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Ripple is another cryptocurrency making its way through the market of digital payments. It is already accepted at many online casinos together with BTC, LTC, and others, but many gamblers still have doubts about gambling with XRP (Ripple’s token abbreviation). This detailed overview by CasinosHunter explains all the perks and pitfalls of Ripple.

Best Ripple Casinos

While Ripple is already a well-known cryptocurrency, this fact alone does not make finding a trusted online casino with Ripple easier. This is why CasinosHunter has already taken care of the players’ interests and provides a list of the best and more reliable online casinos that use Ripple. Choose your best Ripple casino below!

Top 12 Ripple (XRP) Online Casinos in 2021

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Ripple Online Casino vs. Regular Casino

Those gamblers wondering what are the key differences between a Ripple online casino and a regular online casino that only accepts fiat currencies, may take advantage of the table below. 

Assessing the real perks and pitfalls on an online casino may be complicated without being aware of the peculiarities of gambling with digital coins and with regular cash.

This is why the gamblers should pay close attention to many aspects, including the similarities and differences, if they choose between a crypto casino option, and a regular web casino, to play for real funds.


Online Ripple Casino

  • Fast transactions that may take up to a few hours maximum
  • All payments are anonymous thus protecting the parties’ sensitive data
  • Transactions are completely transparent, can be tracked, and cannot be reversed
  • Neither software providers nor online casino sites offer games exclusively for bets in Ripple
  • Ripple is comparatively rare, so some casino sites may apply complicated rules to regulate its usage on their platform
  • Customers depositing with Ripple are unlikely to be able to play Live Dealer Games (unless they exchange to fiat money)
  • At the time of writing, there are no known casino sites that have bonuses exclusively for customers depositing in Ripple; but general cryptocurrency bonuses might be available

Regular Online Casino

  • Transactions in fiat money may take up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the banking method
  • Transactions are not anonymous and can be used to steal sensitive data of the payer or the payee
  • The player has no control over the transaction, and often cannot track its status
  • Players depositing and betting in fiat money have an almost unlimited choice of casino games
  • In most cases, payment rules for fiat money are more comprehensive
  • The majority of online casinos have no problems allowing bets on Live Games with fiat money (with few exceptions)
  • Almost every online casino has some attractive bonuses based on fiat currencies
Online Casinos

Best Ripple Casino - What to Pay Attention To Before Playing

If the player is fully aware of the peculiarities and perks of the Ripple online casino and a fiat-money-friendly online casino, this knowledge is still not enough for choosing the most secure, reliable, and beneficial web platform for betting. This is why CasinosHunter offers a more detailed list of the key aspects that become decisive when it comes to real money online casinos.

Advantageous Bonus Rules

Advantageous Bonus Rules

Bonuses are very attractive for all gamblers, especially if making bets in cryptocurrency. However, not all bonuses are created equal, and not all of them are worth being claimed. All casino gamblers are recommended to check the wagering requirements, bets allowed, and other limitations applied to bonuses, in order to avoid unfavourable offers.

Exclusive Ripple Games by Reliable Providers

Exclusive Ripple Games by Reliable Providers

There are no known casino games that have been created specifically for bets in Ripple. However, there are many games created specifically for betting with cryptocurrency, so every player depositing in Ripple may get access to those. All players, though, should check the availability of such games early, to avoid disappointment.

Beneficial Deposit and Withdrawals

Beneficial Deposit and Withdrawals

Just being allowed to deposit in Ripple, or any other cryptocurrency of your choice, does not mean yet being offered truly advantageous deposit and withdrawal rules. The players must check the available payment channels, minimum deposits and withdrawals, maximum withdrawal limits, and currency exchange options if any. Otherwise, it is impossible to assess whether playing with Ripple in this or that casino is truly advantageous.

Positive Reviews

Positive Reviews

Online casino’s reputation is one of the most important aspects to check, since the games and rules may change, but the reputation is accumulated during the years. The newer is the casino site, the more thoroughly the potential customers must check it. Look for real players’ feedback on the web, and for any additional certifications or seals of trust by independent parties.

Adequate Customer Support

Adequate Customer Support

Customer Support is crucial, because they will help the customers in every case, offer bonuses, help with technical complications, verify the account, and handle complaints (if any). This is why all potential customers are recommended to address the Customer Support early, even before making an account with the site, and check whether the Support is helpful and adequate.

Peculiarities of Playing Ripple Casino Slots

One of the main advantages of Ripple as a cryptocurrency is that it is backed by several big companies, and therefore it features stability and flexibility at the same time. In contrast to several other, more famous types of coins, Ripple is free of such huge fluctuations and value drops and rises, therefore making a good option for more or less predictable funds for online gambling. 

Another interesting feature of Ripple is that the companies backing it enabled it to be processed by some banks, thus legalizing Ripple to a certain extent and also giving it more reliability and security in the eyes of less technologically advanced folks. This way, those betting with Ripple can afterwards withdraw their winnings either to an e-wallet or even to a bank account. However, this option is limited to a few countries.

Live Casino Ripple

At the time of writing, there are no Live Dealer casinos in the world that offer betting exclusively in Ripple; moreover, unfortunately, among all the cryptocurrency Live casinos in the world, few even accept Ripple as one of the other digital currencies allowed for depositing and betting. This is mostly caused by the fact that Ripple is less famous among average folks, and therefore there is less demand for it at Live Dealer casinos

However, some Live casinos do allow betting on their Live games with Ripple, along with other digital coins. Customers that want this option may choose from casinos listed by CasinosHunter, or they should choose on their own, opting for bigger Live Casinos accepting a wide range of currencies.

Laws and Regulations for Ripple Casino Gamblers

Interestingly, Ripple is one of the most legal cryptocurrencies, because it has already scored some wins in several court cases. However, this is only true for the US, where, as most of us know, online casinos are virtually prohibited or restricted. 

In other countries and jurisdictions, Ripple enjoys (or suffers) the same situation as other cryptocurrencies - it is either completely banned, totally unregulated, or partially regulated. It all depends on a particular country and jurisdiction, so it is hard to tell in general. 

If the customer wants to deposit and bet in Ripple, but their preferred online casino does not allow them to do so (considering that players from other countries can do so). most likely it is the sign of Ripple being in an unfavourable position in this location. However, if Ripple is allowed for depositing and betting, the players are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I win real cash at a Ripple casino online?

Yes, if you deposit and use real funds for betting, and you are lucky enough, it is totally possible to win some real money. If you want more chances, choose the highest RTP rate in every game, be it a game of chance or a game of skill.

How to get a No Deposit bonus at online casino Ripple?

Ripple casino No deposit bonus is almost impossible to get, because No Deposit bonuses in the form of cash are rare, while cash bonuses in cryptocurrency are something no online casino offers. If you get a No Deposit bonus at a cryptocurrency casino site, most probably these will be Free Spins granted for Sign Up. In this case, your currency of preference is not important. Just sign up and claim those Free Spins!

Should I use VPN to win real money at Live casino Ripple?

If you want to bet in real money, win, and withdraw real money, be it cryptocurrency or not, and be it a Live Dealer casino or a regular one, never use VPN software. The operator will find out that you conceal your real location, and your account will immediately be blocked.

Can I exchange Ripple to Bitcoin casino currency right on the site?

Yes, the best cryptocurrency casinos provide the option of currency exchange right on the platform. However, please keep in mind that specialized platforms usually have more advantageous exchange rates.

How to win in Ripple casino slots?

The most guaranteed way to win more than lose when playing slots is to choose high Return To Player rate games, starting from 95% and higher. The higher the RTP rate, the more the player wins in the long term.

Can I win Progressive Jackpot with Ripple?

Most probably you will not be allowed to make bets, and therefore win, in Progressive jackpots if you bet in Ripple or other cryptocurrencies. The point is, most Progressives are available across different platforms, while each platform decides whether it does or does not allow cryptocurrency. As a result, Progressives are only available for fiat currency bets and wins.