve created an extensive portfolio of 22 slots with the mission to entertain, innovate, and deliver the very best gaming experiences to our players.

Julia Saburova Head of All41 Studios

In your opinion, what differentiates All41 Studios from other online casino game developers? What are the key advantages of All41 Studios?

The All41 team is young and hungry to succeed. We take a data-driven approach to each game by making sure we deliver only quality games with the focus on entertainment and player experience. We take roadmap planning and delivery very seriously, as it’s highly important for us that each and every operator is able to launch our game on the release day we have committed to.   

All41 Studios is a pretty young company, and yet, it is already the Microgaming supplier. How could you assess this opportunity to collaborate with Microgaming?

So far it’s been an exciting journey full of learning and great achievements.

We are very fortunate to be a partner of Microgaming; the partnership allows us to distribute our content to a large number of operators in numerous markets.

I am confident that our partnership will only strengthen over the years.  

Are you focused only on slots development, or perhaps you have plans on developing other types of games, like Table games, Live Dealer Games, etc? 

What a great question! We really love slots and for the foreseeable future we continue following our passion. Focusing on slots does allow the team to craft knowledge and bring even greater games to the market. But never say never, who knows what future can bring us to.

Would you be so kind as to raise the curtain a bit and tell our readers more about game development processes in the company? What is the game’s way from an idea to the end result?

Our process always starts with identifying game mechanics – once we know what features of the game we want to implement, we start thinking of game themes, graphics, sounds, etc. 

Our team takes a data-driven approach when it comes to game creation, and it really starts already at the game ideation phase. When picking game features or game themes, we want to be sure the game will perform, whether it’s something that’s trending currently or it’s something new we feel the market is really missing. Our decisions will be based on market research and analysis. 

At each phase of game creation, we make sure we provide quality, whether it comes to the technologies we use, or the overall player experience in our games.

At all times we only craft best of the best; we want our players to enjoy playing All41 games

Now, the most favourite question from our readers. What was the biggest win yet and in what game made by All41 Studios? Could you please tell us more about it?

Book of Atem WowPot Slot

It was a few months ago actually - back in April this year - when the player at one of the UK’s leading casino sites hit a €17.5 million win in our progressive jackpot game, Book of Atem: WowPot. It was the first ever Mega win on Microgaming’s WowPot jackpot, and we are very happy for the player who won such a large prize!

One of the most recent new games released by All41 Studios is the Temple of Medusa. This slot features Ancient Greek mythology, and the result is amazing. I personally liked the way you have developed the Wild symbol in this slot. What was the idea behind this feature, and what other features of this slot should be considered by our readers?

Temple of Medusa Slot

The spreading wild feature indeed provides the player with multiple ways to win, where the wild can expand vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. This game provides a lightweight entertaining experience by keeping the player chasing and hoping for higher win chances throughout the gameplay. Also, the free spins feature offers a player four different free spins options with spreading wild combinations. And as a special feature, we have added a Lucky Prize of 5,000x which can be triggered randomly throughout the game.

And finally, what new titles by All41 Studios can we expect in the near future? Can you tell our readers a bit more about the ideas, themes, or features of new games the company currently works on?

Book of Captain Silver Slot

In addition to our Book of Atem series (launched and very well received by our players back in 2020) we are about to release our next slot: “Book of Captain Silver”. This is a pirate-themed slot game with proven game mechanics, free spins bonus round and fixed jackpots that players will love.


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