Bradley Johnson & Carlo Cooke (All41 Studios) About WWE Legends: Link&Win™ Slot

Bradley Johnson & Carlo Cooke (All41 Studios) About WWE Legends: Link&Win™ Slot
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All41 Studios has made some great work with their new online casino slot game released in October 2021. The game is called WWE Legends: Link&Win™ and this is a branded slot made in close collaboration with WWE! CasinosHunter was curious to learn more.

About WWE Legends: Link&Win™

WWE Legends Link & Win All41 Studios

All41 Studios has released a new game recently, and CasinosHunter decided to learn more about the game, to tell our readers all the nuances that should be paid attention to. This Q&A was organized to ask Bradley Johnson, Head of Game Design, and Carlo Cooke, Commercial Director at All41 Studios, about the new release called WWE Legends: Link&Win! Bradley Johnson works with the game mechanics strategies and design, while Carlo Cooke is responsible for all the operator partnerships. 

The new game, WWE Legends: Link&Win™, was released 19 October. It contains Link&Win™ and also HyperSpins™ mechanics, which makes it a very curious product to check out. For this game, WWE organized a massive collaboration with superstars, and also provided access to its huge video library, too. The game’s RTP rate is 94.25%, and the level of volatility is high. 

One of the truly outstanding features of the new game is its soundtracks and sound effects, which make the slot unbelievably immersive and engaging. WWE Legends: Link&Win™ creates the impression of being on the arena and taking part in the legendary show.

About Bradley Johnson – Head of Game Design

I am the Head of Game Design for All41 Studios and I oversee all product related decisions.  Additionally, I am also responsible for the game mechanic strategy and design for each game we produce at the studio including our popular titles: Arena of Gold, Shamrock Holmes, Forgotten Island, 6 Tokens of Gold and Gold Collector.

About Carlo Cooke – Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, I am responsible for all of our operator partnerships, global product distribution, our relationship with Microgaming, and more recently studio marketing.

My favorite All41 game is also Gold Collector – I’m a sucker for the hold and respin style mechanics. WWE Legends: Link&Win also boasts the same feature.

Q/A Session With Bradley Johnson & Carlo Cooke From All41 Studios

Hello Carlo and Bradley! Happy to meet you for our CasinosHunter Q&A session. Today, we would like to discuss your latest slot release, WWE Legends: Link&Win™ by All41 Studios! Creating a WWE branded slot is an awesome idea indeed. Could you please tell us more about this idea of collaboration with WWE? How did it all start?

WWE Legends Link & Win Gameplay

BJ: Hello and great to meet you as well. I am excited to participate in this Q&A session and give players more insight into WWE Legends: Link&Win™ and answer any questions about it!

The idea, like so many others, started as a conversation about how WWE would pair with certain mechanics inside slots. From there, we ended up being able to get the license to create a game for the brand, and here we are seeing it finally released.

As a brand, WWE was a pleasure to work with.  They have a finely tuned idea of what they want their brand to represent and display, and they ensure that goes into every product with WWE on it. I think the brand and this slot marry so well and am beyond excited to see it released!

CC: Hi Mike, thanks for having us today! Really pleased to be here chatting about WWE Legends: Link&Win™, released 19 October. To add to what Bradley has said, when initial conversations began, we saw an opportunity in the market that hadn’t been done before, backed up by the fact that the brand has such a truly global (and loyal) fan base. 

WWE Legends: Link&Win™ slot contains the visuals and logo of the well-known WWE Brand, and features the images of famous superstars. What was the collaboration process like with WWE?


It was an honest pleasure to work with WWE. WWE has one of the smoothest processes for getting their superstars to participate in products promoting the brand.

The most curious part of the collaboration and negotiation of the product is WWE’s massive video library. Based on the agreement with WWE, they allow you to use any of it within their brand guidelines, so the biggest challenge on our end was which to choose!

According to the slot’s name, it contains both the Link&Win™ and HyperSpins™ mechanics. Why did you choose these features, specifically, for this slot?

WWE Legends Link & Win Feature

BJ: We spent a lot of time discussing the features of the game and which ones to choose.

We desired to create a slot that incorporated the brand rather than the brand incorporating a slot.

Link&Win™ is a popular feature that we enhanced for WWE Legends: Link&Win™ with booster coins like multipliers, collectors and payers to give the players a fantastic experience.  

Additionally, HyperSpins™ appears because of a particular scenario we came up with while designing the game.  We have the crowd chanting “1, 2, 3”, for the scatter symbols as if they were counting the pinfall in a WWE match. Now imagine, landing 2 scatters, and then pressing the respin button for the missing scatter, and hearing the “3” come through when it lands.  Tying this exciting crowd moment to triggering the free spins, enhances features like HyperSpins™to a new level. 

Could you please tell us a bit more about the soundtrack and sound effects in the game?

BJ: For the sounds and the soundtrack, we really wanted the player to feel completely immersed in the arena setting. This is resonated throughout the game from the music and soundscape to the crowd counting the scatter symbols. For me, the most fun part is the announcers and their commentary. I cannot say enough kind words to express how awesome it was to work with WWE on the audio.  They are true professionals and masters of their craft.

CC: From a commercial perspective, WWE have been incredibly collaborative and have made sure that we have access to whatever we need to make this an awesome release.

 Bradley, Carlo, thank you both so much for taking the time to join us. Is there anything you’d like to add for our readers?

BJ: Thank you for having us! It’s always great when we get the opportunity for us to talk about our games!

CC: Absolutely. Thank you so much for talking with us. We’re really excited to have players experience WWE Legends: Link&Win™. Make sure to keep an eye out for some really exciting upcoming content from All41 Studios, including our November launch of 11 Enchanting Relics – a great new title with featuring the EpicStrike™ mechanic and some awesome bonus features!


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