Interview With Piotr Simon from Kalamba Games

Interview With Piotr Simon from Kalamba Games
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CasinosHunter has asked Piotr Simon, Product Owner, Games and Promotions at Kalamba Games, to tell us more about the company, its products, its approach to creating games, and other interesting gambling stuff. Learn more about Kalamba Games below in the new Q&A interview by CasinosHunter!

About Kalamba Games

Kalamba Games

Kalamba Games is an experienced software provider that has been around since 2016. As of now, the company boasts 60+ slot games that support 30 languages and over 250 currencies, including cryptocurrencies. 

You can find games by Kalamba in more than 350 online casinos all around the world where the markets for iGaming are regulated. 

Kalamba has offices in Malta and in Poland, and its license is by the MGA. The studio releases 1 game per month in a stable manner but at the same time, it is very flexible. The main focus of Kalamba Games is slots, but there are certain unique things about slots by this provider, including in-game bonus features and the choice of themes (more about that in the Q&A!) 

Kalamba Games is an award-winning provider; the two most important nominations are the B2B Awards as “Innovation in Slot Provision” and “Software Rising Star”. 

Besides making high-quality games that are entertaining for the players and at the same time are quite comprehensive and predictable in terms of income for the brands, Kalamba works on creating promotional tools for other companies in the industry. These include remote gaming servers, CRM, aggregation of data, multiple customization options, etc. 

CasinosHunter was lucky enough to be able to ask Piotr Simon, Product Owner, Games and Promotions at Kalamba Games, more about all these things. Read the full Q&A with Piotr below.

Q/A Session With Piotr Simon, Product Owner, Games and Promotions at Kalamba Games

Piotr Simon, Product Owner at Kalamba Games
Piotr Simon
Product Owner, Games and Promotions
Kalamaba Games

Hello! Thank you for participating in our Q&A, we are happy to learn more about Kalamba Games. Can you please tell us more about the company’s path up to now? 

We were founded at the end of 2016 by our CEO Steve Cutler and COO Alex Cohen who come from backgrounds within real money and social gaming with the idea to bring the best of both worlds together in the RMG sphere. 

Kalamba holds MGA license. What markets are you working with? What other markets are of interest to you? 

We are very focused on building our presence within regulated markets as that’s clearly where the future of the industry lies. We welcome the safety and security that regulation brings to both players and companies.

Our MGA license and our game certifications and license in many local markets underline this commitment. 

There are 60+ games in the company’s portfolio as of now, is that correct? How many new games are made per month or per year?

Kalamba Online Slots

We’ve always aimed to produce approximately one game per month, but we can and do change this due to what players are liking at any given time. There’s a great depth to our game lineup now with regard to both themes and features so we’re really happy with how that’s progressing. We have everything from classic Vegas-style ‘fruit’ slots such as FruitMax Cashlinez and our hit Joker series of games to more thematic titles such as Rumble Ratz MegawaysTM. 

What are the three most popular games by Kalamba? In your opinion, what is so special about them that makes them popular with players?

Really, it’s a question of game series for us now.

So we have the hit ‘Joker’ series of games which includes Joker Times, Joker Lanterns, Joker Max, and many others. Then we have the Blazing Bull series which includes Blazing Bull, Blazing Bull 2, and Blazing Bull Cash Quest. Also, we have our Hit ‘n’ Roll series which lets us revisit some of our best titles with an added wheel bonus mechanic such as Goblins and Gemstones Hit ‘n’ Roll, Joker Lanterns Hit ‘n’ Roll, and Safari Chase Hit ‘n’ Roll. 

Are there any signature features in games by Kalamba that make them instantly recognizable?

HyperBonus in Kalmba Games

Our Buy Bonus ‘HyperBonus’ feature is pretty much ever-present in our games and has proved really popular.

But other features such as K-Cash where cash amounts appear on the reels and can be won in various ways are also popular. Most recently our wheel Bonus feature Hit ‘n’ Roll is gaining a lot of great traction in titles such as Joker Lanterns Hit ‘n’ Roll, which adds the new mechanic to an already successful title.

Kalamba Games can use Megaways mechanics in its games. What are the company’s plans for bonus features and mechanics in games? Are there jackpots or other unique features?

Yes, we are about to release Cash Drops - small daily cash prizes that players can trigger which will be automatically added to their balance along with a standard win.

There are up to 3 prize levels that can be triggered and won multiple times throughout the promotion. We also have Challenges and Jackpots promotions available across all Kalamba titles, depending on the territory and operator that players are playing on.

Kalamba Games has been in the industry for years. Have you been noticing any new online gambling trends that influence the industry today? 

We’ve already talked a bit about regulation which is for sure a key aspect. It governs many of our development choices and how we build games. An extension of that is we find ourselves more in a ‘mainstream entertainment’ environment whereby players can choose to play slots for a while, or watch a movie, so a slots game has to be entertaining from the get go. 

What do you think about the idea of online casino gambling in Metaverse? In your opinion, is this idea viable? 

It sometimes takes a while for such an idea to be executed in a way that really works, the trick is to introduce this kind of thing at a point where both players and the external circumstances - in this case - the Metaverse is ready for it. Right now I’d say this is quite a way off, but I’m quite sure there are possibilities in the future. 

What new releases should we expect in the near future?

New Kalamba Slots: Fruitmax Cashlinez and Football Blast

Next up is FruitMax: Cashlinez which is our first game with a bingo-style twist followed by Football Blast in time for a certain football tournament later this year, more Vegas-style fun with Joker Fortune Blitz, and then the super fun, gangster-inspired Phat Cats Megaways™ to round out the year. We’re really looking forward to sharing these games with players - there’s definitely something for everyone at Kalamba!


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