Zombie Apocalypse in Canada

The Best And Worst Places For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse in Canada
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You have probably thought something like “Ha, what kind of zombie apocalypse? Like, in Canada? One of the safest countries in the world? Let’s be realistic, zombie apocalypses are only possible in movies or games!”

Perhaps you are right. However, a zombie apocalypse 2022 is a good all-up example of readiness to many different real situations and scenarios. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, you probably ran to buy some toilet paper, didn’t you? Or perhaps you had a fight for the last can of peanut butter? So… And by watching movies and playing games, we have already learned that the first sign of an ultimate apocalypse featuring zombies is a rare, unresearched disease, or an artificially created virus…

When is the zombie apocalypse? No one knows for sure, but it is always better to be prepared. Moreover, a new polling by Finder has shown that only 46% of Canadians are more or less ready for different types of catastrophes, or unpredicted survival scenarios. Only about 1\3 of the population (or even less) can be considered completely ready.

So, let’s get back to the zombie apocalypse thing and check out the safest and the most dangerous Canadian provinces for zombie apocalypse survival, considering the population density, and other factors we will explain below.

In Which Places Are You Most Likely To Survive?

Zombie Apocalypse Canada - Infographic
The research was based on analysis of the territories according to the following 3 criteria - population density, fresh water sources, military bases\fortified buildings where survivors could hide.

Is a zombie apocalypse possible? Probably, and we all would like to face it prepared. As it becomes obvious, in the case of a zombie apocalypse possible scenario, people in the northern parts of the country, such as Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, have higher chances for survival (but also higher chances of freezing). Manitoba is okay, too. It has a normal population density level, enough fresh water, and some military buildings that could serve as survival bases.

On the other hand, the most dangerous regions that provide minimal survival opportunities during the zombie apocalypse are the eastern islands - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The very first reason is of course the fact these are islands, with high population density, lack of fresh water, and lack of well-fortified buildings.

Also, western provinces seem to be better for survival during a zombie apocalypse than the eastern ones. When is the zombie apocalypse going to happen? Not sure, but right now, the safest places to escape are listed in this report!

If you would like to know more about our research on the topic, please feel free to check out the detailed report below.

Factor 1: Population

When people during a real zombie apocalypse are able to infect other people with a single bite (like in The Walking Dead series), or by breathing in the infected spores (like in The Last of Us game), escaping large cities is only logical. Therefore, the first important factor surviving the apocalypse when assessing the safety of a location is population density.

Zombie Apocalypse - Population Report
  • The infographic shows that, based on the population density data, the safest zones to survive the zombie apocalypse will be Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon, which is not a great surprise of course, because these provinces do not seem very comfortable for living. But the local population will for sure have some strategic advantages in a case of a zombie apocalypse
  • Prince Edward Island residents seem to be in the less advantageous situation if surviving the zombie apocalypse, having the population density of 28,9 per square kilometer. Obviously, the island is not stretchy, and secondly, escaping from it in the case of a zombie apocalypse will be a separate quest - unless you fall the victim to a virus even earlier

Below is a detailed table of all provinces with the data used for our calculations:

#NamePopulation (2021)ProportionLand area
density (per km2)
2Northwest Territories45,5040.12%1,143,793.860.04
4NNewfoundland and Labrador520,5531.37%370,514.081.4
7British Columbia5,214,80513.54%922,503.015.65
10New Brunswick789,2252.06%71,388.8111.06
12Nova Scotia992,0552.57%52,942.2718.73
13Prince Edward Island164,3180.42%5,686.0328.9

Source: Wikipedia

Factor 2: Fresh Water

Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? You don’t if you have no water. The second important factor is the large amount of fresh water, not only for drinking, but eventually for agricultural needs (because we assume that the malls are empty by a certain point right?)

Zombie Apocalypse - Fresh Water Report
  • Considering the freshwater amounts per 2 square kilometers, the most advantageous provinces are Ontario, and Manitoba. Northwest Territories and Quebec are also quite beneficial. In these provinces, people will be able to find enough freshwater for drinking, and for agricultural needs.
  • The most dangerous area is again Prince Edward Island, it has 0% freshwater per square kilometer. We have already mentioned this is an island right? And that escaping it might be a problem? Would you survive the zombie apocalypse here considering the population density and lack of water? Quite unlikely…

Please find more details below:

#NameLand area
Water area
Water / Total
Water / National
3Northwest Territories1,143,793.86163,02112.1%18.3%
4Quebec1 356 625,27176,92811.5%19.9%
6Newfoundland and Labrador370,514.0831,347.7%3.5%
8Nova Scotia52,942.271,9463.5%0.2%
9Alberta640 330,4619,5313.0%2.2%
10British Columbia922,503.0119,5492.1%2.2%
11New Brunswick71,388.811,4582.0%0.2%
13Prince Edward Island5,686.0300.0%0.0%

Source: Wikipedia

Factor 3: Army Bases

How long would you survive in a zombie apocalypse without a place to hide, rest, and sleep? The third factor we believe is really important is the presence of army bases or military establishments. Movies and games teach us how to survive an apocalypse, and that these places become the real strongholds for survivors, because they provide fenced areas, security, large stockpiles of weapons, and other resources that will enable people to protect themselves against zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse - Army Bases Report

We had several options of factors to include when calculating the level of safety in this or that province to make our doomsday map, but the fact is that the highest anti-zombie protection to survive the zombies can be provided by weapons. Good zombie is a dead zombie.

At the same time, the presence of the army as such does not guarantee security automatically, because the people can be located on different territories. Military bases, on the other hand, are always in the same places, keeping the fences and guardhouses, where the civilians can hide and survive zombie apocalypse.

Therefore, we have used the data on military bases for this surviving a zombie apocalypse research, including bases that were closed in the 90s due to the troop drawdown in Canada. Of course these old bases have no weapons anymore, but they have other resources for protection.

  • The obvious leader in terms of military bases for surviving zombie apocalypse is Ontario. There are 24 bases, 17 of which were closed back in the 1990s.
  • The smallest number of bases are located on Yukon, and Prince Edward Island. However, considering how small Prince Edward Island is, even one old military base is a huge advantage for those who would need protection. That’s the good news.

Please find more details in this table below:

Royal Canadian
Royal Canadian
Air Force
All servicesDefunct bases
and stations
3Nova Scotia0110810
5British Columbia011079
6Newfoundland and Labrador002147
8New Brunswick100056
10Northwest Territories000123
13Prince Edward Island000011

Important: the assessment is not complete, because we have only used the open source data, which is more likely not that accurate

Source: Wikipedia

Rating Of The Best And The Worst Places For Surviving

Will there be a zombie apocalypse? Probably, and you want to know your safety options. So, it seems that the safest province in the case of a zombie apocalypse would be the Northwest Territories. Here, we have the highest chances for survival due to low population density, and large amounts of freshwater sources. If this does not help, there are three military objects where people would be able to hide in case of emergency. And yes, if you plan to escape to the Northwest Territories province, don’t forget to pack your warm clothes.

Especially if you plan to escape from Prince Edward Island. It is characterized by the highest population density, lack of freshwater sources, but at least there is one old military base. If a zombie apocalypse strikes, people should have time to escape, or to barricade themselves on the island, trying to solve the freshwater source issue.

Here is the full rating:

#NamePopulation density
(max. score 50%)
(max. score 30%)
(max. score 20%)
Total Score (%)
1Northwest Territories5027481
4Newfoundland and Labrador4521874
9British Columbia359852
11New Brunswick209635
12Nova Scotia1012830
13Prince Edward Island53210

How To Prepare For A Zombie Apocalypse Guide

As it was mentioned earlier, only 46% of Canadians are ready for different catastrophes and unpredicted survival scenarios. If we want to imagine how many people are really truly ready, this number is two or three times smaller. Is zombie apocalypse possible? Maybe. Are other disasters possible? Way more possible. And people should be more prepared.

Just in case you would like to improve the level of your readiness for a zombie apocalypse or another type of emergency, check out the emergency kit list:

  • Water (1 gallon per person per day. You can consider getting a filter for water, too)
  • Food (non-perishable items that can be consumed for a long period of time)
  • Medical supplies (consider your own health condition to add specific prescription medications, but also take plenty of supplies for general medical needs)
  • Tools and utilities for everyday tasks (multi-tool, sticky tape, nails, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene items (supplies for washing yourself and cleaning your clothes/instruments)
  • Clothes and bedding items (sleeping bags or blankets. Don’t forget quality gloves)
  • Documents (IDs, medical documents, birth certificates, etc)

Talking about tools and utilities, let’s elaborate a little bit more:

  • hammer
  • knives
  • watch
  • personal locator beacon
  • binocular
  • axe
  • paracord
  • flashlight
  • backpack
  • fire starter kit
  • face mask with glasses
  • sticky tape

Hope these lists are useful!

img FAQ

Is a zombies apocalypse possible?

Can a zombie apocalypse happen? In theory, it is quite possible. Maybe it will not look like in movies, but as a phenomenon, it can happen.

Will there be a zombie apocalypse in 2022?

When will the zombie apocalypse start? There is no real information that a zombie apocalypse is likely to happen on any specific territory. This post just shows the actual data of preparedness for another, more realistic emergency, such as a hurricane.

What to do in a zombie apocalypse?

The first step is to collect all the emergency stuff, and try to escape to a less populated area which, at the same time, has fresh water and other resources. The second step is to find other survivors and team with them. The third step is to join more organized survivor communities, for example in military bases.

How to survive a zombie attack?

How to survive a zombie apocalypse? Weapons and being prepared are the best things you can get for a zombie attack.

What does a zombie look like?

Opinions differ, but most likely, zombies demonstrate deferred reaction, lack of intellectual activity, and sometimes their body parts can fall off. Could zombies be possible? Probably yes!

How long would a zombie apocalypse last?

That depends on many other factors such as the type of virus, the number of zombies, whether the governments will be able to organize themselves, etc. When will the zombie apocalypse happen, and how long will it take to overcome the infection? It is hard to predict without specific details and data.

img The Methodology

To define the safest locations in the case of a zombie apocalypse, we have used three key criteria:

  • population density
  • freshwater sources
  • safe places like military bases

We have followed the obvious rules:

  1. see a zombie - fight or flight
  2. a person can survive for 60 days without food, 3-10 days without water

CableTV has recently released a cool zombie apocalypse research for the US, and their research has given us the idea to make a similar research for Canadian provinces.

In their research, CableTV has used such criteria as farming facilities, and solar energy sources. We have changed these criteria for freshwater sources, and the presence of military bases, because:

  • it is almost impossible to farm without natural freshwater sources
  • water is more important than food, in terms of survival
  • we do not know how many solar energy sources will remain functioning, or will remain in non-infected areas, but we are sure that reliable protection and defence give higher chances of winning over zombies. Plus, military bases usually have diesel power generators, which are not eco-friendly, but also very useful

Now let’s get to numbers.

  • Population density (50% of score): A lower value positively impacts the score.
  • Freshwater sources being present (25% of score): A higher value positively impacts the score.
  • Military bases being present (25% score): A higher value positively impacts the score.
  • The data was normalized according to a 0-1 scale, making 0 the worst place for survival, and 1 is better. If you would like to pick a place for survival base beforehand, you would pick lands in the north and in the west, rather than in the east and in the south.

Hopefully, a zombie apocalypse will not happen in 2022, but in case it happens, hopefully it will not catch you on Prince Edward Island.

P.S. We love Prince Edward Island, this is a beautiful place, but in the event of a zombie apocalypse, you’d better be elsewhere.

Disclaimer: We are not experts in survival, so the whole post should be considered as an entertaining one. It does not contain a survival instruction, and does not guarantee your survival if you follow it.

No zombies were harmed when writing this post.