Interview With Jess Beker, Marketing Manager at Dragon Gaming

Interview With Jess Beker, Marketing Manager at Dragon Gaming
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Jess Beker, Marketing Manager at Dragon Gaming, agreed to participate in our Q&A and tell CasinosHunter more about Dragon Gaming’s products, creative approach and processes, vision and values. Please learn more about Dragon Gaming software provider in this full Q&A below!

About Dragon Gaming

Dragon Gaming

Dragon Gaming studio has been in the niche as a separate brand since 2019, but the actual experience of the team started in 2004, when they started making casino games for a famous online brand. 

While back then, the team could not work on their own products, this experience allowed them to learn, experiment, explore their creative ways, and eventually evolve into an independent studio that had its own vision and approaches to making online casino software. Eventually, they decided that the games made by their outstanding team deserved global exposure, and founded the Dragon Gaming brand. 

Today, at the time of writing this intro, games by Dragon Gaming are available for real money online casinos with 25+ currencies, including numerous crypto coins, and are translated into 25+ languages. This makes these software products easily accessible for gamblers from almost all over the world. One of the best things about these games is that they are linked to the in-house RNG, proving their fairness and randomness. 

These lively, bright, adventurous HTML5-powered games are provided directly to online casino sites on licensing agreements; but the studio also works on different projects for other studios that want exclusive high quality content. This way, the Dragon Gaming team constantly improves its skills and creative approaches. Please find out more in the full Q&A!

Q/A Session With Jess Beker, Marketing Manager

Hello and welcome to our Q&A! Thank you so much for finding time to speak to us. To begin with, could you please tell us more about yourself, your experience in the online gambling niche, and your role in Dragon Gaming?

Hi I’m Jess Beker, marketing manager at Dragon Gaming. I’ve been with Dragon Gaming since 2019 and watched it grow rapidly over the last couple of years. 

With years of experience backing us up, our team has managed to create a real powerhouse in the gaming industry, as we put a lot of focus into creating exciting and quality games.

I have always been passionate about marketing and  I specialised in building and managing key B2B and B2C partnerships, helping the organisation achieve its ambitious goals. I also think by having a great product as Dragon Gaming the marketing strategy and the initiatives are way easier to be implemented.

If you would compare Dragon Gaming to other competing companies in the niche, what do you think makes it stand out from the crowd as a software provider? And what are its advantages as a company to work for?

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. Each product we release takes a long time to make. The process involves the total dedication of a team of professionals that utilise their skills and expertise in the most productive manner. Our intention isn’t to clutter the already overpopulated market with unmemorable beige slots, but to try and make games with high ownability, so to say. All in all, to create unique products that differ as much as possible from ones released by other providers. 

This goes hand-in-hand with the approach we have to the creativity inside our team. Every one of our developers has the freedom to share ideas and bring their own style into the mix, which I see as the biggest advantage of working for DG.

You make slots, table games, and also scratch cards for online casinos. How much time is needed to make one game, from idea to release? How many games, on average, do you make per month? How many people participate in the creation of one game?

You know what they say — it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a lot of people to bring a quality game to life, as it’s a lengthy process that can sometimes take up to six months. It starts with one person with a vision, and the idea is then refined by our product manager. From there, we work with designers, developers, mathematicians, testers, and a marketing team. As many as 20 to 25 people can work on a single project from start to finish.

Do you believe the trend for cryptocurrency gambling is here to stay? Is it a positive trend for software providers?

Absolutely. We can no longer view crypto as just another tech trend that will go away, as it’s only becoming more and more popular. The number of players that use digital currencies to play is increasing, so there’s no doubt that developing crypto-friendly games is the way of the future.

Your most recent games are Four Mighty Beasts, Polar Heatwave, and Rise of the Titans Scratchcard. Can you please tell our readers more about these games’ features?

Dragon Gaming New Slots 2022

Each of the mentioned titles has several exciting and unique features that stay true to the game’s theme. For instance, Polar Heatwave — a game that explores the emergence of summer in the frozen lands, has a progress bar in the form of a thermometer. As temperatures rise, the scenery changes, and new gameplay features are added.

What are the company’s plans for 2022?

We intend to continue making fun, engaging, and feature-packed video slots. While that will be our primary focus, we also have plans to add other types of games to our portfolio, namely scratchcards and table games.


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