Interview With Dagmara Bator, Head of Marketing at Authentic Gaming

Interview With Dagmara Bator, Head of Marketing at Authentic Gaming
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CasinosHunter knows what online casino gamblers want, and this is why we have made a new Q&A, this time about online Live Dealer games! Dagmara Bator, Head of Marketing at Authentic Gaming, has kindly agreed to participate and tell us more about Live Games by Authentic Gaming.

About Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming was founded in 2015 and holds the licenses by MGA, Romania, and the UK. This software provider is one of the key suppliers of Premium Live Casino software and services. The company’s offices and studios are now located in Malta, Slovakia, Spain, the UK, Latvia, and Georgia, and soon are expected to open in the US. 

Authentic Gaming is broadly known in the industry and offers online casinos high-quality interactive live-streamed games, both from live broadcasting studios as well as from exotic land-based casino facilities. At the time of preparing this Q&A, games by Authentic Gaming are already available at more than 200 gambling platforms around the world. 

Due to its outstanding approach and experience in the niche, Authentic Gaming was shortlisted for a couple of prestigious rewards, including the 2018 EGR B2B Awards - for Live Casino Supplier of the Year, Innovation in RNG Casino Software, and Mobile Gaming Software; and 2019 SEG Awards (Southern European Gaming Awards) for Best Live Casino Provider. 

Authentic Gaming is fully focused on Live Casino Games, specifically Roulettes, and for a good reason (more about this in the Q&A!). The players can enjoy private and VIP tables, exclusive events and promotions organized by Authentic Gaming together with other providers and platforms, fully branded custom games, awesome professional Dealers, etc. 

Since November 2021, Authentic Gaming is part of Light & Wonder, a world leader in online gambling entertainment offering dynamic games, systems, and services for casinos, lottery, social gaming, online gaming, and sports betting. More about this progress, about games, wins, and other cool things, we asked Dagmara Bator, Head of Marketing at Authentic Gaming.

Q/A Session With Dagmara Bator, Head of Marketing

Dagmara Bator
Dagmara Bator
Head of Marketing
Authentic Gaming

"I work for Authentic since 2016, so basically from the start - the company has been founded in 2015. It’s encouraging to see the company grow over the past few years, especially the opportunities we gain with each acquisition - the last happened last November; now we are now part of Light & Wonder (formerly Scientific Games).

Over the years I held several commercial positions, such as account management - at the moment, I’m working as Head of Marketing. I take care of both, B2B & B2C Marketing, which from one end means marketing within the industry through media presence or events, and from the other marketing within the players through operator campaigns. I am also involved in Product Marketing, advising on a lot of elements within the game, as well as supporting different departments - like HR or Sales. Over the past years, I worked closely with several partners of ours, such as Betway, LeoVegas, Parimatch, 1xbet and Betsson.

I have a strong marketing background and have a need to constantly improve only last year did I finish with A+ grade in the Branding Strategy course at Harvard Extention School."

Dagmara's favorite game by Authentic Gaming is XL Roulette.

Authentic Gaming is really unique in terms of the games it provides, and in terms of the approach it takes, so it is hard to compare it to other Live Dealer providers. But if you compare it, what advantages make Authentic Gaming stand out from the crowd? 

Internally, we call it “An Authentic Touch” every game we make, every campaign we prepare, needs to have a tailor-made, personalized & unique approach.

You can see that in dedicated table proposals for our clients - we try to go above & beyond and offer something great to that particular operator. 

Now, being part of Light & Wonder, we have several extremely unique selling points coming out.

We will be the only live casino supplier which uses ShuffleStar® a machine that shuffles cards continuously which comes with a lot of benefits, including higher game speed or side bets availability at all times. With that machine, we would be able to offer PayMeNow, a unique feature of early cashout.

Light & Wonder has also a huge library of side bets, so we are in a unique position to offer famous side bets such as Fortune Blackjack, TriLux, or Royal Match. 

Can you please tell us why Authentic Gaming over years took such a narrow focus, releasing only Live Roulettes? There are different formats of games, and different user experiences offered to the players, but why only Roulettes?

Authentic Gaming Roulettes

Entering the live casino space, we wanted to focus on one vertical and be the best there, offering the widest range of games. Roulette was a strategic choice - in the European market, it’s responsible for approximately 65% of revenue. Also, it’s a scalable game - in comparison to classic blackjack where only a limited amount of players can play at once. 

Authentic’s main USP at the beginning was streaming from the casinos all around the world it is a great concept, but it also comes with a lot of complications; Covid being one of those. Currently, our focus now is to create player-centric games streamed from the Authentic studios - in Malta, Spain, and soon the USA and Germany.

We developed roulettes in several different verticals land-based streams, studio roulettes, auto roulettes, and game show roulettes. Last year we finally felt we completed our goal and it’s time for another step forward. 

Since last year, Authentic is a full live casino provider - currently offering blackjack and baccarat, but more game tiles are coming. 

How many games are released per month or per year? How much time is needed to make a new game, from idea to release? 

Authentic is releasing several games a year - this year the focus is not necessary on new game titles, but on new markets, so we are aiming to create tailor-made games for the Spanish, LatAm, Italian and American markets.

I guess that’s a good moment to point out the importance of dedicated environments. In terms of game mechanics, there could be a standard classic game blackjack or roulette. What requires time is to find out what the studio should look like? How the presenter should behave? What kind of music do you want to add, and which game angles should follow your vision? It’s a very fun and creative process, but it also requires close cooperation with the client and a deep understanding of needs.

It’s hard to say how much time is needed, as there are a lot of factors taken into consideration. What are the mechanic/rules? Does it require a lot of additional development work? What materials are available, considering external factors such as wars or pandemics? Those are just a couple of questions you need to ask. If you have all pieces in place, you can produce a new game within 2 weeks - if you make it from zero, it could take you 1 year - there are no rules. 

How is the creative process organized in Authentic Gaming? Where do you take ideas for new Roulettes, considering the limited range in design and category of the games?

Authentic Gaming Live Roulette

We have an excellent product team who always follows players’ trends that’s how we, for example, discover opportunities for auto roulette games. 

Based on available data, we noticed that a high amount of players are playing auto roulette games which are attractive for a provider due to low operational costs. We built a full live arena with several auto roulettes - offering different speeds, limits, wheels, billboards and it was an excellent idea, we saw it from the numbers. Now you can see a lot of different auto roulette variations in the market too.

Another idea or trend is the need for high payouts in live casino games. It’s tricky with roulette because you always want to create something new, but without changing the whole concept. With our XL Roulette game, we give the player a choice you can either play with a multiplier or you can play normal roulette, and just enjoy the performance. The difference is of course with payouts the more lucky numbers you choose, you agree to have a lower straight-up payout as we want to keep standard roulette 97.3% RTP.

We noticed that players are willing to lower their payouts in exchange for more lucky numbers and we included that in the XL Roulette game. Now you have also games in the market which offer only that variations. 

Can you please tell us more about promotions and events by Authentic Gaming? We’ve read you hold exclusive events and promos for players… 

Betway Cricket Roulette

Oh, let me tell you my favorite from this month! Currently on is the Cricket Indian Premier League. One of our dedicated tables is Betway Cricket Roulette a brilliant example of a cross-selling product. Is a roulette table with a huge video wall. When there is a match, we showcase live statistics. It works perfectly for the Indian players! 

Together with Betway, we organize live events on that table this year's grand finale of IPL is a live draw connected with the quiz. We play Bollywood songs and allow players to guess (placing certain bets on the roulette) which song it is. 

Promotion is great cooperation between Betway and the Authentic Gaming team ideas and execution and I cannot wait to see more outcomes. 

What are the three most successful games so far?

Authentic Gaming XL Roulette

It varies per market, as well as per vertical, but if I would need to generalize, I’d say that XL Rouette, LIVE Roulette, and Auto VIP are our top performers.

What is the biggest sum one can win in one of your Roulettes? Has anyone already won any impressive sums and if yes, what was the game? 

For example, just recently we paid 50,000 EUR win on the XL Roulette - player bet 100 EUR on straight-up and hit 500x multiplier. 

What are the key trends taking place now in Live Dealer games? 

I’d say it’s really depending per market. 

Europe is a very mature market, players here understand the whole live casino concept, and they are looking for new exciting games with higher payouts, faster game rounds, and unique features.

The American market is at the beginning of its growth, there is just a couple of states which allow live casino for American players, and everything is new. They're still not a lot of games available in the market, in Michigan you have only two live casino suppliers. The differentiator here is mostly branded environments casinos aim to have their own brand in dedicated studios, and that’s also important for players for trust and loyalty reasons.

Do you have any plans on creating other Live Table games? Or maybe other casino games? 

Currently on our roadmap is Classic Blackjack and more casino titles will follow in the next year. Our focus this year is to grow the portfolio of our dedicated tables and new studios for new markets.


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