Interview With Helen Walton from G.Games

Interview With Helen Walton from G.Games
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Helen Walton, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at G.Games, agreed to participate in our Q&A and tell us more about how the G.Games online casino software provider was founded, and what is its vision for games and gambling entertainment.

About G.Games

G.Games Studio

G.Games was created after Gamevy and Gluck Games merged together in 2013. At the time of doing this Q&A, G.Games make around 40 titles per year but their goal is to make around 60 games per year. 

The games by G.Games provider are online slots, lotteries, Keno, Bingo, and these games are also divided into different categories like multiplayer games, base games, Gotta Click games, etc. 

G.Games has an interesting approach to producing online casino titles and measuring their success - for example, games that do not perform well are simply removed from the portfolio. 

G.Games holds a UKGC license and works with around 1,000 online casinos around the world. The company partners with EveryMatrix, Slotegrator, and SoftGamings. Its unique vision and approach to games developing definitely attract other parties in the industry. 

Besides offering unusual themes and designs, G.Games offer meaningful wins via unique paytables. Some wins are really huge. Every well-performing game provides an immersive and satisfying experience to gamblers. All games are mobile-optimized. 

In this Q&A, Helen Walton tells us even more about G.Games.

Q/A Session With Helen Walton, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Helen Walton from G.Games
Helen Walton
Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Hello and thank you so much for finding time to participate in the Q&A! To begin with, can you please tell us more about your path and background in the i-gaming industry? And what was the turning point for creating G.Games? 

I’d been running my own branding agency for several years when I met Paul and Dan – the other two founders of G. We started work together building a course on how to run software projects at scale – today it’s the Agile practitioner qualification for the British Computing Society. As the project was nearing an end, we decided to carry on working together and – more – to create the kind of company we’d been advising others to try; a company where individuals had ownership and autonomy. G was born. Of course, if we’d known quite how insanely difficult it would turn out to be, perhaps we wouldn’t have plunged into an industry we knew nothing about… but fortunately, we were blithely ignorant and decided to set-up an igaming company!

G.Games make both slots and table games, but you have many competitors among providers. What makes the company stand out from the crowd? 

There are more competitors than ever – and that certainly makes life hard – not least because many of our competitors are so much bigger and with deeper pockets than us. On the other hand, that also opens up possibilities.

Big competitors need to create global games – they aren’t willing to build bespoke products for local markets or customers, and they are also reluctant to experiment with true innovation because they perceive it as too risky compared to their core business.

For us, the agility that allows us to tailor our products to key markets and the willingness to pioneer new ideas is what makes us stand out.

Can you please tell us more about the classification of your slot games that we can see on site? What are Gotta Click games? What are VIP Hits? What are Simple Intro games?

We often focus on the everyday player. That means several things: first we care a lot about giving people a fun experience in the base game and a play experience they understand (we sometimes refer to these as Intro games – a great acquisition and conversion product).

Gotta Click Slots by G.Games

Then we also love playing with unusual themes and ideas (Gotta Click) which players are intrigued by – Vegans vs Vampires or Vomiting Unicorns, anyone? And then we have some games that have been big hits in particular markets. Million Book – a game where you can win 1 million from just 1€ has been a big hit in Germany, for example. 

There are around 150+ games in the company’s portfolio. How many new games are made per month? 

We aim to produce one ‘hero’ title every month and then there will also be several variants or skin of successful games that may be targeted at particular customers or markets as well.

In general, we aim for 60 games a year. Low-performing games are simply removed from the portfolio – you’ll never hear us mention them again!

How many people are currently in the company? Where are the offices situated? 

We fluctuate from 50-60 people (depends on how you count them to some extent!). We are a remote company but we cluster in the UK and Spain with ‘hub’ offices where people can come in to meet and collaborate if they want to in London and Bilbao. 

What are the three most popular slot games by G.Games by now? In your opinion, what is so special about them?

Cheeky Fruits Deluxe
Cheeky Fruits Deluxe Gameplay
Psycho Candies Online Slot
Psycho Candies Gameplay
Elite of Evil Online Slot
Elite of Evil Gameplay

Cheeky Fruits Deluxe, Psycho Candies, and Elite of Evil regularly top our lists. They are such different games that you can’t point to a single winning formula. I can only say that we worked hard on all of them. Even a game that seems simple, like Cheeky Fruits, actually had a lot of testing on little things – the reel bounce, the fruit illustration, the sounds and rebalancing the maths between the jackpot, the base and the bonus. I love Psycho Candies because of the work that went into the illustration and the different worlds we created. I love the little monsters which you feed with sweets until they explode – is that something special? Perhaps not, but it’s a sign of us loving our games and lavishing time on them. I hope that comes through to players. And then a game like Solitaire is an even bigger hit by some metrics – it’s exceptionally sticky – game players simply love to return to. 

Can you tell us what is the biggest possible win in G.Games slots? Has anyone already hit that win? 

Million Book has a top prize of £1m from £1 and 100K Joker is £100,000 for £1… neither of those has been won yet, but we also have several scratchcards with prizes over a million and we have seen those pay out several times over the company’s history.

One of our favourite moments was the recording of a phone call where customer services rang the player to say they’d won a million. The player didn’t seem that excited. It turned out they had thought they won a thousand pounds. You should have heard them scream when the agent finally persuaded them that the true win was actually a million. 

G.Games also makes Lotto, Bingo, and Keno games. Are you interested in supplying games to land-based casinos? 

We haven’t done so yet, but never say never! At the moment we’re keen to see more state lotteries go live with our games and we have an exciting range coming for them in 2023 – games which will specifically appeal to lottery players. 

How many casinos currently have your games and in what markets? What other markets are of interest to the company? 

We are live on over 1,000 sites worldwide but we are interested in lottery customers as much as casino and especially the areas where lotteries offer state casino as well. 

You have been in the i-gaming niche for years. What recent trends have you been noticing in the industry? 

There’s a real interest in broadening the participation base by creating new game types that appeal to different groups. Honestly, this is long overdue! Younger people are playing crypto games and are used to a very different experience and to appeal to them, experiments with multiplayer, crash games and other formats are growing. Nobody has cracked it yet – but there is a lot of interest in new game formats.


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