Interview With Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic

Interview With Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic
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If you’re interested in the online casino gambling industry and its innovations, you must for sure be interested in Stakelogic software developing company. Learn more about Stakelogic, the company’s games, technologies, and other products, in this new Q&A with CEO Stephan van den Oetelaar!

About Stakelogic


Stakelogic was founded in 2014, and it was initially a subsidiary company of Novomatic, one of the leaders in the online gambling niche. Stakelogic worked with the visual aspects of the gaming products, while other companies delivered other elements for Novomatic. Later, the company became independent and after this long path in the industry, today, Stakelogic is one of the really innovative and productive companies out there. 

At the time of writing this overview, Stakelogic has 164 online slots and table games that are already available for play, most of their slots in the HTML5 technology. There are also in total 22 Live Dealer table games also released by Stakelogic. The Live casino games include classic blackjacks, roulettes, and some impressive money wheel game shows, making those games truly enjoyable. 

Stakelogic has licensed by three international licensing bodies - the UKGC, the MGA, and Romania’s National Gambling Office (ONJN). The games are supported in 20 languages, thus being available to players in many jurisdictions. Stakelogic, in its turn, now has over 150 employees in 5 countries. Despite the fact that the team is already pretty big, the company places lots of focus on its employees and their well-being. 

To find out more about the company’s history, products, vision, game technologies, and game features, check out the new Q&A with Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic, organized by CasinosHunter!

Q/A Session With Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic

Hi, thank you for finding time to take part in our Q&A session! Would you please start by telling our readers a bit more about yourself, your role at Stakelogic, and how did you start working with the company? 

My name is Stephan van den Oetelaar. I studied electrical engineering and business economics. With my previous companies I developed software for the utilities companies and the financial industry.

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic

In all honesty, before 2018 I had no knowledge of the online gambling industry. I got interested in the online gambling business because of the market size and the growth projections for the upcoming years. There are not many industries that double in size within a 3 year time frame.

In April 2018 I started game supplier Triple Bells, which provided its first 5 games to Unibet. In August 2018 Triple Bells acquired the Dutch game supplier Stakelogic from Greentube/Novomatic. 

Today Stakelogic employs 150 employees in 5 countries and operates 164 games for more than 500 clients worldwide.

Stakelogic was established with the assistance of Greentube and Novomatic, and it’s been a while since the company was founded. Therefore, Stakelogic was and is backed by some considerable talent and experience. But currently, Stakelogic is a brand of its own and is not associated with Novomatic anymore? 

As a Novomatic group company, Stakelogic performed specific tasks within the game development process. Stakelogic at that time mostly made online versions of famous Novomatic arcade games, whereby most IT related tasks were performed by other group companies.

Before the take-over August 2018 Stakelogic produced appr. 1 game per month. As a game studio in the Novomatic Group, Stakelogic merely produced the graphics of its games. Other game components, as e.g. sounds, animations, maths, game logic and game client were subcontracted to other group companies and (external) third parties. Also the remote game server in Malta was built and maintained by a third party. Stakelogic distributed its games through 4 operators, of which one was the (former) mother company, Greentube.

Today, Stakelogic is an ISO certified, end-to-end, software factory.

I am of the opinion that it is only possible to tune and tweak a game to the last detail in order to achieve the ultimate player experience, if all key competencies are under the same roof.

Stakelogic therefore insourced all key competencies. Graphics, animations, sounds, game logic, front- and backend development are all done inhouse.

Stakelogic generates 75% of its revenue with games that were created since August 2018.

Your site says that innovation is the secret ingredient for your success, and your slogan is “Think bigger”. In your opinion, what other features, or values, or vision, make Stakelogic stand out from the crowd of competitors? 

For one, every game is new and different. Stakelogic doesn’t do copies or re-skins. Of our top-10 best performing games, 8 were produced in the last 3 years.

An example of the typical Stakelogic feature is Superstake.

The Superstake feature, which provides a different player experience, is activated by 60% of the players, resulting in a 100% higher wagering. Superstake is now implemented in 36 Stakelogic games.

One of our most important values of Stakelogic is the care for its employees. Stakelogic has a balanced, in-house developed, HR -system, called: Development and Appraisal System (DAS), ensuring employees are supported in their career development in an accurate and structured way. For a game supplier, people are the most important asset. 

It is the vision of Stakelogic that the online gambling industry will continue to consolidate in the upcoming years.

There are too many small operators and there are too many small game suppliers. As the online gambling market will become more mature and professional, higher quality standards and regulatory requirements will be imposed on game suppliers. At the same time, margins will become more competitive, and more jurisdictions will regulate online gambling and implement/apply gambling tax.

Therefore Stakelogic implemented a growth strategy, to expand into new markets, to diversify into Live Casino, to ensure Stakelogic will end up with a place between the big game suppliers.

Stakelogic specializes in making HTML5 slot games with 3D visuals. Will it be your main focus for the future, as well, or are there any plans on developing other types of casino games, too? 

Yes, at Stakelogic we will diversify into the Live Casino market. We are currently building two live casino studios (in Malta and The Netherlands). 

Stakelogic is known for many collaborations with other companies in the online gambling niche. In your opinion, what is the most successful collaboration so far? 

An example of a very strong collaboration was obviously with the Serbian game supplier Smart and Applied. We worked together very closely for 3 years and from June 2021 they became part of Stakelogic. The former owners of Smart and Applied are now in the board of Stakelogic.

And of course we have our development partners who participate in the Greenlogic program. These game suppliers develop games in cooperation with Stakelogic, which games are then distributed by Stakelogic to Stakelogic clients. The Greenlogic program has proved to be an instant commercial success.

There are over 140 slot games in your portfolio. Can you please share what is the creative process of developing a new game at Stakelogic, from the idea to release? How much time does it take to make one game? How many games does the company make per month?

At this moment Stakelogic has 164 games operational with clients. Since Triple Bells took over Stakelogic in 2018, the company took a more pragmatic and analytical approach towards game development.

First we decide for what player group the next game is going to be developed. Based on analysis of our back-office data and market data, we decide which game elements are considered to be in-demand for this specific target player group at that moment. This includes volatility, hit rate, type of features and bonus game. With those ingredients the Stakelogic art directors create a new game concept.

The concept development might take up to two months. The development and testing of a game takes approximately 4 months.

This approach does not guarantee the success of a game, however, it does prevent the complete failure of a game. Sometimes, game developers tend to make a game too complex. A new game should be new and different, but the player should feel familiar with the game play at same time.

Stakelogic creates about 4 games per month.

As far as I know, Stakelogic makes Megaways games and branded slots. Do you make these games fully in-house? 

Yes, we do.

Could you please tell our readers more about this unique Superstake feature? 

Super Stake Feature

Superstake is best described as a side bet, which provides a more attractive base game (in contrast to other side bet features in the market, which generally just provide a higher win in the bonus game). 

In most games it takes about 50 to 200 spins to trigger the bonus game and the hit frequency of the bonus game often relates to the average payout of the feature. Nowadays bonus games are mostly based on free spins with unique features.

By activating Superstake the player doubles the bet size, whereby the chance to get in the bonus game increases. The experience with Superstake is that players tend to play longer, with a higher stake, as the game becomes more attractive to play the (base) game. Since the introduction of Superstake mid 2020, 60% of the players activate the Superstake feature, in which case there is a doubling of the wagering (and Gross Gaming Revenue).

The latest releases by Stakelogic are Lucky Gold Pot, Extreme Megaways, The Expendables New Mission Megaways. Are you happy with the feedback on these products so far?

Upcomming Stakelogic Games

These games perform as expected. Because of our development procedures, games seldom underperform. That’s why operators take every game we release.

Now one of the most favourite questions - what is the maximum possible win in your slots, and in what game? Have there been any big wins on Stakelogic games already?

Bandits Thunderlink Online Slot

The biggest multiplier is on Bandits Thunderlink. The maximum win is 50.000 times your bet.

In the first 48 hours after the release of this game, the max win occurred 5 times… 

The last question - what new releases by Stakelogic should be expected in the nearest future?

Joker Drop, El Dorado, Old Fellow, and El Patron. These games are all considered global content. 

Joker Drop, Old Fellow, and El Patron are high volatile games.


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