Q&A With Emma Grech From Green Jade Games

Q&A With Emma Grech From Green Jade Games
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Emma Grech, Account Manager at Green Jade Games, tells more about herself and her transition from a professional athlete, to working in the online games development industry. Learn more about the nuances of working at Green Jade Games, in this new Q&A organized by CasinosHunter!

About Emma Grech

About Emma Grech

Emma Grech is a former professional athlete, and now she works as an Account Manager at Green Jade Games. Emma is 28 years old, she has been working for Green Jade Games for some time by now, and shares some insights into the life of the employee of a well-known online casino games provider. 

Having developed all the necessary qualities of a professional athlete, such as skillful time management, and discipline, Emma brought these qualities to her new job. Her competitive nature allows her to meet new people and accept challenges, but having to accept challenges also means that Green Jade Games creates some competitive atmosphere for the employees, to help them grow and thrive.

Q/A Session With Emma Grech, Account Manager at Green Jade Games

Hello Emma, it’s so nice to have the opportunity to ask you about Green Jade Games and your experience in the team! For starters, could you please tell our readers just a bit more about yourself, and your role in the company? 

Hey guys, first off I’d like to thank you for having me! I’m an Account Manager at Green Jade Games. I’ve been here for just over six months now and am simply loving the Job. I’m a 28 year-old who loves to meet new people and socialise whilst familiarising myself with the Industry.

We know you have shifted your focus from being a professional karate athlete, to crossfit, and also to working at Green Jade Games. Was it hard for you to shift to a more office-like work? What qualities developed as an athlete help you in your work today?

Emma Grech KarateEmma Grech Karate Table

Don’t get me wrong, being a professional Karate athlete was one of the best experiences of my life; I learnt a lot! Karate is (and always will be) a sport where respect and discipline play an important role. Having these qualities nowadays is rare and yet very important.

Time management was also key, and still is for my work at Green Jade.

Lastly, meeting new people and understanding other athletes in the world of sport has also given me key qualities to deal with challenges in my current job. I face different challenges everyday, but keeping my clients happy and making them feel safe is not one of them. 

What are the main advantages of working at Green Jade Games, from an employee point of view? 

Most would say that it’s the flexibility or working remotely. I would say that although those advantages are greatly appreciated, Green Jade’s team tops them off. I’ve never been happier going to work, even when work consisted of being a full-time athlete!

What do you like best about your work? 

The best thing about doing what I do is that I get to meet new people. Another thing that keeps me going is the competitive side of things. I’m a very competitive individual and therefore I’m always looking for new goals and new challenges to be better at my job and everyday life.

You are a professional athlete and are not new to sports routines. Ever considered becoming a professional poker player, or joining a cybersport team? 

As a teenager I would sit on the sofa with my dad watching poker for hours. I just love the game. I was never given the opportunity of becoming a professional at it, but hey why not? 

Any competitive experience will drive me to succeed so I’m guessing the answer to your question is a yes.  Cybersport? This on the other hand is not something I would consider. When playing sport I want to be in action; I want to have full control over what I’m doing, and most of all I want to experience winning the game/competition in a live scenario.

Do you actually believe in cybersport? Do you think it deserves all the attention it gets, compared to some truly excruciating efforts, training, and competitions most professional athletes face? 

Hmm… I’m probably not the best person to ask about this. I won’t necessarily give a “yes” or “no” answer but would strongly agree with your statement above. ALL athletes face tough situations. Not just physically, but mentally too! Some people do not understand how hard it is for athletes to make it through the day. Random athletes may think I’m being over-dramatic, but others will know exactly what I’m talking about.

We know you like Table Games. As a player, is it just a personal interest, or is it because you prefer to get some control over your gambling due to the skill aspect? Are you a skillful and experienced player? 

I wouldn’t consider myself as an experienced player, but I do know the game of poker inside out.

Having control over what you’re doing is always a plus in my opinion.

Nonetheless, I would say table games are also a personal interest.

As a casino games player, what advice would you give in a personal conversation to a beginner gambler? 

I’d just tell them to be sensible when playing.

It’s important to familiarise yourselves with a game prior to entering any sort of tournament, but other than that just have fun with it.


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