Interview With Viacheslav Yatsenko, Editor in Chief at GBC-Time

Interview With Viacheslav Yatsenko, Editor in Chief at GBC-Time
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Viacheslav Yatsenko, Editor in Chief at GBC-Time, has told CasinosHunter about GBC-Time platform, experience in the gambling niche, nuances of online casino marketing, and online gambling trends that have been gaining tracktion since the beginning of the year. Find out more about all this in the new Q&A!

About GBC-Time


GBC-Time, an online magazine, was created in 2021. The content of the magazine is mostly dedicated to gambling, sports, e-sports, online slots, casinos, cryptocurrency, and some marketing and business tips. 

GBC-Time is more on the B2B side talking about nuances of businesses, gambling, etc., not really entertainment. It also contains the latest information on topics, news, valuable advice, and honest reviews of platforms, online casino sites, software products, etc. According to the GBC-Time team, all their reviews are backed by data-driven research and provide useful content for readers interested in details and deeper exploration. 

The project is relatively new and recent, but it already has lots of content that is both useful and interesting for everybody curious about the gambling and sports niches. Being created more for discussing the business and marketing side of things rather than just reciting the news, GBC-Time tries to help businesses and projects in the niche to get valuable marketing, promotion, and business advice, explore the trends, etc. 

The team behind GBC-Time has different background experience, but the common goal shared is to close the gap in high quality B2B content in the online gambling, sports, e-sports, and similar niches, covering all the nuances necessary. One of the interesting focuses of the project is development and promotion of gambling businesses; this is a complicated topic and many people really lack information on it. The majority of info online is generic, without cases or real life examples. 

CasinosHunter got curious about the journey, insights, and plans of GBC-Times, and asked Viacheslav Yatsenko, Editor in Chief, to tell more in the new Q&A.

Q/A Session With Viacheslav Yatsenko, Editor in Chief

Viacheslav Yatsenko
Viacheslav Yatsenko
Editor in Chief

Hello, and thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate this opportunity to talk to you about some gambling-related issues. 

Actually, I had no interest in gambling for most of my life. I thought that this kind of entertainment did not have anything but its desire to get players’ money only. And a few years ago, I got a position on a gambling-related project as a copywriter, which gave me the opportunity to see the real face of gambling. This role helped me understand this industry better and deepen my knowledge. While discovering and exploring new topics and casino news for articles and blog posts, my mind and attitude toward gambling have changed. Positively, of course.

And after one year of working experience and hundreds of written articles, most of them were reviews on online casinos and slots (the content for the B2C audience), at that project, I got a new role as Editor-in-Chief at GBC Time, which is entirely focused on the B2B sector. I have been taking this position for about six months now and am responsible for the content development on the website.

Can you please tell a bit more about the story behind GBC Time? How did the project start, what is your vision, etc.? 

GBC Time is a relatively new project that was founded around six months ago. As you may know, on the Internet, you can find a lot of information about promoting gambling businesses, developing great marketing campaigns that bring millions of dollars, and setting up different advertising campaigns correctly. However, the quality of the content and its reliability could be better because there are no specifics, no clear explanations, no real-case examples, just generally-known truth. And this is what the B2B sector lacks.

Considering these aspects, a group of people who have years of experience in the gambling niche decided that it was necessary to develop a website that would cover all the nuances mentioned above and allow people, who are interested in the development and promotion of gambling businesses, to consume the right content, which has specific, clear explanations and real cases on how to reach those goals. 

In addition to that, we publish news articles regularly so that our readers can be aware of the latest trends and shifts in the extensive world of gambling, betting, and crypto. So, that was the story behind GBC Time

And talking about the perspectives of further development of the project, we are going to follow this way and create even more helpful content related to developing and promoting gambling businesses for our B2B audience. 

How hard is it to cover the gambling and betting news? We know from our own experience that some cases are pretty slippery and ambiguous, like legal aspects of gambling, taxation, and similar issues.

GBC-Time News

That is a really good question. Absolutely, anything related to government, taxation, and legislation is complicated and ambiguous. That is why we are trying to stay as objective as possible while giving our readers facts only and nothing more. 

We are not trying to put our thoughts or positions in this type of content while writing news. We are trying to provide our readers with clear and proven information (we always check the information from the primary and reliable sources before the publication). That is our goal, and that is the key element to becoming an authoritarian source of information that everyone can use and trust.

What are your readers the most curious about? GBC Time covers many topics - cryptocurrency, events, slot reviews, business tips, and so on. What are the most favorite topics among the readers? 

As I mentioned earlier in the interview, the essential idea of our project is the provision of reliable and relevant information that aims to help gambling businesses to grow and reach positive financial results in a long-term perspective. That is why most of our articles cover practical recommendations on the businesses’ promotion, useful tips that help overcome specific difficulties and challenging situations, in-depth and analytical articles (boring topics for C-Level executives) about the financial situations of the companies, interviews with experts in the industry who share their real cases.

GBC-Time Interviews

However, the most demanding part of our content is the topics related to digital and affiliate marketing and case studies. People want to know how to use marketing services correctly to get fascinating results, and it is always interesting to learn the lessons from the mistakes of others (that is why case studies are popular as well).

Many online casinos lack understanding of building their social media presence and creating content for social media. In your opinion, what are the best marketing approaches for advertising an online casino? Is it only paid ads? 

I have had many conversations with the representatives of the gambling business as well as the developers of online casinos, and every one of them said that it is costly to promote an online casino or sports betting platform. They say that companies spend dozens of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns monthly. For sure, some marketing approaches can help decrease expenses. However, it is impossible to decrease the expenses to zero. And the level of competition, if we consider the gambling vertical, is extremely high. So, my answer is that it is impossible to meet success without paid ads.

Talking about the best marketing approaches, I would say that you do not need to underestimate social media and recommend developing and launching an advertising campaign using platforms like Facebook or TikTok. Bear in mind that advertising campaigns in some developed countries, like the USA, Canada, and Germany, may be extremely expensive. Nevertheless, there are always regions, like Asia, where marketers and advertisers can reach amazing results with limited funding.

In addition to social media, I think that it is useful to take advantage of affiliate marketing to promote an online casino. As I may know correctly, over 80% of brands rely on affiliate programs. So, it is complicated to close the eyes to these statistics.

What do you think about VR gambling? Everyone speaks of it, but few do anything about it. 

Considering global gambling trends in 2020, 2021, and 2022, all of them cover the topic of implementation of VR and AR technologies.

All iGaming companies have talked about this innovative approach as a further step in the development of the industry literally a lot. And you noticed correctly that only a few companies do something to apply them to their products and make gambling even more attractive for gamblers. 

In my personal opinion, I think that the implementation of these technologies will level up the industry significantly. Meanwhile, this step will allow gamblers around the globe to have a completely new gambling experience. And instead of sitting in front of your desktop or smartphone, players will be able to immerse themselves deeply into a new reality. On the other hand, iGaming companies will get a lot in return - I mean profits.

What is more, the first company that completes the realization of this idea will get the largest piece of the cake in the global gambling market and will benefit to the greatest extent.

Following the data from Statista, the global VR gaming market size was on the edge of 1.4 billion dollars in 2021, and it is going to increase. The analysts project the growth of the market in terms of revenue by 2.4 billion dollars by 2024. So, the future perspectives are obvious.

In our analytical and in-depth articles, we also touch on the topic and its importance for the companies that want to become prosperous.

Let’s talk about Responsible Gambling. What are the best tools to prevent compulsive behavior and problem gambling? 

After the global pandemic hit the whole world, most people were lacking a real environment. As an end effect, these people have started to give their preferences to the digital world of entertainment, especially online gambling and sports betting. From the perspective of the gambling business, this shift has had a positive impact in terms of the financial growth of the industry and its total revenue. However, it has had a negative side effect - many gamblers have become gambling-addicted. 

Under these circumstances, governments of different countries could not be aside, and they have obliged online casinos and sports betting operators to apply services related to responsible gambling. Among these services, there are a consultancy with a psychologist, and special tools, which set up personal restrictions in terms of depositing, time-spend, self-exclusion, etc. 

I think that these services work successfully and have prevented many players from becoming gambling-addicted. For instance, the UK Gambling Commission published a report that clearly shows that the overall problem gambling rate is stable and equal to 0.4%. What is more, the moderate risk rate in 2021 has doubly decreased compared to the previous year. This rate was 0.7% in 2021.

In my opinion, these tools have a better effect when they are applied together, and I cannot highlight one tool separately because the impact will be less effective.

And eventually, what online gambling trends do you notice these days? What trends do you believe will stay and reshape the industry with time? What trends, in their turn, are doomed to stay in the past? 

Continuing the topic of gambling trends, I honestly believe that iGaming companies should place their bets on the implementation of VR and AR technologies as well as the adaptation of their online services for mobile devices. As some data shows, the total number of mobile gaming users reached the point of 2.65 billion (the majority of the users from Asia), and this number is going to increase only.

In addition to that, every gambling business owner needs to keep attention to the online sector of gambling because more and more people prefer online rather than offline. As a good example, it is the market size of the online gambling industry. In 2019, it was $58.9 million, and it was increased by $66.8 million in 2020. The analysts forecast this growth to be $92.9 million by 2023.

And last but not least, I would like to mention the popularity of the crypto sector and the integration of crypto payment methods in online casinos and sports betting platforms. More and more online gambling establishments use crypto payments (for both depositing and withdrawing processes) because of one simple reason - gambling is not legal in many countries and cities. And this innovative crypto solution allows everyone to at least give this industry a try and gamble independently from their actual locations.


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