Trends of Online Casino Gaming in 2022

Trends of Online Casino Gaming
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CasinosHunter has organized a round-up to take a sneak peek into how the online gambling niche develops and what trends are on the way in 2022. To those interested in gambling, we have collected the opinions of the representatives of the leading online casino software providers and aggregator platforms. Check out what awaits us in 2022!

Online gambling niche changes and evolves so quickly these days that not only businesses in the niche, but also gamblers feel the necessity to track the trends, in order to avoid lagging behind. CasinosHunter decided to investigate a little bit and collected some useful information for the players. 

We have asked our partners, online casino software providing studios, a question about the upcoming gambling trends in 2022. Their insightful comments about the trends and upcoming changes give us all a bigger picture of what to expect in the niche of online gambling, what new technologies we can look for, and what game features are available out there. 

Just for a short overview, these are the trends suggested by our partners: 

  • further development of the 5G network for fast games download
  • improved games sound
  • VR games development
  • cryptocurrency online gambling
  • the global trend towards the Metaverse gambling
  • support of smaller games studios for more diversity
  • customization tools for games

Below, you can read the detailed comments and opinions of the leading experts in the niche, people with many years of experience behind their backs, uncovering what can await us ahead.

Round-Up Q&A With Casino Games Developing Experts

Lars Kollind
Lars Kollind
Head Of Business Development at iSoftBet

The gambling industry is very dynamic and fast-moving so making bold predictions can be brave. In such a tech-first sector, we can expect some really exciting innovations though.

The global trend towards the Metaverse and more AI-driven content is something that could be hugely successful in iGaming if adopted correctly. In addition to this, we’ll continue to see people push the boat out to find incredible new mechanics that take the industry by storm.

Andrzej Hyla
Andrzej Hyla
Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan

We are firm believers in the need for constant innovation and staying ahead of the curve as a supplier. What we have recently seen is a surge in players' desire for customisable gaming experiences, and with Freedom of Choice™ being one of our core values, Wazdan has been riding the wave since its inception.

Customization tools, such as our trademarked feature, Volatility Levels™, will play a key role for suppliers looking to differentiate from competitors by facilitating the creation of flexible experiences, allowing players to modify the size and frequency of their wins as they please! All players are catered to, including those that enjoy highly volatile products bringing less frequent but sizeable wins. Those who prefer low volatility entertainment can alter their experience to suit their preferences.

Peter Vozar
Peter Vozar
COO at Tom Horn Gaming
Tom Horn Gaming

The commercial use of 5G is an incredibly hot topic right now, and I  believe that we might see the mass use of the 5G network become a reality in late 2022 or early 2023.

The 5G network will provide end users with a significantly higher real-life download speed, latencies as low as only a few millisecond, and unlimited data transfer. This technological leap will be transformational and it will have a profound impact on the ways and possibilities of how game providers offer their new games. 

We will no longer perceive the game size, graphics, animations and sounds as limitations on game development. We will be able to supply more action, dynamic gameplay and even create an immersive story to engage players more.

Some slot games will bear a more resemblance to classic video games we play on traditional gaming consoles or films with first-class camera work. 

The game sounds will change as well. Not so much the quality, because here we are still limited by the technical capabilities of small speakers in mobile devices, but the complexity and immersiveness of sounds. I believe that the phenomenon of repetitive background loops will be history.

Many downloaded megabytes up for grabs on the horizon! :)

Samuel Žido
Samuel Žido
Game Producer at Tom Horn Gaming
Tom Horn Gaming

I think there are two areas to consider when it comes to the 2022 gaming trends. First, just like any other industry, the  igaming community will brush up on tried-and-tested concepts. We will see a number of ‘remakes’ of popular evergreen slot games gracing casino lobbies. This approach brings a flare of nostalgia, whilst enabling a younger demographic of players to get a taste of what their ‘parents’ used to play back in the day :)

Second, game development will be marked by an eclectic approach where we will combine the uncombinable - from features to  themes. Interesting times ahead.

Tereza Melicharkova
Tereza Melicharkova
Head of Marketing at Swintt

From a game developer's point of view, it will be innovative content that keeps players entertained. When I say innovation, I mean simple inventive features that bring something new to the players, however, the game rules are still very clear and the players understand the features within a very short time.  We sometimes see the mistake that innovative approach is complicated and not easy to understand and these games have a very short lifetime. I am very excited about Swintt's April game release, The Crown, which is not only a branded title in a collaboration with Vinnie Jones but this game introduces several bonus features with an innovative base game.

Hmayak Manukyan
Hmayak Manukyan
Head of Sales at Slotegrator

The last three years have been decisive in many respects in identifying the main trends for the online gambling industry for the upcoming future, and now these trends are becoming more apparent. I would like to highlight the most actively developing trends.

In just a very few years, VR games have a great potential to be as commonplace for players as slots, sportsbook betting, etc.

During the pandemic, we have witnessed the exciting cases of using this technology to organize some online iGaming expos. Now players have a chance to try their favorite games. For example, some leading providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have started offering VR-based casino games. At the same time, VR technology will need more time to become affordable for more players.

More and more casino platforms are now aimed at developing mobile-ready versions of their web-based platforms. Providers will continue improving the visual quality further as the goal is to offer the best gaming experience. The smartwatches’ innovations will provide players with casinos, which is definitely a new trend. Even though they can’t offer much in terms of visuals, they will provide great convenience, and I think we can expect growing interest in betting using these devices.

Last but not least, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will keep strengthening their positions and have the potential to replace traditional currencies in some gaming markets.

Will Burrows
Will Burrows
Vice President, Design at Crazy Tooth Studio®
Crazy Tooth Studio

One trend I see continuing in 2022 is for the quality of gaming experiences to keep improving. Studios like us are constantly upping our game, excuse the pun, with design, sound, math - everything - and I see this continuing as top studios want to stay on top and new studios want to make a mark. I also see more and more studios trying new themes and new mechanics. There's always the impulse to capitalize on what has worked already, and some players like familiarity, but introducing new ideas is what keeps the industry exciting.

Vsevolod Lapin
Vsevolod Lapin
Head of product at Playson

Firstly, the most welcoming trend of all will be the gradual fading of Covid restrictions. Most of us are ready to put the pandemic behind us and enter a new reality where we learn to coexist with Covid. 

Therefore, as we return to normality, we should not expect further uplifts caused by lockdowns. Within our industry specifically, expect to see more consolidation. 

2022 has already begun with a few notable deals being announced and as markets evolve, it’s inevitable that more companies will become the subject of M&A activity. That will drive more examples of larger game providers transitioning to publisher-as-a-service models to support smaller game studios, helping to increase the variety of content that they can offer to operators and players.

We should also anticipate further roll-outs of 5G across several markets, with more phones coming 5G compatible. This will be a game-changer for the casino industry and reinforce the importance of mobile-first content. 5G will make content delivery much faster and raise the bar for the overall quality and speed of games, with players benefitting from almost immediate loading times. 

That really excites us and allows a company such as Playson to push the boundaries, creating the next generation of mobile content that players will thoroughly enjoy. 

We strive to strengthen where and when we can, with 2022 set to be an important year in regard to an ambitious strategy we have set out. It’s fascinating times for everyone involved with Playson, as we continue on our mission to deliver satisfaction to people worldwide.

Kate Puteiko
Kate Puteiko
Product Marketing Team Lead at BGaming

From the game provider's point of view, I see the future in the diversification of the game portfolio. Everyone will try to make themselves universal, successfully covering any needs of customers and players. Also, year after year, the trend of accelerating the gameplay is only firmed – those who can support the players' need for speed or offer something unique will take the lead. Last but not least, I also expect that streaming content should reach a new level, give players more involvement, and bring gambling and gaming even closer.

Final Thoughts: What Gamblers Should Expect?

According to the representatives of our speakers above, many interesting things happen right now, and will happen in the online casino gambling industry in future. Obviously, the technologies will continue to evolve at a quick pace, so we can expect beautiful graphics, more elaborate mechanics, and probably more transparent gambling, as well. 

Online games providers will continue competing with each other in complexity of the games, variety of themes, etc., but the marketing aspects will also step forward in the studios’ being or not being successful on the market. 

To get a more detailed picture of each upcoming trend in terms of what it will mean for regular online gamblers, please check out the analysis below. 

5G Network 

The quick development of the 5G network will enable the studios to offer full-fledged gambling software for mobile devices, without the need of sacrificing the game's beauty or quality just for the sake of making it available for access. 

The updated network will allow a much faster game download, unlimited data transfer, less glitches when playing, and generally a better user experience as such. 

Game Sound 

Experts expect the game sound to change significantly within a comparatively short time. Players seem to be irritated by low quality sound, while high quality soundtracks and effects make the game more satisfying to play, and therefore the players enjoy it longer and more often. 

Obviously the range of sound quality will still be somewhat limited by the capacities of the mobile devices’ speakers, but overall, the sound is to become more immersive. 

VR Games 

Everyone expects the development of VR online casino games, and many providers predict that, but in reality, few providers actually do that. Yet, VR gambling has a huge potential, especially for Live Dealer online casinos, and for sports betting. 

Not so much for slots and other automated games, and this is probably the reason why VR games are so slow to win the market; the majority of gamblers prefer automated games, and are not willing to pay more just for a more beautiful picture. 

Gambling in Metaverse 

The real perspective opening for VR online casino gambling is gambling in the Metaverse. This is a huge global trend, because the Metaverse allows to combine many types of entertainment and online experience all in one place, offering something completely new. 

Moreover, AI-driven content can make user experience super customizable and super enjoyable. Currently, people are pushing the boundaries to invent new mechanics for gambling inside this digital world. 

Mobile-Ready Versions 

Mobile online casinos and games are not even a trend today, rather, a new reality of any provider and casino that wants a chance of being competitive. More and more companies start developing their mobile-ready versions of products before they make desktop versions. 

And this is good news for the players, because the overwhelming majority of players actually do use mobile devices to gamble. They are handier and easier to use anywhere and anytime, and those casinos or games that are not available on mobile will just be avoided. 

Cryptocurrency Gambling 

As cryptocurrencies strengthen their positions, become more stable, and also more legitimate in many countries, crypto gambling also takes the user experience to the new level. Some experts even believe that crypto will replace fiat currencies in online gambling in certain markets eventually, for a bunch of reasons, including convenience and safety. 

Therefore, players of the jurisdictions where crypto is allowed, or at least not prohibited, will see more and more offers from betting platforms. Also, more e-wallets will become available for payments to and from cryptocurrency casinos


Customization is a huge trend already, and those online casino software providers that ignore it, or cannot provide at least some customization tools technically, are already losing the long-term strategy. 

Such tools as volatility levels, or choosing the bonus features, or changing other aspects of user experience like night mode, or left hand mode, will win the hearts and minds of the players, simply because the game creators show that they care. The more the player can modify their gambling within a flexible game, the more such games will stand out from the crowd and win attention. 


While larger and older providers always have an edge in terms of experience, financial support, access to technologies, etc., smaller independent studios often have the innovative approach and vision that their bigger competitors lack. This is why the trend is to include smaller studios into the network of big suppliers, thus increasing the variety of content produced. 

This way, all parties win, because smaller studios get access to the technologies and marketing and licensing they wouldn’t otherwise have, big companies have fresh content, while the players can enjoy new games that are safe and high quality at the same time. 

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