Interview With Christopher Whittle, Casino Product Manager at Leap Gaming

Interview With Christopher Whittle, Casino Product Manager at Leap Gaming
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CasinosHunter organized a Q&A with Christopher Whittle, Casino Product Manager at Leap Gaming, to ask about Leap Gaming products, experience, and creative ways. If you are wondering about some of the best casino games developers, Leap Gaming may become your next best favorite after this Q&A.

About Leap Gaming

Leap Gaming

Leap Gaming was founded in 2014, and since then it became a high-quality software provider for online casino sites, creating realistic 3D games for multiple platforms. 

Games by Leap Gaming are offered by online casino operators literally around the world. Such popularity and demand stem from state-of-the-art technologies behind each game, 3D design, immersive visuals, customizable settings, and efficient mechanics. Leap Gaming is good at marketing, too, adapting its products to the demands of the markets. 

The company makes various types of games for all platforms and devices. Lots of innovation is put behind the online casino content and virtual sports betting content developed, including instant sports, lotteries, scheduled sports, online casino slots, and table games. 

Besides, web casino operators can take advantage of software solutions, turnkey integrations, management, databases, tailored solutions, branding services, and more, by Leap Gaming. Another crucial aspect is of course Responsible Gambling policies and compliance; Leap Gaming offers monitoring, training, and tools for Responsible Gambling practices. 

Leap Gaming has its products legally available to operators in many jurisdictions due to licenses by Romania, Sweden, MGA, and a Gibraltar license. To find out more about Leap Gaming, take advantage of the full Q&A below.

Q/A Session With Christopher Whittle, Casino Product Manager

Christopher Whittle
Christopher Whittle
Casino Product Manager
Leap Gaming

Hello! Thank you so much you have managed to find time and take part in our Q&A! To begin with, could you please tell our readers a bit more about your previous experience in the niche, and what you do for the company now? 

Firstly allow me to thank you for taking the time to pick up a Q&A with me! My background in the i-gaming industry spans almost two decades. During this time, I have held several roles, initially as an artist and animator, I then grew into the management of art and game design teams before becoming a Creative Director and now Product Manager for LEAP. 

In my capacity as Product Manager here at LEAP, I have exclusively been involved with the creative process and the effective management of the Product lifecycle from the very first embryonic concept to the games’ completion.

 It gives me great pleasure to work with a very dedicated and talented team of individuals who cover the many disciplines, which are all involved in the creation of our casino game product offering: software engineers, statisticians, artists and animators, and sound engineers, marketing and CRM teams.

The main objective here is to make LEAP-Gaming a one-stop-shop for all things casinos by simply offering wider industry products that are premium in every sense of the word.

Leap Gaming has been around since 2014, as far as we know. This is some impressive time on the market. What are the company’s key strengths compared to competitors? 

LEAP offers a complete suite of casino content that focuses on premium quality for each gaming product we create, be those products virtual sports, table games, or slot games. We manage to do that by constantly pushing the boundaries, which means we always deliver fresh new and innovative ideas into the gaming and entertainment industry time after time.

Here at LEAP, we believe staying ahead of the curve in terms of creativity is the key to our success and continued growth.

All content is developed and developed in-house which means we can stay on top of the curve in relation to market trends and give our customers what they want when they want it.

Leap Gaming makes many types of games - sports, lottery, slots, table games. How many games do you have in the library overall?

Leap Gaming Games

The easiest answer to this question is to visit our site and see for yourself. Play the content, patronize it, but above all else play responsibly, and immerse yourself in the many great experiences we have to offer. The short answer is over 40 live products and growing, we are due to launch many more exciting new titles this year which we are sure you will also enjoy immensely.

How many games does the company make per month or per year? How much time is needed to make a new game? 

At any given time we have up to 4 slot games in production and 4 virtual sports products in development at various stages. We also work on our lottery products and table games constantly tweaking and refining these games and introducing new games and new game features.

The time it takes to make any of our products varies depending on the level of complexity contained within each game, so it is impossible to give you an exact time for development, though the range for developing new products can vary between 2 to 6 months. We do generally aim for around 10+ new games each year across our offering and these are created by multiple teams each with their own set of specialized skills and product knowledge.

Do you focus more on a particular type of game, like virtual sports and slots? 

As our teams are split into LEAP Virtual Sports Products, and LEAP Casino Products, there is no real need to shift focus between our two product offerings. Both teams are managed independently of each other, under the LEAP umbrella. As we are constantly growing and have been since 2006, it is important to note that we continue to invest in both arms equally and focus on strengthening the LEAP brand as a whole, there is such a high demand for the content we produce that both are equally important, and both have their own strategic development plan for the year ahead and beyond. 

Leap Gaming also offers software solutions and turnkey integrations for other businesses in the niche. As a software developer, what online gambling trends have you been noticing lately? 

One seed change has come from the development of casino products with high and extreme volatility profiles so designing games that fit into these specific criteria is an absolute must for us certainly throughout 2022 and beyond.

On the virtual side, we have noticed that games that fall into the ultra-real generally perform better as these capture the imagination of players in a much more engaging manner, therefore we will meet this market demand with our Ultra-Real Virtual Racing products later this year. We have noticed a significant upturn in mobile gaming since entering the industry, with the vast majority of our players now choosing to play on mobile devices, we predict the use of other wearable technologies to also host our products in the future such as smartwatches and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products.

There has also been a seed change in the way games are developed with many of the restrictive influences of old tech being removed through the advent of 5g mobile technology. This means games are much more engaging and entertaining than anyone had previously believed possible, from the level of detail surrounding the animations we see to the high-end quality of the artwork and engaging themes casino products now embody.

Game mechanics have also improved considerably with more and more game providers developing their own branded game mechanics. We see more and more companies maximizing their revenues and player loyalty through establishing tournament features in their games and leveling systems which have boosted player revenues and increased player enjoyment. Crypto I-Gaming we believe will be one of the largest growth areas throughout 2022 with more and more operators now accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

What are the three most popular games by Leap Gaming? Can you name them? What is so special about them?

Popular Leap Gaming Slots

For Slots: Secrets of the Nile, Party Fruits and Wild Gods, for Virtual Sports: Instant Euroleague Legends, and Football Streak. We believe that each game is unique though the special sauce for these particular products is a fusion of the right mechanics and the right design being delivered to the market at exactly the right time.

What is the biggest possible win in your games? Has anyone already hit it? 

The biggest win a player can be awarded is half a million Euros. This may well increase in the future though right now this number is the general benchmark we work to, as too high a number may prevent distribution into certain key markets we are engaged with. In relation to has anyone won 500k yet, the answer to this is no but they have certainly come close.

We know that Leap Gaming approaches Responsible Gambling issues very seriously. Can you tell us what tools are the best to prevent compulsive gambling? 

Clearly, responsible gambling is super important to us here at Leap, and would recommend that players with a gambling problem seek professional help. This can be found in any casino help section and generally, links for responsible gaming can be found in casino lobbies. We firmly believe that all players have the right to game in a manner that suits them and if gaming does become a problem, then help is always available in the form of time limits, deposit limits, and in some cases self-exclusion from all reputable sites, we, therefore, recommend that players play only on sites they trust. More information and tools for people with gambling problems can be found here, at Gamcare

Can you please tell us more about Leap Gaming's plans for the future? 

Now armed with much-improved routes to market and access to a vast estate for wider content distribution and game publishing, we are set to make a quantum-LEAP with our latest content offering throughout 2022 and beyond.  

There has never been a higher demand for bespoke innovative I-gaming content than there is right now, and this remains our primary focus. Our mission is to deliver the best of the best in terms of content, and we will be delivering through our many distribution channels. 

Gone are the days of creating simple one-armed bandits, the market trends are now leaning more towards a requirement for richer and more diverse ranges of elaborately themed casino game products, and we will meet this demand head-on. We will also offer a new suite of hyper-realistic virtual racing products operators will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in terms of quality and diversity. 

Our objective for 2022 and beyond is to meet the rising demand for premium content head-on with a full suite of new I-Gaming casino products and Ultra Real Virtual Sporting Products which will stand tall and proud in the I-Gaming marketplace for years to come. We will achieve this through continued investment in our technologies and employee development.


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