Interview With Thomas Rhys Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Yolted

Interview With Thomas Rhys Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Yolted
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When CasinosHunter learned about Yolted we were completely mesmerized by the themes, graphics, innovative mechanics, and approach to creating online casino games that Yolted takes. Thomas Rhys Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Yolted, has agreed to answer some questions for us and tell us more about the company and its products.

About Yolted Studio


Yolted is a young online casino games provider, yet the company already has its unique vision and values considering game creation. Founded in 2020 as a joint venture with Hero Gaming, today Yolted makes video slots, classic slots, and Swipies (this is a pretty outstanding concept we haven’t seen anywhere). 

According to Thomas Rhys Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Yolted, the company is still small and therefore very flexible in its ways. They can experiment and play with concepts, at the same time always ready for the next big thing. 

At the time of this Q&A, Yolted’s main market is Japan, and although the provider has many anime-styled slots, in fact, these games are very likely to be loved and well-accepted by players in other regions, as well (because, as we know, anime is, too). 

Yolted pays lots of attention to customized experience and personalization, therefore we can expect that as soon as its games are available in online casinos all over the world, we will see more varieties of themes and graphics. Meanwhile, operators can expect seamless integration and flexible player promotions, due to their proprietary software.

Q/A Session With Thomas Rhys Jones

Thomas Rhys Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Yolted
Thomas Rhys Jones
Chief Executive Officer at Yolted

Thanks for having me! 

I’ve been working, directly and indirectly in the gaming industry for about 15 years. 

I started in affiliation, later moving into broader marketing & commercial roles, before getting more involved in the management of technology & service providers within the iGaming industry.

I’ve worked on most aspects of the iGaming industry over that time, but the part I have the most passion for is the games.

Yolted started in 2020 as a joint venture between us and Hero Gaming and I joined as CEO at the end of 2021 to formalise the business and take our games into the wider market.

Many providers claim that about their games, but games by Yolted are indeed unique, so we don’t have to ask what is the studio’s main strength. And yet, in your opinion, what is the main innovation or breakthrough by Yolted, maybe in strategy or in creative processes, that makes the company stand out? 

Our main aim is trying something different and being very specific in what we make and why. 

Our Co-Founder and CPO Joel Larsson, is a veteran in game creation, and we knew that if we combined our tech-stack, feature set, and localisation efforts, rather than recycling ‘catch all’ games, we could really make something special.

It’s a crowded space out there, so we needed to make sure that we could bring something to the table that was genuinely different, either with the technology itself, or the types of games we make.

What are the key challenges in making games? 

Keeping up to date with market needs, ensuring our tech is constantly moving forwards & guaranteeing quality for each release. 

There are so many moving parts to any game, you don’t tend to fully appreciate how the end product is going to be until you’ve got an overview of all the components that make up the game while you bring them together.

That’s when you see how the end product is going to turn out, so we need to constantly be aware of that process to make sure we can tie everything together and have a game that we originally envisioned.

Is there a game, or several games by Yolted that are particularly well-received by operators and players? What is so special about them?

Yolted Popular Slots

Our best performing titles have been ‘Vampire’s Gone Wild’, The ‘SlotGF’ series, and ‘Note of Death’. 

These were created specifically for Japanese players, using not just the visuals that would capture the imagination, but also the mechanics that we know that work for the market, and have seen some great results.

Reels of Aion Online Slot by Yolted

Outside of our Japanese titles, my personal favourite is ‘Reels of Aion’ that has a ‘no deadspin’ mechanic, rewarding players with a chance to replay any spins that didn’t win. It’s a unique concept that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Swipies by Yolted are our absolute favorite! In your opinion, what do players pay attention to more - visuals and theme, or do they count the in-game bonus features?

Yolted Popular Swipes

I’m glad you like them. 

The ‘Swipies’ were the first games we created, more as a test than anything, just to show that you can try something different. The technology we built with those titles ultimately evolved into the products we make now.

We take a holistic approach to our game creation. For a title to be successful, you need to combine all the pieces correctly, such as theme and game features, to work together as a whole. 

Great visuals with poor mechanics won’t work, just as a rich bonus feature set with boring gameplay or poor maths won’t work either. 

What is the biggest possible win in your games, if you can share? 

Our max win on some of our games is 50,000x. 

What are your main markets of interest? Current and future? 

Our focus for now is Japan. 

There’s so much potential in the market, with the 3rd highest GDP and gambling being such a common pastime, but not many providers have really been able to crack it, as it’s incredibly different from what we’ve seen in the Western market. 

It's such a unique customer base and we love learning more about it on a daily basis, and any excuse to make games about giant robots or having some strong anime themes is great!

Hard to say what the future plans will be, we’re a small company and able to pivot quickly, so we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, but we’re taking that one step at a time.

In your opinion, what is the biggest innovation or trend in online gambling today? 

The gambling industry is beginning to, and should continue to, embrace localisation and personalisation more and more.

Customers are becoming increasingly savvy and are catered to accordingly with most forms of entertainment. 

Companies like Netflix, Twitch, and others provide them with a very granular experience and curated choice of entertainment, and iGaming needs to keep up to deliver both satisfaction and the highest chances of generating revenue.

Most businesses are fully aware of tightening margins and increased competition in most parts of the industry, so those that can deliver something that really resonates with a customer is in a great position to make gains, rather than the outdated ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

Can you please tell us more about the upcoming releases by Yolted? 


Our roadmap is continuing to focus on the Japanese market, so we have several themes, mechanics & narratives planned that will really hit the mark with these players.


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